Fantasy Busters – 2016 – Part 2

Challenges to Fundamental Beliefs

Events in the upcoming year 2016 are going to challenge many fundamental beliefs that are embedded in the collective psyche and inherently untrue. Encounters and situations outside our comfort zone and habitual frame of reference serve to make us more aware of our beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, and biases. To discern fact from fantasy, we must discover how and why we operate from inaccurate and irrelevant information. To find inner peace, we must identify the emotionally charged thoughts and attitudes that govern our inner reality.

Saturn in Sagittarius helps us become more diligent and discerning so we can see through the stories and victim trips from which we create our lives. Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces helps us release the insidious habits of judging, criticizing, and complaining that consume and waste our precious energy. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius facilitates our expansion beyond the familiar, the comfortable, and the known. As we do so, we can broaden our vision, penetrate through ego barriers, and deliver ourselves to soul consciousness. Saturn in Sagittarius keeps us realistic and grounded.

Fiery Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are exposing how angry we are personally and as a collective. Every day the news from around the globe shows us how fear and anger dominate the collective psyche. In many arenas of life, we are being challenged to choose between taking the higher ground of the heart or indulging in anger-driven righteous ideological battles.

In this blog we discuss two areas where we are being confronted and then outline how we can do our own personal fantasy busting. In a separate blog under the category Kundalini Yoga, we offer a short kriya and meditations to Use Navel Fire to Open Your Heart.

[1] Freedom of Speech, Karma, and Anger

Both human and cosmic law come within the domain of the Sagittarius archetype. Discussions on freedom of speech fall into this category. We can argue endlessly about human rights, but what is legal might not work in terms of karma and the law of cause and effect. It might be legal to say nasty things and send them into cyberspace, but the anger we project might attract undesirable results.

In its highest expression, Sagittarius searches for the truth. Sags’ polarity Gemini helps gather the facts to be used to evaluate, dialogue, negotiate, and then to make judicious choices. Fanatic Sagittarius is ideological and doesn’t care about the facts. In a competitive, greedy, and ideological world, the political scene is fueled by righteous antagonists, who are more concerned with winning and being right than the accuracy of their assertions or the collective good. Again, the law of cause and effect operates for all of us.

Free will means that we are at choice as to how we use cosmic energies. Uranus in Aries can amplify our victimhood or be used for self-discovery and self-empowerment. We can act out our anger with destructive violence or we can contribute to making life better, not making things worse.

[2[ Self-Worth and Original Sin

The value of each individual in our collective society is a pivotal Aquarian theme that we must examine in the upcoming year and beyond. It is our personal responsibility to carry out this self-examination process for ourselves.

Lack of personal value is rooted in the belief of original sin, and sustained by hierarchical, patriarchal, and dominator systems. The impact on both the individual and collective psyche has serious implications. Individually we believe that something is inherently wrong with us. When we feel unworthy and not good enough, we are more susceptible to manipulation and control. And to prove our worth, we sometimes choose to do inappropriate and hurtful things. We believe what we are told, rather than listening to our own hearts. We seek attention and validation from external authorities, rather than honoring our own value.

If we believe that we have sinned, we seek redemption. If we feel like we are a victim, we compromise ourselves to be saved or lash out to release repressed emotions. The current planetary configurations help us get in touch with our personal power and worth, which happens as we experience our personal connection and oneness with the cosmic whole. Peace and Love are higher frequency vibrations, which we can experience when our body vibrates at this frequency, and we open our minds and hearts to the spiritual reality of oneness.

Benefit from Your Own Fantasy Busting

To find peace and love, we must give up our debilitating stories and unfounded fantasies. Discontent and anger lurk under a facade of wishful thinking. There is no peace without recognition and acceptance of what is real.

To benefit from the current astrological configurations, we are well advised to take the time to actually witness and identify (write down) our illusions and limiting conversations. For example — ‘I can never do enough. I am always treated unfairly. No one loves me. I try so hard, yet no one appreciates me. Others take advantage of my willingness to be helpful. I always end up doing more than my share. Things never work out the way I want them to.’ We each have our own attitudes and opinions that perpetuate discontent, fear, anger, and sadness.

Identify your limiting beliefs and behavior by (1) observing your thoughts, (2) watching your emotional reactions, (3) paying attention to what you chose to do and not do, and (4) feeling how your body holds anger, fear, sadness, and stress patterns.

To let go of limiting beliefs and patterns, we have to consciously refuse to feed them anymore. We can practice having adult conversations where we are honest about our feelings, but not looking to sustain our victimhood by enrolling others in feeling sorry for us. We can also practice listening with neutral empathy to others without feeling responsible for ‘fixing’ their emotions and problems.

Basically, almost everything thing that we think — every unconscious thought — is a candidate for the trash bin. Once we bring into consciousness our stories, we can realize how they have controlled our lives and used them create internal survival strategies. As we let go, our energy is freed up, we become more creative, and we have a different experience of ourselves and our life.

Neptune helps us get in touch with the fact that thoughts are impermanent. They just take up space and consume energy. We can use Saturn energy to stay focused, present, and centered. We can use Neptune energy to relax into the flow of life. Together these comic helpers connect us to a more authentic reality and give us spiritual nourishment. Basically we are being offered a path to the heart.

To get to the heart, we have to go through a process that includes disbelief, frustration, disappointment, acceptance, self-love, and taking responsibility for our own life. Our job is to accept the pain and hurt, transform it with self-love, and access the strength of our soul with consciousness.

Transition to the Aquarian Age

In this time of transition to the Aquarian Age, we are witnessing the dark side of negative egos, hierarchies, and the patriarchy, all of which fight for survival. Many of us expected a quicker more heart-centered transition. However, feared-based actions, attitudes, and beliefs still dominate the collective psyche and are played out in petty, tyrannical, and many unacceptable ways. Sometimes we observe that those still adhering to the old system use the new vocabulary, but their motivations and attitudes haven’t changed.

The energy shifts are having a serious impact on all of us — everyone and everything living on this planet. In every decision we make, in every word we speak, in every action we take, we are at choice whether to create from love or fear, i.e. to try to get more control, power, and money or to make the world a better place with an act or word of kindness.

An Inspiring Story

In 1946 history was made when 3 black men were hired as part of the previously all white Dodger baseball team. This was the first time that baseball was integrated and that a black man was recruited from the Negro League. One of the men still living, Don Newcombe, recounts that after they signed on, Jackie Robinson (the first black to be hired) called the other two together. Jackie told them, “People are going to hate us and abuse us, but by changing one letter in one word, we can make a difference. We can change the ‘I’ in ‘bitter’ to ‘E’ and be ‘better.’ We should fight to be better, not bitter.” And sure enough that is what happened!

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