Reorientation from Fear to Love

Cancer Full Moon – December 25

3:11 AM PST (11:11 GMT)

The Cancer Full Moon blesses us at Christmas. The sign of the Mother, nurturing, family, and home offers us cozy environments and inner peace on this special day. Full Moons give us the perfect opportunity to integrate the blessings of zodiac polarities. Complementing Cancer is the Capricorn Mountain Goat that gives us the stamina and will to establish our autonomy and maturity so that we can be authentic with ourselves and each other in the world.

December 25-26 – Uranus goes direct

7:53 PM PST (December 26 3:53 AM GMT)

anus is stationary in the sky for several days as it goes direct. Hovering Uranus requires fundamental, not superficial, change in at least one area of our lives. Uranus in Aries empowers us to be bold and honest in making our decisions. If we are more concerned with getting or maintaining the approval of others than following our heart, we might find that unexpected events force us to redirect our lives. It is wise to avoid letting dependency and fear weaken our resolve and risk unpleasant Uranian surprises. It is time to get real and take action in areas where we have outgrown a job, a relationship, or a mode of being that stifles our well-being. Don’t make excuses or succumb to self-justification for the way you feel and the decisions you make. Believe in yourself! Love, listen to, and honor your soul!

Gateways Inward and Upward

Cancer represents the Gateway inward to find our soul, the descent into our inner being and to our connection with Mother Earth. Capricorn represents the Gateway out into the world, the climb up the mountain. Capricorn is the ascent toward spiritual union. With the watery emotional energy of Cancer, we nurture ourselves and create an inner environment filled with love and peace. We build our soul light so that it not only nurtures ourselves, but radiates out to nurture others. As we build a foundation of inner security, we feel safe and bold enough to engage in the world. Guided by our inner truth, we seek to do our part in creating environments and forms that nurture the Planet and all her children.

December 21-22 – At Winter Solstice Sun Moves into Capricorn

8:49 PM PST (4:49 GMT)

The Cancer Full Moon is intensified by the fact that it happens very near the winter solstice, when the Earth’s axis shifts. Several days before and after each solstice, as the Earths electromagnetic field changes, we can feel disoriented and confused. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity is about a profound reorientation that happens when we extricate ourselves from the vibration of fear and move into the vibration of Love. Trust your intuition as your heart communicates your truth. Choose to associate with those going in the same direction, as you embark on a new phase of your journey to the heart of your soul.

Many blessings of Love and Peace!

Guru Rattana :+)


Austin, Stephanie, Cancer Full Moon — December 25, The Mountain Astrologer, December/January 2016, p. 101.

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