Aquarius New Moon – Year of the Monkey


Birds flying together as a flock maneuver their journey and change direction without a designated leader. This is an example of the Aquarian collective spirit — all the parts working, flowing together with silent, aligned, and attuned communication.

February 8 – The Aquarian New Moon Brings in the Year of the Monkey.

6:38 AM PST (14:38 GMT)

Each new moon offers us a moment to reflect on where we are at, and where we wish to go, in the arena symbolized by the zodiac sign of the Sun and the Moon (which are always the same at each New Moon.)

Aquarius highlights the value of cooperation and the power of community. We are reminded that the whole is much more than the sum of its parts, if we work together. The Aquarian spirit is about cooperation and collaboration, not about competition. The only way to collaborate is not to compete with each other, but to work together with an attitude of mutual respect and support. Aquarian consciousness is about optimizing the potential of both the individual and the collective.

Change Is an On-Going Goal

There is always a dynamic tension in the Aquarian world. Aquarius and its modern ruler Uranus symbolize the revolutionary spirit and the need for change, transformation, and on-going renewal. Given the nature of the evolutionary universe in which we live in, Aquarius has a permanent job to wake us up and shock us out of our lazy ways and reluctant mindset.

Because its job is on-going, Aquarian energy is constantly on the move and is never able to really relax. The Waterbearer is not supposed to relax or to be satisfied. Its pitcher is filled with consciousness, which it is pouring into the world. It must wake us up so we too can be conscious agents of change.

Aquarius is constantly on guard to identity and expose abuses of the status quo. It’s job is to prod us to keep questioning, growing, and evolving. If we get stuck, Uranus, the great awakener, will send us wake up calls that shock/force us into doing things differently. For example, if we lose our job, we can no longer put off looking for a new one.

Where is Change Needed?

Change is the norm for Aquarius. The Aquarius New Moon offers us an opportunity to ask ourselves where we need to create radical change in our lives. We may identify some obvious answers that relate to our outer world — job, relationships, living situation, health, and/or diet. Because Aquarius requires authentic, not superficial, change, outer change must be accompanied by inner change. We can always work on upgrading our attitudes. How about judgment, self-esteem, feeling victimized, scarcity/not having enough? We change our attitude by changing our altitude — by awakening our consciousness, whereby we gain a higher and more inclusive perspective of human life, our life lessons, and our role in the world at this time.

Aquarius keeps an uneasy interaction going between the individuals and the whole or community in which we live. There is always an element of dissatisfaction that keeps us searching for new solutions and better ways of doing things. Aquarius teaches us that the status quo must always be questioned and challenged. There is never a comfort zone where everyone gets their needs met and feels supported by social and economic institutions (that are supposed to serve the common good.)

For example, the bubble has burst concerning the American dream of being able to make our way up the economic ladder to at least middle class status. 44,000 homeless in Los Angeles, the city of great wealth. Humm. Aquarian energy won’t let us deny that something is seriously and structurally wrong and that it is our responsibility to do something about it.

Revolution vs Routines

There is a natural tendency in all organizations to try to protect themselves, to be lulled into routines, and to be dulled by rules. It is a challenge for organizations that call themselves Aquarian to actually build Aquarian systems. The inertia and mindset of the bureaucratic patriarchal paradigm holds on with a tenacity that requires Uranian wake up calls. Uranus steps in when we don’t notice that we are caught in the same traps and justifying the same types of policies that we fought against not too long ago.

When we run an exclusive club, those excluded are certainly going to create their own clubs.

No one wants to be left out. Everyone wants to be included in something. Life provides many opportunities to align with like-minded souls. If you feel alone, open your eyes and heart and reach out by offering your special contribution.

At the beginning of the Aquarian age, we must keep in mind that the old is falling apart and that our job is to create anew. What we are in the process of creating is yet unknown. The blueprint is not yet created. The creative process is about experimentation. The level of consciousness and heart that we bring to the table will determine the degree of success or failure of our efforts.

Both Inner and Outer Change

The Aquarian Age invites us to invent innovative forms of collaboration. The Internet makes it possible to share our unique contributions across the globe and to form groups and alliances that are exponentially more powerful and impactful than any other time in human history. The binding factor is consciousness, sharing a point of view that transcends physical location and forms that previously separated us, e.g. nationality, religion, political ideology, social status. Aquarian themes that drive transformation and fuel new alliances are freedom, equality, human dignity, creativity, and coming together to share our individual contributions in service to humanity.

The planetary alignments at the Aquarian New Moon fuse several pivotal themes that support both inner and outer change. Mars’ passion along with its tactical strategies help us take a heart-driven look at our life plans and how to implement them. We are invited to listen to our intuition and trust its messages. We may identify innovative ways to achieve our goals. We may even wake up to a different set of goals. We are being supported in expanding our network of destiny friends and in helping each other to offer our special gifts.

The determining factor in all possibleoutcomes, both personal and collective, is held by Leo, the polarity of Aquarius. The majestic Lion leads us straight to the heart. Compassion, kindness, and caring are the glue that hold our new alliances and our individual lives together. The partnership between Aquarius and Leo is the foundation for creating a heart-centered world.

Year of the Yang Fire Monkey

The Chinese New Year always falls on the Aquarian New Moon. In Chinese astrology there are 12 animal signs that express the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water). Each of the elements has both the yin and the yang polarity. These combinations make a 60 year cycle.

If you have your 60th birthday this year (after February 8), you will be experiencing your natural energy. If you were born after the Aquarian New Moon (late January – mid February) in 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 2002 you have the distinction of being a Monkey. This is a great year for all Monkeys. Once every 12 years we get to indulge in being authentically ourselves.

Monkeys are playful, happy and funny. According to Chinese astrology Monkeys are creative, intelligent, and always on the move, at least mentally. Maybe ‘monkey mind’ comes from the nature of Monkeys. Monkeys have agitated energy, which can make them impulsive (this is why they keep swinging from tree to tree). The fire element gives fire Monkeys dynamic energy and courage. The yang polarity is strong and assertive. Take all these qualities together and we can all feel the bold, innovative, and playful energy that supports everyone of us this year in moving forward with more confidence in ourselves and more joy in our lives.


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