Spiritual Healing and Awakening – Pisces 2016


The current Pisces influence offers all of humanity a chance to move beyond the negative downsides of unawakened consciousness in the Piscean Age. We are being given another chance to reconnect with Spirit and our spiritual essence.

February 18-19 – The Sun Floats into Pisces

9:34 PM PST (5:34 GMT)

The powerful alignments in Pisces this month create openings to transcend the unevolved sides of Pisces that have created great pain and destruction on Planet Earth during the Piscean Age (for the last 2000 years.) This is a special time to awaken to the reality beyond (1) the illusion of separation from the Divine and (2) the belief that we are sinners in need of redemption by an external force.

The deep imprint in the collective consciousness of isolation, unworthiness, and victimization has been the cause of endless suffering. Other manifestations of the dark side of Pisces that have produced suffering unequal in human history include (1) righteousness that justifies elitism, (2) greed that leads to exploitation, domination, and wars, and (3) a knawing spiritual void that tries to find an escape in addictions and other self-destructive behaviors.

Virgo Full Moon – February 22

10:19 AM PST (18:19 (GMT) at 3 degrees Virgo (Sun at 3 degrees Pisces)

Full moons bring light to that which has been hidden and out of balance. The zodiac polarities of the Sun and Moon help each other integrate complementary energies and find inner peace. Pisces and Virgo represent two different ways of knowing. Virgo represents the discriminating intellect. Pisces listens to the intuition and knows through instinctual feeling awareness.

Pisces and Virgo are a perfect pair. We need both to function as spiritual beings in the physical world, which is ruled by the law of cause and effect. Earthy Virgo puts forth the effort needed to make things happen. Pisces knows when to relax, let go, and surrender. Mentally acute Virgo directs us through precise analysis. Emotional Pisces opens our heart with compassion for our humanness.

Virgo helps us connect with our miraculous bodies and get in touch with the cosmic energy that animates every cell with consciousness. Many yogis are Virgos, including Yogi Bhajan. The shadow side of Virgo is over-zealous discipline that pushes the body past its natural limits. Resulting injury and illness force us to pay attention and replace disrespect with kindness. At the emotional level, Virgo keeps itself so busy that it has no time to feel its hidden anxieties that are caused by a sense of isolation, inadequacy, and not being appreciated for everything that it does. Virgo is the overworked silent saint, whose endless service can feel like servitude and devolve into martyrdom.

Pisces awakens us to our divine nature. Cooperating with Earth-Mother-Virgo, we are attuned to the sacredness of the Earth, its bountiful gifts, and our journey in physical reality. The Pisces archetype represents our spiritual journey to remember and to reunite with the Source. *(1)

At this Virgo Full Moon, Neptune, Ceres, Chiron and the South Node join the Sun in Pisces. This stellium amplifies Pisces’ compassion for humanity and helps us drop programmed conditioning that causes us to miss (and misuse) the sacredness of life. The conjunctions of these celestial bodies from the Full Moon through the end of February facilitate the healing of the collective wounds of shame and blame with the salve of acceptance and forgiveness.

February 23 – Jupiter in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces

each at 20 degrees.

This is the second of 3 oppositions of Jupiter and Chiron. The first was November 3, 2015 at 17 degrees. The third will be August 12 at 24 degrees. Optimistic and expansive Jupiter interacts with Chiron to create deep healing. In relationship to Virgo, it replaces our inner critic with self-compassion. In the space of love, we are awakened to experiences confirming spiritual truths.

The overall impact of the comic configurations is that universal energies are assisting us to free ourselves from debilitating illusions about who we are, our worthiness, and our life. We are being trust forward on our spiritual path.

Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse — March 8-9

5:54 PM PST (1:54 GMT) at 18 degrees Pisces.

Eclipses happen every six months. They start building up momentum for change weeks (even months) before they actually happen. Their effects are long-lasting.

Eclipses come in pairs. The New Moon Solar Eclipse comes first. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra is March 23. Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are closely aligned. At a solar eclipse (which occurs on a new moon) the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth and blocks the Sun’s light. At a lunar eclipse (which occurs on a full moon) the shadow of the Earth blocks the sunlight from hitting the Moon causing the shadow on the Moon.

Solar eclipses are extra powerful new moons that focalize cosmic energies causing a reconfiguration of energies on Planet Earth and in its inhabitants. Solar and lunar eclipses signal major endings and beginnings. Where in your life is a completion near, a new beginning welcome, and a new level of being on its way? To get a clue, note where 18 degrees Pisces falls in your birth chart.

At this Pisces New Moon, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, Chiron, and the South Node are all in Pisces. We feel the call for healing, forgiveness, and opening the heart. As we heal past wounds and misunderstandings, we acquire self-love and become whole. When all aspects of our being reunite at the heart, our inner light shines.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. At the end of the zodiac cycle, we quietly evaluate what we have learned in the last 12 years. We witness the steps we have taken and the progress we have made in becoming more consciously awake and self-empowered. With deep understanding and acceptance of our life journey so far, we find unconditional love and compassion for ourselves.

The planets in Pisces will continue to align with each other through the end of March. Jupiter in Virgo still closely opposes Chiron in Pisces. During this time, (1) our consciousness awakens, (2) our perception expands, and (3) we tune into greater possibilities for ourselves, our collective projects, and our planet. The Pisces influence invites us (1) to trust our intuition, (2) to use our imagination to find solutions to what might seem impossible, and (3) to honor our insights as worthy sources of guidance and information.

Spend Time in Meditation

Pisces’ sensitivity offers us an opening to connect with the Universe and its qualities that cannot be accessed through our earth bound senses.

It is time to slow down, be silent, listen within, and feel into our inner space. There is so much available for us to explore and experience. The awakening of power and knowledge and deep healing happen when we are humble and receptive. Demand and ask for nothing. Simply be willing and open to feel the creative spiritual impulse that floods through your body. Love whatever arises. Acceptance and gratitude create quantum shifts in consciousness and being.

References and Footnote

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(1) The chapters on the 6th and 7th chakras in Your Life Is in Your Chakras are most relevant to Pisces.

Yoiur Life is in Your Chakras by Guru Rattanha PhD

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