Create from Your Heart – Leo Full Moon


Aquarius and Leo work together to create a heart-centered world.

January 20 – The Sun moves into Aquarius

at 7:28 AM PST (15:28 GMT)

Aquarius is about the collective and how we work together. Aquarius is the inclusive context for all society’s individual participants. Aquarius represents the edge between continual reform and revolution. When people feel left out, used, and victimized, the edge tilts toward rebellion. When each person feels supported in doing their part to serve the collective whole, the edge tilts toward continual innovation. The more each person feels connected to the whole and enthusiastically offers his and her piece, the happier the members and the more peaceful and productive the ‘whole’ evolutionary process.

January 23-24 – The Leo Full Moon opposes the Sun in Aquarius

at 5:45 PM PST (1:45 GMT). Both Sun and Moon are at 3 degrees.

The Leo full moon shines a light on our individual creativity. It is about how each one of us offers our gifts and makes a difference in the world.

Aquarius represents humanity. Leo represents our individual humanness. Leo is how we work with ourselves to find our own heart. Aquarius is how we join together to build our collective soul. Both Aquarius and Leo express equality, freedom, and the light of consciousness. Together Leo and Aquarius strive to establish natural harmony — Leo within ourselves, Aquarius with each other in community.

Aquarius is the social structure that gives us the freedom and the encouragement to be authentic and audacious in what we create. When society does not support its members and people feel helpless and used, the Leo/Aquarius balance has been lost. When social, economic, and educational institutions foster individual creativity, social discontent is greatly reduced. Instead our energy is used productively to continually reinvent ourselves and our world.

January 25 – Mercury goes direct

at 14 degrees Capricorn.

Be mindful of your thoughts and how they are creating your reality. With Mercury direct and its 3 conjunctions with both Pluto and Uranus in less than 6 weeks, we will feel like moving forward with our ideas.

Mercury Joins Pluto and Uranus

Mercury/Pluto conjunctions at 15 degrees Capricorn occur(red) (1) December 19, 2015, (2) January 22 and (3) January 29, 2016.

Mercury interacting with Pluto obliges us to tell the truth to both ourselves and others. Secrecy is not an option. Transparency is required. The truth will be revealed.

Mercury/Uranus squares at 17 degrees Capricorn/Aries occur(red) (1) December 20, l2015, (2) January 20 and (3) January 31, 2016.

Mercury squaring Uranus awakens us to new ideas on how to do things and propels us into creative action.

At the Leo Full Moon and through the end of January, meditate on how you are using your creative energy. Creating includes our moods, drama, and conflicts, as well as how we use our personal skills to make things happen, to write a book, to paint a picture, to dance and play, etc.

Notice that when you are creating from your heart and having fun, you feel better and are happier. That is your Leo Sun shining through.

Tips for the Creative Process

People sometimes ask me how to write a book. The first thing to keep in mind for any creative project is that you are building something from scratch. If we are building a house we may have to chop down a tree to get the wood. We may have to gather clay and make bricks.

Every creative endeavor involves many steps. A key to a good product and to completion is that however small, we must take one step at a time and make each step fun. Each step can be fun, if it is small enough to enjoy. Avoid trying to lump to many pieces together and getting overwhelmed and stressed.

So for writing a book, start out with taking notes when you have ideas. Definitely don’t wait to write them down. Even if you just file them in a folder marked ‘my new book,’ you accumulate something valuable to work with.

One day you are going to feel like typing up this collection of notes. As you type, you will be delighted to discover that your random notes are a good foundation for the next phase. As we type up our notes, we add more ideas, and have more to work with. There are many, many notes and drafts.

Appreciate each step. Remember you are making the bricks for your house. They will fit together later, when each brick is well formed. Enjoying the process is part of creation and a determining factor in the energy that is transmitting in the final product.


Austin, Stephanie, Leo Full Moon – January 23-4, The Mountain Astrologer, December/January 2016, p. 109.

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