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Aquarian Astrology for 2021 – My Next Workshop

Guru Rattana

In my next Zoom workshop on Saturday February 6th (1-4 pm Pacific – utc-8) I will explain the basic astrological dynamics of 2021, outlining how you can optimize your efforts and create strategies that take advantage of the transformational energies now coming available to us all.

I begin below by explaining how the recent Leo Full Moon encapsulates what we will be dealing with in 2021.

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Leo – Start with the Heart

All alone in Leo, the first full moon of 2021 (January 28) introduced us to the planetary interactions that dominate the year. 2021 features a year-long series of wake up calls that command our attention and demand personal action.

Squares are the featured aspects that set a dynamic and confrontational tone. The message is — ‘transformation will happen if you like it or not, agree with it or not.’

Forming a T-square with five other planets, the Leo moon is confronted by oppositions to Saturn, the Sun, and Jupiter in Aquarius and by squares to a Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. We can feel the heaviness of all the demands,  and we are well advised to learn how to take advantage of these energies that force us to transform.

Personal Leo, shining its heart light, is holding on against a direct opposition to three planets in Aquarius — Saturn, Sun, and Jupiter (also joined by Mercury and asteroid Pallas Athena). The above seem to dominate with a righteous attitude about supporting the collective. But Leo is here to tell us that idealism about inclusiveness is untenable if it ignores the importance of the unique  needs of each individual. The practical voice of Saturn reminds us to address both collective and individual needs in fair, diverse, and reasonable ways.

Uneasiness and Unrest

There is palpable unrest (all year) with Mars, Uranus, and Black Moon Lilith all in Taurus. Mars is in Taurus from January 7-March 4. Uranus is in Taurus 16 May 2018 – 6 July, 2025. Black Moon Lilith is in Taurus 21 October 2020 – 18 July, 2021. (In the February 6 workshop, you will learn more about how the feminine archetype Lilith in Taurus is impacting us at this time.

Unorthodox Uranus and Lilith are naturally rebellious. Both are fired up and frustrated, unable to be as aggressive as they would like in earthy Taurus. Instead of engaging in overt intimidation, Mars and Lilith in Taurus can resort to passive aggressive bullying. This bullying is subtle manipulation with a toxic attitude and bad vibes that make us feel uncomfortable without knowing exactly why. When we can’t identify what is going on, we can feel intimidated, without a seemingly valid reason for our uneasiness. Feeling vulnerable, subconscious reactions are activated and play out in both predictable and unexpected ways. We can blame ourselves for being weak, fall prey to shame, and wonder what went wrong.

Start with Self-Acceptance

Thank goodness for the Leo Lion who directs us to our heart and reminds us that our starting point is always self-acceptance! From the foundation of self-love, we can access the courage to use our inner wisdom to find alternative ways of dealing with subtle, but often emotionally overwhelming situations. Instead of absorbing the bad vibes and losing energy (just what the bully wants), we can find a different approach to extricate and take care of ourselves. The trick is that we have to be OK being uncomfortable and be willing to get out of our comfort zone. This process is essentially internal and involves confronting old patterns of victimhood, co-dependence, neediness, lack of self-esteem, and shame.

Our Antagonists Are Our Teachers

Remember, our antagonists in life are our teachers – they trigger conditioning that needs to be recognized and released to find internal freedom (Uranus and Aquarius.) Saturn, Sun, and Jupiter in Aquarius remind us of how (1) facing reality, (2) being creative, and (3) trusting our personal truth offer us a great synergistic blend for finding innovative solutions and internal freedom. Uranus, Mars, and Lilith in Taurus reminds us to be honest because ‘it is all about me.’

Ask for Help

Often we don’t immediately know the answers or come up with solutions. Give yourself time to live in open space, so that the answers and insights have room to appear.

Getting practical and specific about what we want and need helps us overcome some of our fear about asking for assistance. Aquarius is about joining together, and not about isolating ourselves. We need to stop pretending that we don’t need help, when we do. We need to look at where, how, and why we resist help, connection, and community. Give yourself permission to ask for help!

The Gift of Creative Potential

In sum, we need to be aware of and use the creative potential of the 2021 planetary energies that are helping us break out of old ways into an expansive and exiting place, with an empowered ability to handle life’s challenges and even have a good time doing so. What could be better than opening your heart to yourself and your life! Try it and find out in 2021!

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