Announcements, Guru Rattana Workshop

Opening Your Heart with Self-Love

Guru Rattana

A Workshop with Guru Rattana

Begin 2021 by opening your heart to embrace yourself and your life!

We cannot know what exactly will happen in 2021, but the cosmic energies have shifted. We can make this the best year ever by cultivating an inner reality that allows us to experience life as it unfolds with willingness, peace. and joy.

In this workshop we focus on accessing our heart through our emotional body and lower chakras. You will experience how to tame the four lions that guard the gate to our heart – fear, anger, sadness, and shame. You will learn how to

* Open the Lion’s Gate to your heart with acceptance and love.

* Transform your attention by focusing on feeling, not thinking.

* Engage your emotional body to enjoy sweet devotion.

* Use pranayama to shine your heart light.

This is a repeat of the workshop originally held on December 12th, necessitated by the failure of GoTo Meeting to provide us with a satisfactory video recording. We are returning to Zoom, our original platform.

Those of you who booked for the December event will be sent the link to join prior to the workshop.

In celebration of the new year we are also offering an additional, but limited, number of free places on a first come, first served basis. After the event you will also receive full access to the video recording.

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