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2021 – Great Shift to Aquarius and Air Element

(This blog contains notes (and more!) from my February 6 workshop on Aquarian Astrology and Awakening)

2021 Starts and Ends with Hope and Optimism

2021 starts and ends with hope and optimism. 2020 is over and we are ready for a new beginning. 2021 is about adjusting to completely new energies.

From start to finish, 2021 is a roller coaster ride, with great days and weird days. We won’t be able to figure out a predictable pattern or even why we feel the way we do. We have another year of unexpected surprises. Drama and how we deal with it are major themes in 2021. Our best strategy to tap into all the opportunities is to operate from our hearts.


All Planets Direct to April 27

From February 20 to April 27, all planets are in forward motion, opening up the space for accelerated change and manifestation. Pluto goes retrograde April 27. Because Pluto works more on our inner reality, we will still be able to take advantage of the direct motion of the other planets.

However, Saturn goes retrograde May 23 through October 10. That means four and a half months during which time we may feel a slowing down and even blocked from taking action. Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks May 29th. We may be feeling more free and buoyant now. It is the time to move forward.


What Will Wake Us Up?

We definitely live in bizarre and challenging times. It is part of the grand plan for things to fall apart when we are in the midst of shifting from one age to another – from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. Because each age lasts for approximately 2000 years, we are engaged in a slow, long-term process, which unfolds over centuries.

Unraveling collectively and personally is bound to happen. If we are not confronted, we won’t wake up. Some pertinent questions include:

  1. What will it take to wake us up?
  2. What will it take for us to be jolted out of our illusions and quit believing what is not true?
  3. What will it take for us to listen to our hearts and not believe everything we think?


What Will Happen?

We cannot know what exactly will happen in 2021. Predictions are a guessing game. Who predicted what happened in 2020?
We can’t figure everything out in advance. That is not the nature of life. So much depends on so many factors, including and the consciousness of the people, both those in and out of control and power. (Most of us are out of control internally!)



In case you didn’t get the pop quiz from my previous workshop (February 6), guess which of the following apply to 2021?

  1. 2021 and the future are radically different than 2020 and the past.
  2. We wake up to your own soap opera.
  3. You have to find your own path, but you are not alone.
  4. The facts reveal what we thought was fiction.
  5. Everyone is weird. You fit right in.
  6. Smile, relax and enjoy your special life.

All of the above are ‘probably’ true. :+)


Aquarian Themes

We like to think of all the positive expressions of the Aquarian archetype, which include:

  • Equity, justice
  • Freedom – inner and outer
  • Personal consciousness and collective consciousness
  • Community, grass root movements, the people are in charge
  • Innovation, transformation, reform, revolution
  • Futuristic, science and technology
  • Unconventional, out of the box, no box, unique, radical
  • Surprises, magic, miracles
  • You are your own guru.
  • Serve and service


Welcome to the Dark Side of the Aquarian Age

Believing in a world anchored in the evolved expressions of Aquarius – personal freedom, humanitarianism, and working together to create collective institutions that serve everyone – is uplifting and motivates us to make our contribution. But like every archetype, Aquarius has its dark, unawakened side, which includes:

  • Mass consciousness – The mob – People gravitate to mobs to find validation when they have no independent thought, mind, or identity. It is normal and Aquarian for people to connect to groups to feel a sense of belonging and to define ourselves. The question is what groups do we relate to, and do we expand or lose our sense of identity?
  • Chaos, anarchy, riots, mass hysteria, sedition
  • Chaos in general includes necessary purging
  • Insanity, weird, strange, outrageous
  • Mentally and emotionally unstable, upset, and disturbed
  • The fool, egomaniac (expressed in all the archetypes)
  • Conspiracy theories, ungrounded and alternate realities, coup d’etats

It is obviously best to focus on taking advantage of the Aquarian gifts of consciousness, freedom, responsibility, magic, and miracles and not get mired down in the dark side of Aquarius, which is not going to go away. The Waterbearer is downloading truth with consciousness.


The Great Shift to the Air Element

The meeting of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn in January 2020 (called the Grand Conjunction) began a year that challenged political, economic, and social structures and initiated a profound shift in consciousness.

Another fundamental shift happened at the end of 2020. Jupiter and Saturn both moved from Capricorn to Aquarius and then joined together at zero degrees Aquarius at Solstice 21 December 2020 – announcing a new beginning.

The most basic energy shifts in 2021 are

  1. from Capricorn to Aquarius. (This is a major marker in the shift to the Aquarian Age.) and
  2. from the earth element to the air element.

In this blog I explain the Great Mutation from earth to air. Understanding the shift in dominant planetary energies helps us make sense of what is happening and gives us insights on how to navigate our personal lives this year.


200 Year Cycles

Jupiter and Saturn orbit between the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) and the far away impersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). Jupiter and Saturn (known as the social planets) define social, economic, and political trends.

Jupiter and Saturn meet (conjunct) every 20 years. For 200 years their conjunctions occur in the same element. When these 20 year Grand Conjunctions occur for the first time in a new element, they inaugurate a new 200 year cycle. This is known as a Great Mutation.

(There is one exception that occurs near the end of the 200 years, when the conjunction occurs in the next element and then returns to the primary element.)


December 21, 2020 – The Great Mutation in the Air Element

December 21, 2020, there was a Great Mutation. Jupiter and Saturn joined together in the air element, where they will join every 20 years in Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra. (with one exception for the next 200 years.)

For the last 200 years the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn have been in in the earth element (Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo). We are now being initiated into a 200 year cycle in the air element. At the end of each elemental cycle, things start breaking down and falling apart. The urge and need for change grows. We have noticed this trend, especially in 2020.

The shift initiated at the rare Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020 at zero degrees Aquarius marked the beginning of a new era based Aquarian ideals and energies that support radical transformation, a paradigm shift, collective collaboration, and egalitarianism.

As we move through 2021, when other planets aspect the early degrees of Aquarius, the energy for radical change is intensified. 2021 supports us and demands, breaking free from the past, releasing conditioning, fears, and beliefs that keep us snarled in behaviors, mindsets, and energies that no longer serve us.


The Great Mutation Chart

The Great Mutation Chart sets the tone of underlying macro-societal trends for the next 20 years, as well as themes for our personal transformation. In 2021 we must begin to deal with a monumental refocus from the physically-oriented Earth element to the mental, social, and spiritual priorities of the air element.

Dominated by the Earth element, the last 200 years planetary imperatives have focused on physical acquisition, development and control of land, the Earth’s resources, money, and physical well-being.

Defined by the Air element, collective values and priorities in the next 200 years will shift to information, communication, connection, ideas, networking, technological innovation, individuation, and non-physical dimensions of reality.


The Air Element – Space

The air element is about space and the mind. The earth element was about physical possessions and resources. There is more openness and movement in the space of air. And hopefully in our mind!

How all cosmic energies play out in physical reality depends on how we choose and are able to use them, which can be either destructive or beneficial, or most probably a combination of both.

The bottom line now is that we must

  1. identify what is not giving us the results we wish,
  2. seek to understand why, and
  3. make internal and external adjustments that open the doors to go in a direction that we have not tried before.


The Neptune Challenge

In the Great Mutation chart of Jupiter and Saturn, Mercury (representing our mind) is challenged by a square with Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is the planet associated with confusion, illusion, and delusion. Neptune in Pisces expresses as emotional energy and feeling awareness. It is inimical to reason, logical thinking, and coherent thought.

Thinking without access to a neutral meditative space can plummet us into a dark hole and unbearable cold depression. Mercury (our mind) is compromised when the air element is unable to access clarity and higher ground in Neptunian fog, which obfuscates truth and clouds up our inner space.

When there is no open space, there is no clarity, which makes is hard to be open or neutral. Chaos and confusion reign.

With Neptune, our only real choice is to let go, trust, and surrender to the unknown. We have to establish our connection with our higher power to do so. We have to have this personal experience. Belief is no longer sufficient. More than a good idea is required.


Facts vs. Fiction

A major theme of 2021 is to figure out fact from fiction. This is not any easy task because there are multiple realities, opinions, beliefs, and vested interests built into the ‘information’ that is available. We are dealing with a lot of dynamics.

  1. Some ‘information’ is fabricated and clearly made up.
  2. A lot of alternative view points that challenge the status quo are censored.
  3. Much is manipulated and conveniently distorted to support special interests (the greed machine).
  4. Some possibly valid information has conspiracy theories attached to it.

We can’t help but be confused, when so many things skew our perception of reality. We may miss or dismiss some important information to maintain our belief system. We may escape into fantasies and denial to avoid dealing one more thing.


Aquarius – Think Outside the Box

The Lunar Nodes are in Gemini-Sagittarius from May 4, 2020 to January 18, 2022. The North Node points us to where we want to go. The South Node signifies what we have been dealing with and where we must find a higher mature expression that can serve as a foundation for exploring new North Node territory. In Sagittarius we have to release dogmatism, gullibility, and excess, so that we can be flexible, open-minded, and neutral when facing the unknown future.

Aquarius inspires us to think out of the box, make choices that support freedom and equity for all, and keep the big picture in mind. Because of its retrograde passage, Mercury doubles its normal time in Aquarius this year (January 8 to March 15). We have more time to become aware of our thoughts, beliefs, and misperceptions.

The Lunar Nodes and three Mercury/Jupiter conjunctions (January 11 (5º), February 14 (13º), and March 4 (17º) open the space for us to question conventional wisdom, think for ourselves, and develop discernment about what we accept as true.


How Can We Know What is True?

Listening i.e. paying attention to what is going on in our body is essential to get a read on what is true for us.

Notice whether what you hear or read feels relaxing or activates fear or anger. Does your breathing slow down and deepen? Do you feel a sense of relief or peace? Do your muscles relax? OR does your breathing become faster and more shallow? Does your body become more tense? Do you feel more anxious and confused?


How can we stay sane in an insane world?

It is the nature of the times to live in uncertainty and on the edge.
We have to learn how to deal with what is happening in our lives and take responsibility for our own lives!
We have to be able to respond to sudden change and inevitable stress, and distress.

To do so we can

  1. Shift our attitude and raise our vibration to our heart through self love and love of the divine.
  2. Find stability in our neutral mind and cultivate an inner reality where we can find inner peace and turn off mentally induced stress.
  3. Align with the available energies so we can flow with the changes and willingly experience life as it unfolds.
  4. Cultivate a relationship with our higher power so we can hold the experience that we are not alone.
  5. Make this the The Year of the Heart and deepen our experience and joy by living from our heart.
  6. We can practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to elevate our vibration so that we can participate in life in a more meaningful way.

We need Kundalini Yoga and Meditation more than ever before.

In sum, awakening to higher consciousness is the foundational prescription for moving to the next level of human evolution, which is now!


Uneasiness, Unrest, and Freedom in 2021

In 2021 there are both optimism and unrest. There is so much to become aware of, let go of, and transcend! There is a massive amount of recalibration that is taking place to align and work with the higher expressions of the new energies.

It takes serious inner work to not sabotage ourselves and serious collective alignment to not derail possibilities that can benefit us all. Doing this work is our personal assignment for 2021.

We must recognize our inner wounds that keep us attached to stereotypes and prevent us from recognizing our common interests in our shared reality.

The more we can own own intrinsic value, the more we can recognize it in others. The more we can transcend shame and unconditionally love ourselves, the more we can honor the uniqueness of each other. We don’t relinquish our identity to belong. We find both inner and outer connection when we offer our contribution.


2021 – The Gift of Creative Potential

The great news is that we can use the creative potential of the 2021 planetary energies to help us break out of old ways into an expansive and creative place. We can access our empowered ability to handle life’s challenges, and even have a good time doing so!

2021 can be an awesome personal year, when we focus on our own values and health, wake up, and take responsibility for our own lives.

What could be better than opening your heart to yourself and your life! Let’s join together to achieve this goal for all of us in 2021!

Next Workshop – March 6
Personal Freedom and Responsibility


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The Black Moon Lilith Archetype in Taurus is about knowing what we want and does not want, and making our own decisions based on our personal values. This archetype is about tapping into our confident and assertive attitude and nature.

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