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Women – Listen to Your Own Voice – New Workshop from Guru Rattana

Guru Rattana

Saturday October 24th, 2020, 10:00 am -1:00 pm PDT (utc-7  )

This is the second workshop – “Listen to Your Own Voice – Tell Yourself Your Truth” – offered by Guru Rattana on Awakening Womanhood – Diving into the Deep Feminine. In four workshops exploring unique facets of our womanhood, Guru Rattana shares with you how to take advantage of the powerful energies for the awakening of the empowered feminine available during the last part of 2020.

NOW is the time!

To make it possible for the attendance of every woman who wishes to participate, we are offering two payment options:

  1. $40 flat rate, or
  2. Sliding scale, $10 minimum, allowing you to set the amount with which you feel comfortable. This option also allows for additional donations from those wishing to support both Guru Rattana’s work and the efforts of the team that makes these workshops and streaming videos possible. Many thanks!

You can quickly and easily purchase your tickets from our agent – Ticket Leap –—listen-to-your-own-voice—tell-yourself-your-truth/

(For those wishing to purchase more than one ticket, please purchase each one separately. A name and email is needed for each individual participant to allow for future access to the streaming video recording of the workshop.)