Virgo Perfects Our Path – 2015

Virgo helps us clarify, focus on, and work toward what makes us feel independent and whole. Virgo succeeds when it collaborates with its polarity Pisces to achieve oneness with Spirit in the human incarnation.

The Virgo archetype teaches us that the body is the vessel of our soul and that the Earth and all its manifestations are creations of Spirit. Virgo finds the Divine through self-care, health, service, and humility. The integration of Matter and Spirit blesses us with wholeness, oneness, and inner peace.

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Volume 1

August 23 – The Sun shines in Virgo

The Sun moves into Virgo August 23 at 3:38 AM PDT (10:38 GMT) and resides in the domain of the Virgin until it enters Libra September 23 at 1:21 AM PDT (8:21 GMT)

The glyph that symbolizes Virgo is made up of the letters M and V which stand for Mary the Virgin, the goddess, the divine feminine who births Spirit/Christ into Matter.

The Virgo archetype is, of course, relative to both men and women. It is associated with the priest, priestess, monks, yogis, shamans, and other spiritual seekers and masters living in the world and serving humanity. Many healers are Virgos. Yogi Bhajan was a Virgo.

August 29 – Pisces Full Moon

11:35 AM PDT, 18:35 GMT

This is the first of 3 Super Full Moons in a row. Super Moons happen when the Moon is the closest it gets to the Earth and is in exact alignment with the Sun and Earth. These full moons are ‘super’ because they generate stronger electromagnetic and gravitational pulls that create above normal tugs on the magnetic field of the Earth and its inhabitants. Our physical and emotional bodies are strongly impacted. The stress, anxiety, and disturbances that we experience are indications that our system is being rebooted to produce shifts in consciousness.

The Virgo/Pisces Polarity Pair

Full Moons integrate polarities and give us a chance to use complementary energies to work out issues that can’t be solved from the viewpoint of a single archetype. The zodiac polarity pairs help each other find answers to riddles that they are incapable of resolving by themselves. The lessons and gifts of the Virgo/Pisces polarities are highlighted through the month of September.

At the Pisces Full Moon, the Moon, Chiron, and Neptune are in Pisces. The Sun, Jupiter, and Juno counter balance in Virgo. Earthy Virgo keeps Pisces from disappearing into the clouds and helps the Fish get its feet on the ground. Pisces’ Divine Connection reminds Virgo what it is looking for and working so hard to find.

Virgo and Pisces each have their own method of perceiving reality. When we are able to compute and understand from both perspectives, we can solve the riddle of the relationship between Matter and Spirit.

Virgo is a practical mentally competent earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury. Using the rational mind and the five senses for careful analysis, Virgo measures, examines, and penetrates into the workings and organization of physical reality.

Pisces is a sensitive water sign ruled by Neptune. Pisces navigates life through its subtle internal and emotional sensory system, which is instinctual and intuitive. Pisces operates from the neutral channel of the mind where we have access to universal wisdom and insights.

Virgo’s precision in relationship to physical reality and Pisces’ let go, relax, and detach attitude balance each other. It is through subtly that both Virgo and Pisces widen the doors of perception and expand our view of reality. The challenge for both is to make it through the filters of cultural, educational, and parental programming. Both must learn how to witness reality beyond the limitations of conditioning in order to be receptive to the information relayed by the cosmic matrix that interpenetrates into every cell of life.

Our physical and emotional bodies, mind, and heart are all receptors. Virgo activates them through taking care of the physical body with all kinds of healing modalities and physical and energetic disciplines like yoga and the martial arts. By attention to microscopic details that we can’t even see, Virgo witnesses the presence of Sprit in all life. Pisces takes advantage of our upgraded physical state to witness how the presence of Spirit flows through all dimensions of reality. Working together both Virgo and Pisces experience the miracle of life. The riddle is solved —

Matter and Spirit are not separate. Spirit gives life to Matter. Physical and non-physical realities are one.

September 6 – Venus goes direct

at 14 degrees Leo. Venus has been retrograde since July 25.

Venus retrograde gives us time to release attachments and to resolve old issues. The more we do so, the greater joy and freedom we experience when Venus goes direct.

September 8 – Mars trines Uranus

at 20 degrees Leo.

We have the energy and motivation to choose and pursue alternative paths. Uranus encourages us to be independent and to break free from the chains of convention. What might have seemed undoable before is now within our reach.

September 12-13 – Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse

It’s that time of year again. Every six months the Sun, Moon, and Earth align to create 2 consecutive eclipses — a solar eclipse at the new moon and a lunar eclipse at the full moon.

These extra powerful new and full moons signal significant endings and beginnings. During eclipses, the normal flow of radiation is interrupted allowing for more cosmic information to be downloaded to Earth and its inhabitants.

As old matrices are dissolved and new ones are generated, old programs are interrupted and new ones are encoded into our psyche. In other words, we receive cosmic help in expanding our consciousness. This solar eclipse in Virgo activates our subtle power of discernment and our ability to focus, making it possible to awaken to the oneness of Matter and Spirit.

September 16 – Jupiter opposes Neptune

at 8 degrees Virgo/Pisces.

Jupiter and Neptune are both associated with Pisces. Jupiter was considered the ruler of Pisces until Neptune was discovered in 1864. As the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter embodies the principle of expansion. Its energy ignites our quest for higher wisdom, search for meaning, and faith in the unknown. Named after the Roman sea god, Neptune symbolizes the depths of reality and the flow of creation from and back to Source.

Jupiter and Neptune join every 13 years. Their last rendezvous was in 2009 at 24-26 degrees Aquarius. When these two planets interact they awaken our psychic abilities, magnify our mystical yearnings, and unleashes our desire to make a difference. They also fuel escapism, fantasies, and illusions. Now at their opposition, we can evaluate how we are using these energies. We can use Virgo’s power of discrimination to get a reality check.

The year-long opposition of Chiron in Pisces to Jupiter in Virgo through August 2016 highlights healing our relationship between Matter and Spirit. Virgo teaches us that we don’t have to leave our body to find Spirit. On the contrary, our body is our sacred vessel to contain Spirit. With Virgo’s discipline, we can commit to our spiritual practice and engage in work that helps humanity.

Virgo/Pisces healing involves recognizing and releasing fears, activities, and relationships that put us in a subservient and co-dependent roles. Chiron in Pisces connects us to inner peace and opens our hearts to divine love. Jupiter fosters self-esteem and self-love by awakening us to the light of our soul. Our spiritual connection gives us the strength to do what we would not dare to do without it. As we acquire the power to listen to and follow our heart, we can stand without compromise in the light of our own truth. How do we know? There is no discussion, only a sense of joy, freedom, and liberation.

August 26 – Jupiter joins the Sun

at 3 degrees Virgo

Although Jupiter moves into Virgo August 11 for the next 13 months (until September 9, 2016) the conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun offers us a special day to celebrate the new cycle. Virgo may use this day to work harder, but make sure to also enjoy whatever you choose to do.

August 31 – the Sun opposes Neptune

at 8 degrees Virgo/Pisces.

A similar Virgo/Pisces dynamic is highlighted — we need a reality check that includes both practical and spiritual realities.

August 31 – Venus conjunct Mars at 15 degrees Leo

This is the second of 3 conjunctions. The first was February 21 at 2 degrees Aries. The Third is November 2 at 24 degrees Virgo. These rendezvous have a romantic tone, which open our hearts to ourselves, others, and all life.

September 17 – Mercury goes retrograde

at 16 degrees Libra until it turns direct on October 9th at 1 degree Libra.

If we are not careful and forget to operate from our heart, we can fall prey to miscommunication. It is best not to be pushy or try to force our way. We can use glitches as reminders of what needs to be repaired, reassessed, or released. Slow down and follow your intuition and heart. Mercury will be in Libra for 66 days from August 27 through November 1. Mercury retrograde is always an optimal time to meditate and cultivate our divine connection.

September 9 and 24 and October 22 – Mercury and Pluto square off

3 times at 13 degrees Libra/Capricorn.

Mercury and Pluto will be within 7 degrees of each other for the whole month of September. Don’t even try to hide from the truth! Get to the crux of the matter as quickly as possible and deal with what is simmering below the surface before emotional fires burn to the surface. Honest, clear communication is required. Get clarity about how you participate in stressful and dysfunctional relationships. Renegotiate or move on. Life is too short to spend it repeating the same painful story. Dealing with ourselves and each other with kindness, compassion, and forgiveness ensures that we can move on with less emotional baggage.

September 17 – Saturn re-enters Sagittarius.

Tell the truth, live the truth, love the truth. Saturn will be in Sagittarius through December 19, 2017. The best way to take advantage of this energy is to facet your personal diamond with a disciplined spiritual practice.

Yogi Bhajan’s dictum “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all” can serve as our touchstone for elevating our Virgo/Pisces experience.


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