Leo Is on Stage 2015

Leo is about discovering our special talents and gifts and bringing these expressions into manifestation. The majestic Lion is a conscious ruler of its own destiny. And it has what it takes — courage, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love, and an indomitable spirit.

July 22-23 – The Sun Shines in Leo

8:31 PM PDT (3:31 GMT) The Sun moves into Virgo August 23 at 3:38 AM PDT (10:38 GMT)

Leo teaches us to manage our personal reality from our heart. Our Leo motto can be, “If you are doing what only you can do, there is no competition.” By the way, the motto I live by is very similar, “I do only what only I can do.”

July 31 – Aquarius Full Moon

3:42 AM PDT 10:42 GMT

At the Aquarius Full Moon, the Leo/Aquarius polarity pair challenges us to work with these complementary archetypes in their highest expressions. The Leo archetype promotes our personal creativity and encourages each one of us to make our unique contribution to the world. The Aquarian archetype holds the community together with the collaboration of its members. Respect for individual freedom, equality, and diversity are the guiding principles that foster respect for both the whole and each of its individual participants.

Individual/Group Dynamic

The pivotal question is what force or forces make the individual and group dynamic work? The silent force that binds the global community is mass consciousness, which usually means that the bar for individual reflection and choice is low. The individual members of the community are basically sheep who unconsciously follow the rules and dictates of the social, economic, political, and religious systems, and succumb to their domination. The masses are easily manipulated, controlled, and exploited. The force of unconscious mass consciousness leads to exclusivity and the amassing of power and resources by an elite few.

When the lowest common denominator of mass consciousness permeates the collective systems, those who seek freedom to express their uniqueness feel alienated and excluded. This is understandable because they are in some way left out and trying to break through to another level of consciousness and individuality. Separation and aloneness haunt the psyche. Few really feel that they belong or are given real value, which is the case when societies spend more money on war machines than on education, health, and the welfare of the people.

The Aquarian Age is supposed to be about transforming society into one that honors our common humanity and our diversity and generates and directs its resources to enhance the common good. For this to happen the collective consciousness must be elevated from the mentality of unconscious sheep to empowered individuals. Leo and Aquarius work together to create the transformation necessary to build a heart-centered reality.

The higher expressions of Aquarian energy make it possible to expand our reality to be inclusive, equitable, and egalitarian. The higher expressions of Leo energy invite us to manage our personal reality from our heart.

Aquarian Alliances

The Aquarian Full Moon offers us a moment to reflect on what associations open our hearts and which ones constrict the flow of love. We can notice that ‘closed systems’ that demand that we fit into a defined reality (defined by those who are in charge of maintaining and profiting from the system) engender fear, anger, and shut down our hearts. We can also notice that alliances that are built on honoring each person’s unique contribution engender feelings of freedom, enthusiasm, and love. In heart-centered systems, we sincerely want to participate and to do our best to add value to the collective and to others’ lives.

The reality of the heart is inclusive, accepting, and compassionate. Any form of control, imposition, and restriction do NOT come from the heart. The essence of the Leo/Aquarius pair is ‘Live and let live!’ Not just get by and make it through the day in a bad mood. But to live from a compassionate heart, spread joy, and respectfully honor others as they too live their lives the best way they know how.

Transitions to a Heart Centered World - 2nd Edition

Transitions to a Heart Centered World by Guru Rattana

August 1 – Saturn goes Direct

at 28 degrees Scorpio

Saturn ends its retrograde period, which began March 14 at 5 degrees Sagittarius. Retrograde periods give us time and space to reassess our goals and strategies. Saturn retrograde directs us to define our physical and resource limits in realistic terms. We get clarity about what we can and should take responsibility for and what is not within our means or realm of responsibility.

August 3 – Jupiter squares Saturn

at 28 degrees Leo and Scorpio

Jupiter energizes our realistic (Saturn) goals.

August 4 – Venus conjuncts Jupiter

at 29 degrees Leo.

We know what we love and feel inspired to go for it.

August 6 – Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Leo square Saturn

28 degrees Leo and Scorpio

Be realistic and real, i.e. honest and authentic about what you can and will accomplish.

August 11 – Jupiter enters Virgo

For the 13 months that Jupiter was in Leo, our creative fires have activated and inspired us to express our creative genius. For the next 13 months, until September 9, 2016, Jupiter in Virgo emphasizes pragmatism, discernment, and self-improvement. Our attention turns to our health, general well-being, and our work. We will be searching for ways to integrate work and health in order to find wholeness and peace in our lives. We just might find ourselves cleaning out our closets and finding satisfaction in simplifying our lives. With Virgo’s careful discernment, we can find the sacred in the ordinary.

August 14 – Leo New Moon

7:53 AM PDT 14:53 GMT

At a new moon we make ourselves available and set our intensions related to the energies of the commanding archetype. For Leo we look forward to a year lived and enjoyed fully from a passionate and compassionate heart.

July 25 – September 6 – Venus is Retrograde


Venus joins the Sun and Moon at the Leo New Moon, encouraging us to make choices that make us happy and give a deep sense of contentment. At the New Moon, Venus is halfway through its retrograde phase, which began July 25 at 0 degrees Virgo and ends September 6 at 14 degrees Leo. Venus retrograde gives us time to (1) clarify our priorities, (2) identify what is preventing us from having what we need and want, (3) eliminate what is not working for us (including beliefs, relationships, and life situations) and (4) make choices that align with our heart. What matters the most to you? And what can you do to have, maintain, or embellish what you cherish?

Venus represents the feminine principle — (1) how we express our feelings and emotions, (2) our capacity for and receptivity to nurturing, and (3) our ability to relate and respond from the heart. Venus is in Leo for 107 days (June 5 to July 18 and July 31 to August 17)

August 15 – Sun and Venus join in Leo

Venus goes retrograde every 584 days, during which time the zodiac sign of the retrograde phase initiates a new cycle. The last cycle of Venus retrograde (January 2014) featured Capricorn. The new cycle, which begins when August 15 at 23 degrees Leo, features themes dear to the heart of the Lion — personal creativity and opening our hearts to ourselves, to others, and to life!

Mars Is in Leo August 8 – September 24

We will naturally act to support what we are passionate about.

August 15 – Uranus (Aries) trines Sun, Moon, and Venus in Leo

Wake up and love yourself and your life with all your heart!

The Leo Lion reminds us to bring heartfelt love to whatever we are doing. Love is an attitude. Love is a way of looking at life. Love is a way of relating that always opens a window to the heart.


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