Virgo Full Moon 2019 – Clear the Cobwebs to See the Light

Astrology with Guru Rattana

At each full moon we can examine how the polarity partners support each other. This time we look at Pisces and Virgo. The Pisces archetype represents the miracle zone. Mother Earth Virgo helps us enter and stay in the miracle zone in physical reality.

February 18 – The Sun Flows into Pisces

3:04 PM PST (23:04 GMT)

Only 18 hours after the Sun moves into Pisces, the Full Moon in Virgo opens the gates to another chapter of transformation.

Virgo and Pisces Polarity Pair

Pisces (the twelfth and last zodiac sign) reminds us that we still have something very important to accomplish this lifetime. We can’t disappear into the zone and pretend that physical reality including are body are not important. And we are not yet ready to die a physical death. We came to planet Earth to align with the divine while is a physical body. Pisces defines this goal. Virgo helps us get there. (Here now!)

Virgo has both a very practical side and a deep metaphysical side. In our daily lives, Virgo helps us improve our circumstances. Virgo counsels us to focus on what can be done, rather that get upset about what we can’t control. Virgo knows that being able to effectively deal with our life challenges is a gateway to bringing spirit into our daily lives. The perfection that Virgo seeks is not about obsessive compulsive order, but about experiencing divine order in our being and in our life as it unfolds. Precisely attuned, Virgo’s keen mind, can ‘see God in all.’

Virgo Yogi Bhajan was known for saying — “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.”

February 19 — Virgo Full Moon

at 0 degrees Virgo and Sun in Pisces 7:53 AM PST (15:53 GMT)

There are a lot of different energies working during this highly charged full moon.

[1] A Lot of Watery and Emotional Pisces Energy

The moon, alone in Virgo, is directly opposed by the Sun in Pisces. Neptune, Mercury, and asteroid Vesta are also in Pisces. This dominating Pisces influence can distract us from the tasks at hand. Unconscious desires, emotions, and impulses can pull us away from being present to what is happening and needs attention.

Dreamy Pisces, longing for a respite from physical concerns, can be a master of escapism. Idealistic Pisces can set impossible goals. Even its most cherished goal of living in the divine flow can seem impossible and unrealistic. Virgo invites us to consider the possibility that it is our methods that are unrealistic. Maybe we are trying too hard, creating unnecessary stress, and thus blocking our connection with the divine flow. Maybe if we could just relax, we could feel our divine connection while here in physical reality.

[2] Warrior Mars in Taurus

The Virgo Moon is in a trine or supportive relationship with Mars in Taurus, which by itself can help us focus on getting things done. However, the practical earth energy is not only pushed by Mars to take action, Mars (at 3 degrees Taurus) within 4 degrees of Uranus (at 29 degrees Aries) fires up an explosive mixture.

[3] Urgency with Uranus at 29 degrees Aries

With Uranus at 29 degrees Aries, there is a sense of urgency to get our personal lives together and to go for what we want from a stance of self-confidence. For seven years, Uranus in Aries has been about finding our identity and being honest with ourselves about who we are, what we want, and what we are here to do. When Uranus moves into Taurus March 1, we will learn that our self-worth is a determining factor in what we are able to manifest.

[4] Impatient and Volcanic

Mars is impatient. Uranus is volcanic. What has been suppressed must be released. Mars in Taurus can be an angry bully focused on pushing others around to get what it wants and to prove that it is right. To avoid misdirecting our fire power, we need to seriously examine what irritates us and be honest about what is bothering us before our pot boils over. ‘Managing to tolerate’ as a strategy is not good enough. We have to be authentically honest. Patience as a cover up for denial only turns up the heat of our inner caldron. We need to take some action. Where you have procrastinated and found excuses? I remember Yogi Bhajan telling us ‘Excuses are excuses.’ Now is the time to do what needs to be done.

[5] Uranus Weaves Destiny into Our Lives

As an outer planet, Uranus weaves destiny into the fabric of our lives. An external event or situation is often the catalyst that creates necessary change. Uranus steps in when we are too invested in the way things are to recognize that it is time to move on. With Uranus, it is just a question of how much it takes to release our resistance. Uranus (representing the bigger picture of reality) always wins. We will eventually burn out or become destabilized by outside pressures. We may be herded into the cosmic flow kicking and screaming, trampled by the stampede of the cosmic tsunami. Don’t say you didn’t get the storm warning to evacuate, leaving behind your old belief systems and way of life that didn’t work for you anymore.

[6] A Breath of Fresh Air

Yikes! This sounds scary. However, I remember Yogi Bhajan telling us that the universe is set up for us to win. A Uranus strike of lightening may be shocking at first, but the aftermath can offer us a breath of fresh air. We get cosmic assistance for what we couldn’t (or would not) do ourselves. The comic cleaner whisks away the cobwebs that have gathered. We are actually happy that the old dust is gone. What we thought we wanted and needed has changed. We are grateful for a cosmic clearing out. If we haven’t had the heart, the time, or the energy to do what needed to be done, fate organizes things for us. Perhaps it is easier that way. Either way, when it is time for change, change happens.

[7] Easy to Move On

It actually may be easier to move on than we think (or feel). Mercury and Neptune align in Pisces (at 16 and 15 degrees). The go-with-the-flow Pisces attitude makes it is easier to let go and embrace something new. We enjoy our new freedom in a dimension of reality that is unattached to the past and able to simply enjoy the present. We have to be in Pisces territory to truly be here now. Isn’t that where we want to be — in the miracle zone?

[8] Helpful Friends

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, we can stay optimistic about change. Pluto, Venus, and Saturn in Capricorn remind us to face the facts, be practical, wisely manage what we have, and carefully direct our efforts to what we really want. It takes time and internal as well as external resources to make progress. This full moon is a good time to assess what is possible, manageable, and realistic.

I have a good excuse

Recently someone asked me to attend a function that doesn’t interest me at all. I said I would think about it and listed a few reasons why this might not be possible. Although everything I said was true, I felt like I was making excuses. This was perhaps the polite thing to do. However —

Later I reflected on how we are trained to make excuses. And in the spirit of Uranus in 29 degrees Aries (Be upfront and tell your truth (at least to yourself!) I realized that I have a very good excuse — I don’t want to. I don’t feel like it. I don’t need to make up any excuses!

A breath of fresh air blew in and around me.

Virgo helps us clear out the dust (excuses) so we can see the light.

Meditation to Clear the Cobwebs

The Seven Wave Meditation is a classic Kundalini meditation to clear our inner space. *(1)

Seven-Wave Sat Nam Meditation

Sit in Easy Pose, palms together in Prayer Mudra, with the eyes closed and focused at the brow point. Be aware of the centerline of your body in the center of your spine.

Inhale deeply and on the exhale chant the mantra SAAAAA AAAAA AAAAA … in six waves up the spine from the first chakra (base of the spine) up to the sixth chakra (third eye). At each chakra chant a separate AAAAA. Feel the S at the base of the spine and then weave the AAAAA up the spine through each of the first six chakras. The “T” vibrates at the top of the head or crown chakra.

On NAM, let the energy and sound radiate from the seventh chakra at the top of the head through the aura. As the sound penetrates each chakra, gently pull, feel, or pay attention to the physical area it corresponds to. The locations of the chakras are as follows:

First — rectum

Second — sex organ

Third — navel

Fourth — heart

Fifth — throat

Sixth — between the eyebrows

Seventh — top of the head

Continue for 3-15 minutes.

COMMENTS: If you can, build this meditation a few seconds a day to 31 minutes (or more if you wish). The mind will be cleansed as the ocean waves wash the sandy beach. This is a bij (seed) mantra meditation. Bij mantras such as “Sat Nam” can totally rearrange the habit patterns of the subconscious mind. We all have habit patterns and couldn’t function without them. But some patterns we have created are unwanted. To change, we have to eliminate these sabotaging thought patterns. By vibrating the sound current “Sat Nam” in this manner, you activate the energy of the mind to erase old habits and establish new ones. Consequently, this meditation is a good introduction to Kundalini Yoga. It will open the mind to new experiences. This meditation can be used to clear off the effects of a hurried day and before beginning another deep meditation. After chanting this mantra, you will feel calm, relaxed, and mellow. Sit quietly after chanting and enjoy the clear, quiet inner space.

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(1) Seven Wave Meditation is from Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Vol 1, page 136.