Aquarius — Free to be ME and YOU Together

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Welcome to the next episode of Enter the Miracle Zone in 2019! ‘Wake up and transform your life now’ is the theme of the current planetary alignments, which continue to support the two recent eclipses urging us to become more conscious of how we are living our lives.

We are being challenged to not only do something about a situation that needs to shift for us to move forward, but also to recognize attitudes that have become a burden to our mental and emotional well-being. Whether a relationship, job, life style, health, or finances, we must uncover and let go of the beliefs that hold this situation in place. Our outer world can only be improved upon by recognizing and releasing our blame, shame, guilt, self-critical, lack, and unworthy programming. We must experience in our hearts the truth of our worthiness, value, and innocence. By shifting our inner reality, our outer reality can change. Then both can align to resonate with the desires and mission of our soul. This is how we enter the miracle zone.

February 4 – Aquarius New Moon

1:03 PM PST (21:03 GMT) at 15 degrees Aquarius

With both the Sun and the Moon in Aquarius, we are reminded that, while we each follow our own path, we are seeking the same goal and we are all traveling together toward the same destination– the heart.

Each new moon is an optimal time to evaluate an area of our lives and to align around our intentions for the next year. In Aquarius, we reflect on the role we came to play at this pivotal time on Earth. What is your mission, your passion, your soul’s desire? We are here for a reason; everyone, including YOU, matters.

The Moon represents how we operate at an unconscious level. At each new moon we get a chance to see what is going on inside and to rewire our emotional processes so that we can free ourselves from self-defeating scripts and habits. The stillness at the new moon offers us a quiet opening to look at the root of our strong feelings. When we react to something ‘out there’, we can look inside to identify hidden prejudices, biases, and programming, and where we can be open to a better understanding of our own reactions.

The Transition to the Aquarian Age Is Now

The transition between ages is an extraordinary time in human history. Something profound is happening and we are part of this evolutionary transition into a new 26,000-year cycle. No transition is easy, but a shift from one age to another will inevitably be super challenging. A struggle is inevitable, so don’t get distracted or discouraged. The old order will fight to retain its power. The new will have to create another type of power to win the battle. Old methods which feed off of conflict will only give juice to the existing structures. We need to be careful not to buy into negativity, anger, and revengefulness.

In the Piscean Age, the decisions of a few determined the lives of the many. For the Aquarian Age to live up to its ideals, the many must work together to shift the balance of power from the few to the grassroots, i.e. to those being impacted, who must also take responsibility for building new systems from the ground up. To deconstruct a system built on the principles of lust, greed, pride, and attachment, a new collective consciousness must evolve that no longer succumbs to exploitation, inequality, and injustice.

The building of new structures requires a foundation of new beliefs, which require an awakening of the heart. A new paradigm has to be FOR higher values, not just against domination and subjugation. We have to be able to (1) collaborate, (2) see each other as equals, (3) authentically care, and (4) participate from an inner foundation of peace, not just think these are all good ideas.

We have to awaken to unity consciousness to transcend our experience of separation and aloneness. As we experience our oneness with universal forces and how they work for us, we can release our survival, poverty, and victim ways of thinking. It is our inner evolution that creates a new paradigm. When our mind opens to our heart, a fundamental shift in perspective happens because we see reality in another way.

Mercury Conjunct New Moon

Mercury in Aquarius conjuncts this new moon, amplifying the message that what we think impacts the collective. Aquarius, the third air sign, symbolizes the power of group thought. Our thoughts not only shape our personal experience of reality, they also form the collective reality. Everything we think, say, and do is part of the collective consciousness. What are your thoughts broadcasting into the collective consciousness today?

Thoughts consolidated into belief systems, ideologies, and ideals become the creative force that shapes the collective consciousness, social, economic, and political systems, and thus the world. When enough people shift how they think (and feel), the force of our collective beliefs and shared visions can reshape our world.

Studies by the HeartMath Institute in California show that when we hold compassionate thoughts (and feelings), our heart generates coherent electromagnetic waves, which radiate out into the environment. The more individuals radiating coherent waves of love, the wider and stronger the field, and the easier it is for others join in the resonance.

Aquarian Age and Challenge

The Aquarian Age is future-oriented. We are living in the future now. The Aquarian Age is forming around its primary principles.

  • For Aquarius — One size does not fit all, but everyone fits into the community.
  • The Aquarian archetype expands our sense of family to groups of people with whom we share common values. The sense of togetherness expands into our community and to the world.
  • Aquarius is about humans working together to serve the greater good. Groups are often formed around specific humanitarian causes.
  • Aquarian economic, political, and social institutions are designed to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Aquarius sees the big picture, which makes it possible to define and work for structural change, not just superficial patch work that attempts to cover up the underlying causes.
  •  The Aquarius/Leo polarity is about valuing self-actualization and social responsibility. Taking responsibility for contributing our unique piece supports both our individuality and the common good.

The Aquarian challenge is — How can we harmoniously work together to achieve tangible goals to improve the welfare of everyone on the planet? We are all in this together. Everyone must feel valued, supported, and included. Only in the heart space is this possible.

How does this related to us personally?

The Uranian sense of rebelliousness is reaching deep into our psyche in very positive ways. Check it out for yourself.

  1. Do you feel motivated to be creative in ways that you have not felt possible or given yourself permission before?
  2. Do you feel safer and more empowered to be you and to enjoy your originality?
  3. Are you more willing to try new ways to upgrade your health, happiness, and life style?
  4. Are you letting go of negative self-concepts and giving yourself and your life more value?
  5. Do you witness that releasing limiting ideas is making you more courageous and confident?

Uranus thrives on the unconventional and this ‘dare to live’ spirit encourages us to live our lives the way we know is right for us. We can even feel more comfortable moving away from what was once safe, but now stale territory. The Uranian magic infuses our being with the electric excitement of the unknown. We are encouraged to explore alternatives, be inventive, and trust that whatever is ending is making space for something better.

The important thing for each of us is to identify and do our part. How do you fit into the grand scheme of things? Be aware of any tendencies to discount your importance. What reaches the public eye can seem glamorous, but don’t compare yourself with anyone else or what they are doing. No one can do what only you can do. So enjoy being you and focus on playing your part in building a heart-centered world.

Also don’t get caught up in events beyond our control. We may feel at the mercy of decisions made by others. Our touchstone is to remain patient while the bigger picture reveals itself. Wait for clarity, it will come. Things can work out in supportive and miraculous ways.


February 5 — Chinese New Year — Yin Earth Pig

February 5 begins the Chinese New Year. We clean our homes (and our minds) to make room for the new. NOTE: Chinese astrology incorporates five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), each with a yin or yang polarity, which combined with the 12 signs comprises a 60-year cycle.

The Year of the Yin Earth Pig is the last sign in the Chinese zodiac. This is thus a year of completions and sowing seeds for the next cycle. The Earth element seeks consistency and stability. Yin is feminine, nurturing, receptive energy. The Yin Earth Pig is about strengthening ties with family, friends, and community. It is also about creating a healthier lifestyle, releasing the past, forgiveness, and moving on with a more open and less burdened heart.

Jupiter in its own sign Sagittarius gives us permission to stretch and extend ourselves. Have you noticed more positive and uplifting stories of good things happening? Until mid December 2019 Jupiter blessings us with an optimistic attitude. We are living in a period of big ideas and hope.

The celestial movements are offering us bountiful blessings. This may not appear as a rose garden, so take care to see the silver lining and the lifeline that is being offered.

End of a Chiron Healing Cycle

Chiron has been traveling through Pisces since April 20, 2010. Chiron will move into Aries February 18, 2019. This completes not only Chiron’s journey through Pisces, but its 51 year journey through the zodiac. Pisces, as the 12th and final sign of the zodiac, represents completion and preparing for rebirth in Aries. We are thus wrapping up a 51 year cycle that began in the 1960’s when so many movements were birthed.

NOTE: The asteroid Chiron circles the Sun between Saturn and the Uranus. Its orbit through the zodiac takes almost 51 years. Because Chiron’s orbit is oval, instead of circular, it spends almost half of that time in two zodiac signs: Pisces and Aries.

Where Uranus and Chiron are located in our birth chart, and where they are currently transiting in your birth chart, indicate arenas where we are being challenged to question how we have defined and valued ourselves. We are reminded to look to our own hearts for approval.

Chiron in 29 Degrees Pisces for 2 More Weeks

Chiron is about what we must heal to be in our power and awaken to our gifts. In Pisces we must move out of the fantasy realm and follow our innate soul urge to establish an authentic connection with the divine and our soul. We need to look at our human experiences as soul lessons that we must learn to operate from our hearts and thrive.

With 2 more weeks, there is a sense of urgency to identify and release karmic themes (expressed in events and relationships) that have surfaced to be healed. Our whole family history can be involved. We may be the designated one to break a generational pattern and free our family group from suffering from the pain of fear, anger, insecurities, guilt, and shame. The root cause and healing is related to feeling worthy and powerful and being free to honor and express who we are.


February 1-12 — Mars, Pluto, and Uranus

A bull dog is nipping at our heels. Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. All planets are direct until Mercury goes retrograde March 5.

We are feeling two types of pressure.

  1. The pressure to do, accomplish, and make things happen. Mars in Aries can be violent, so take a deep breath before lunging forward.
  2. Volatile emotions can reveal what we have been hiding. We need to resolve lingering resentments and free the space in our mind and hearts so we can use our creative energy to seed a new beginning. Train yourself to be conscious when you emotionally react, rather than waiting to thoughtfully respond. This is an opportunity to be pay attention to our emotional conditioning. Remember that what triggers us is usually not the real issue.

Mars is approaching Uranus, both in Aries. On the February 10th they will join at 28 degrees. Storm warning: fast and furious, shock element, wake up calls. Developments may jolt us to take action and wake us up to a new perspective.

NOTE: November 6 (due to retrograde activity) Uranus slipped back into Aries. Uranus is at 29-30 degrees Aries from November 21 through February 28. Uranus went direct January 6. March 1 Uranus will go back into Taurus until April 25, 2026.

Establish Your Identity in Sadhana

Our daily morning sadhana is when we set our vibration for the day. Miracles happen because our energy bodies synchronize with universal energies. In addition to linking up so the universe can work for us, our energy establishes our energetic identity in the world (and in the universe). Who we are energetically determines how we attract.

Sadhana Warm Ups

Before I even sit down to tune in, I do a series of standing exercises to clear my aura and to ground myself in my body. You can pick any exercises that you like for your own warm up series. My sequence begins with the arm swings and arm pumps illustrated below.

The following exercises are from Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Vol 2 pp. 126-9 Kriya for Morning Sadhana. The pictures from the kriya indicate sitting. I do them standing with knees slightly bent.

Arm Swings Standing: with arms at sides and elbows bent so forearms are parallel to the floor, (a) inhale and bring the elbows back, stretching the rib cage and the heart center, (b) exhale and swing the arms across the chest, (c) inhale and again bring the elbows back, (d) exhale and swing the arms up and back over the head. Continue with a powerful breath, reversing the arm on top in (b), for 2 minutes, or as long as you like. To end, inhale in (a) stretch back, chest forward, hold 10 seconds, and relax the arms down. Stand for a moment and simply be present to a clear and clean aura.

Arm Pumps: Standing with the hands interlaced in Venus Lock, bring the arms up to 60 degrees while inhaling, and exhale as you bring the arms down. Clear the space in the front of your body and heart. Do up to 54 pumps or for 1-3 minutes.

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Volume 2, Guru Rattana, PhDFollow with any other warm ups you like to do. I also do

  • Alternate toe touches
  • Backward and forward bends
  • Side twists with the arms out to the sides
  • Very slow squats
  • Running in place with punching.

Follow by standing with the knees bent or in horse stance. Adjust your posture and do root lock to feel the energy in your spine.

End with chair pose 1-5 minutes. Make sure your spine is straight by keeping your head up. You should feel the activating pressure in your spine. To end do root lock on the suspended inhale and exhale. Then immediately sit down and focus within. There is nothing quite like chair pose to pull us into a deep meditative space.

Enjoy setting your vibration for the day! Sat Nam!


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