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There Is Magic in the Air – Jupiter in Pisces

When Jupiter entered Pisces May 13, our longing for spiritual connection with the invisible realms was further activated.

Jupiter’s essence is expansive. Its energy and presence in our birth chart encourages expansion in this area of our lives. In Jupiter territory, we use our life experiences to expand the way we view ourselves, others, and the world. We form our worldview and philosophy of life based on what we find meaningful and true. Ultimately faith in our soul and a benefic universe carry us forward on our life journey. Jupiter’s domain includes our spiritual path, higher (deeper) education, knowledge that becomes wisdom, moral codes, and man-made and universal law.

Jupiter retrogrades for 4 months (starting at 2º Pisces) from June 20 — October 18. Because of the extended retrograde period, Jupiter will move between Pisces and Aquarius three times. Now Jupiter is in Pisces for a brief two and a half months stay, until July 28th, 2021.

Jupiter re-enters Pisces on December 29th, 2021, stays in Pisces until May 10th, 2022 and is again back in Pisces from October 28th, 2022 until December 20th, 2022. See (1) Jupiter in Pisces, Aquarius, and Aires dates (listed below)

Jupiter in Aquarius brings to our attention our attitudes and beliefs concerning humanity, race, religion, science and technology, social and political reform. Jupiter’s intermittent passages through Pisces give us a chance to elevate our perspective, bringing compassion and sensitivity to Aquarian topics.

Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to make its tour through the zodiac, spending about one year in each sign. The last time Jupiter transited Pisces was in 2010 (January 18-June 6, and September 9 – January 22, 2011).


Jupiter Joins Neptune in Pisces

In Pisces, Jupiter joins Neptune’s 12 year passage through Pisces (2011-2025).

Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces, where they feel at home and on purpose. Jupiter was not its natural buoyant self when it was in Capricorn (along Pluto and Saturn). Now in Pisces, Jupiter feels free to spread its spiritual wings and be its normal optimistic self.

Together Jupiter and Neptune offer us a magic formula that combines Jupiter’s optimism and faculty of expansion with Neptune’s divine connection. When we stay tuned, we can see the magic everywhere. With Jupiter in Pisces everyone can receive, witness, and have access to the magic formula.


Awakening in Pisces

In Pisces territory, we develop our connection with others and ourselves through compassion and kindness. As we deepen our relationship with our emotions and heart, we clear pathways to experience our soul and a higher power.

Pisces operates and communicates with us through subtle sensitivity, feelings, and emotions. Pisces gifts us with intuition, insight, and imagination.

The shadow, undeveloped, or unawakend side of Jupiter in Pisces includes addiction, denial, illusion, gullibility, naivete, victimization, and co-dependence.

The positive, developed, or awakened side of Jupiter in Pisces includes inspiration, creativity, and the capacity for faith, trust, and surrender through our personal connection with the divine.

When dealing with the Pisces archetype, we have to guard against letting our optimism turn into wishful thinking and fantasies. We still have to listen to Saturn and be realistic about what we want to grow and expand. If our goals are unrealistic, we take unwise risks. If we are overconfident, we can get ourselves into trouble.

Our challenge is to make life-defining distinctions and wise choices as we make our way through the maize of physical reality. Acting consciously is very important during this time when everything is being transformed by the divine plan of the cosmic matrix.


What Do We Agree on?

Jupiter is the planet of truth and social coherence, i.e. what everyone agrees on. In this extreme polarized world, we wonder what that can be. Jupiter in Pisces is here to help us find out.

If we set aside politics for a moment and look to our personal goals, I dare to speculate that everyone wants to be happy, healthy, and have a good life. We all want to be blessed, lucky, and enjoy magic and miracles.

We are going to have to give up expanding judgment, negativity, conflict, and a few more things to live in the receptive miracle zone. That is why we are being urged to identify, deal with, and release self-sabotaging subconscious programming. (More on that topic another time.)

When Jupiter is in Pisces, there is more a feeling and trust that we will make it through the trauma of the times. In other words, we are generally more optimistic about the future, even if we have no idea (or our own ideas) about what that could be.


Jupiter in Capricorn and Aquarius

Jupiter’s sign sets the tone for psyche of society. When Jupiter was in Capricorn (December 3, 2019 – December 16, 2020), it was easier to believe that the apocalypse was near. When Jupiter is in Aquarius people are more willing to be ‘socially responsible.’ More people will wear masks and get the ‘vaccine’ for the sake of the common good. But not everyone defines the good of the collective as following what political authorities tell us to do. Jupiter in Aquarius also activates the truth teller who points out when and how we are being manipulated and lied to. And fringe Aquarius gives voice to conspiracy theories, which can be true or fabricated.

Jupiter’s move from Capricorn into Aquarius December 20, 2020 was a great relief. This is when Jupiter joined Saturn to launch a new 20 year Jupiter-Saturn cycle in Aquarius. But we need to keep in mind that both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn. A Jupiter-Saturn partnership is great for directing our energy on purpose and getting things done. However, Jupiter’s expansive function is toned down and our mood is more serious. Sometimes this is a good thing!


How Jupiter In Pisces Works

Jupiter in Pisces doesn’t make people into rebels as does Jupiter in Aquarius. With Jupiter in Pisces, our focus and mood changes. We are more attuned to a positive vision of the future and welcome  more compassionate and heart-centered possibilities.

When Jupiter is in Pisces, we are uplifted and our joy returns. Free from Saturn’s influence, Jupiter’s energy helps us be more playful, optimistic, and hopeful. At home in Pisces, Jupiter can function at full capacity and relax at the same time. We learn that the more we relax and let go of trying so hard, the better life works for us, the better we feel, and the healthier we become.


Working with Jupiter in Pisces Energy

So how can we best work with Jupiter in Pisces energy?

  1. First, don’t ignore Saturn. Be attentive to operate within the parameters of reason, realism, and available resources.
  2. Second, don’t let the grumpy side of Saturn dampen your spirits. Maintain your optimism during all phases of the creative process.
  3. Third, take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Grab the wave at the crest. Jupiter moves fast. Don’t wait for another chance.
  4. Actively participate in life for things to happen. We can’t sit on the sidelines under a Bodhi tree and hope that money and material gifts will fall from the sky.
  5. Create integration with Pisces’ polarity pair Earth Mother Virgo. Stay present to how you feel in your body. Our soul speaks to us through our emotions, which we feel in our body. I like to say – We have to be home when the postman comes. In today’s world, we could say – We have to be home with the delivery man or woman brings us our package.
  6. Hone your attitude with humility. Ultimately we are not in charge. Want to be right? Stay present so you are at the right place at the right time.
  7. Want to be in control? Control your mind to stay connected to a higher power. When we point ourselves toward the Infinite, we are always heading in the right direction.
  8. Relaxation happens in our physical body. We have to be in it, to let go of resistance and to surrender to a higher power. Relax and feel IT!

It is our ability to be and stay in Jupiter’s magic vibration of the cosmic flow that makes us into an attractor mechanism. And we have to stay tuned, be patient, alert, and respond from this space of love.

With Jupiter in Pisces, divine luck lurks where we least expect it. Add the presence of Uranus in Taurus (May 16, 2018-July 6, 2025), and unexpected surprises and opportunities can arise.


How Jupiter in Pisces Will Influence You

With the Jupiter in Pisces influence, we can experience a sense of flow and progress. Pisces gives us inspiration. If clear definition is not yet be available, relax and stay present to the unfoldment. Things will come together at divine right timing.

Wherever you find yourself, it is critical to prepare your inner emotional space to venture out into new territory. The world is changing and so are you!

To find out where Jupiter in Pisces is influencing you, locate the house(s) in your birth chart where Pisces and planets in Pisces reside. If you don’t have any planets in Pisces, Jupiter is there now giving you its Pisces blessings.

If you have planets or an angle (ascendant, IC, descendant, midheaven) in Pisces, you will experience the peak of this transit when Jupiter is at the degree when it is conjunct this angle or planet.


Jupiter in Pisces in the Houses

Below is a brief outline of areas of your life that Jupiter in Pisces will influence. I have included the rising sign or ascendant to help you identify the house(s) where Jupiter in Pisces resides. But this is approximate and can vary depending upon the degree of your ascendant. In the later degrees, Jupiter in Pisces will be in the previous house(s). The most accurate information comes from your actual birth chart.

For example, my ascendant is at 27° (late) Scorpio. Jupiter in Pisces is now transiting my third house. (not 5th as it would in the early degrees.) It won’t be until February 5, 2022 when Jupiter is at 8° Pisces that it will pass through my descendant and enter the fourth house. Thus Jupiter in Pisces and Aquarius will be in my third house from December 20, 2020 – February 4, 2022. In line with the communication territory of the third house, I am already focusing on writing during this time.

Enjoy exploring where magic energy is blessing you by locating the placement of Pisces and Aquarius in your birth chart.

The list below offers a brief outline. Add what is relevant in your life and how you are being currently guided to expand and grow.

‘Avoid’ includes identifying these tendencies, releasing, and healing them by doing what is recommended in ‘Focus on’.

  • 12th house (Aries Ascendant) →

Arena the unconscious, subconscious programming, past lives, divine connection

Focus on releasing trauma and subconscious programming, letting go of resentments, trusting and surrendering to a higher power

Avoidco-dependence, being a victim, fantasies, isolation


  • 11th house (Taurus Ascendant) → friends and networks.

Arena – cooperation for a cause, community

Focus on alliances and working with like-minded friends and groups, making your contribution

Avoidseparating yourself through weird and conflictual behavior


  • 10th house (Gemini Ascendant) →

Arena – career, status in the world, limelight

Focus on your destiny path, feeling contained (not drained) in the world

Avoid stressful jobs, working too hard to be seen and making an impression


  • 9th house (Cancer Ascendant) →

Arena – spiritual path, teaching, travel, publishing

Focus on – your spiritual practice, teaching, writing

Avoid skipping your spiritual practice


  • 8th house (Leo Ascendant) → transformation, deep truth, joint finances, grants, outside sources of money

Arena inner transformation and personal power, business partnerships, finances

Focus on –­ releasing self-sabotaging emotional programming, self-honesty

Avoid – finding excuses to put off personal inner growth


  • 7th house (Virgo Ascendant) →

Arena ­ – mental balance, fairness in relationships, everything you are in relationship with

Focus oncultivating your neutral mind, inner peace and harmony, balance

Avoid blaming others for your relationship issues


  • 6th house (Libra Ascendant) →

Arena work, health, and acts of service.

Focus on healthy lifestyle, creating health promoting habits, wholeness

Avoid complaining about your routines, self-criticism, judgment


  • 5th house (Scorpio Ascendant) →

Arenacreative endeavors, play time, children, pets, romance and enjoying time together

Focus onplayfulness, humor, being creative, enjoying your own creations

Avoid seriousness, trying to impress others or get attention


  • 4th house (Sagittarius Ascendant) →

Arenahome, family, emotional state, your inner reality

Focus on ­– being emotionally self-contained and satisfied

Avoidneediness, being emotionally dependent


  • 3rd house (Capricorn Ascendant) →

Arena communication, everyday interactions, learning, writing, journaling, siblings, and close by friends.

Focus on listening, clear, honest communication­

Avoid talking and thinking too much, not paying attention


  • 2nd house (Aquarius Ascendant) →

Arena making money, personal finances, self-sufficiency, self-worth.

Focus onwhat you value most, connection with the earth and plants, health

Avoid self-denial, self-doubt, fear of survival


  • 1st house (Pisces Ascendant) →

Arena personal identity, energy level, vitality, rebirth

Focus onstarting new projects that align with your soul path, enjoy being you

Avoidgetting distracted with too many ideas, self-importance

Pisces Practices

Here are a few practices offered by Pisces.

  • Don’t give up. Fortify yourself with your divine connection.
  • Don’t space out or be a victim. Be an active participant, a co-creator of your life.
  • Get your power, security, and identity from a higher power.
  • Relax –   feel the vibration peace and love in and around yourself.
  • See creation creating everywhere. The magic is on-going and alive.
  • Find peace in what is always there.
  • Make peace with what is always changing.

The following meditation can help you enter the miracle zone. Really get into the experience of oneness to ‘be there.’

Magic Mantra Meditation

Sit in a comfortable meditation posture and lift hands to heart level, palms up, elbows relaxed at the sides, and form a shallow cup of the hands, sides of palms and Mercury fingers comfortably together, thumbs out and away from hands, edges of the “cup” about 30° up from ground parallel. The important thing is to keep the line of Mercury connected at the edges of the palms and little fingers. Normally there would be no opening whatsoever; however, some people will have a gap between their little fingers — keep it to a minimum. Look into the hands but keep the eyes closed and chant





in a monotone, letting the breath naturally find itself. One cycle lasts 4-5 seconds. Continue for 11- 31 minutes.

Comments: 31 minutes of this can get you very high. A couple of days practice can give you a certain stimulation, which is beyond explanation. It is very rare that the Mercury fingers are joined in this way, but that is what makes the difference. (Remember to keep any gap to a minimum).

(taken from my book – Gift of Womanhood – available from Yoga Technology in both printed and digital versions)

The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana PhDEK ONG KAR, SAT GUR PRASAD is the most powerful of all mantras. It is so strong that it elevates the self beyond duality and establishes the flow of spirit. It will make the mind so powerful that it will remove all obstacles. We call it the magic mantra because its positive effect happens quickly and lasts a long time.

But it has to be chanted with reverence, in a place of reverence. When you meditate on this mantra, be sure that your surroundings are serene and reverent and that you practice it with reverence. You can mock any mantra you like except this one because it is known to have a backlash. Mantras normally have no backlash — when you chant them well, they benefit you, and when you chant them wrong, they don’t have any ill effect. So if they don’t do any good, at least they don’t hurt you. But if you chant EK ONG KAR, SAT GUR PRASAD wrong, it can finish you. I must give you this basic warning: This mantra is not secret, but it is very sacred. So chant it with reverence, write it with reverence, and use it in reverence.

(1) Dates – Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces

December 20, 2020 – May 12, 2021 – Aquarius – 5 months

May 13 – July 28, 2021 – Pisces – 2 ½ months

July 29 – December 28 – Aquarius – 5 months

December 29, 2021 – May10, 2022 –  Pisces – 4 ½ months

May 11, 2022 – October 27, 2022 – Aries – 5 ½ months

December 20, 2022 – Pisces Oct 28  – 2 months

December 21, 2022 – 16 May, 2023 – Aries — 4 months