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Get Real – Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio full moons are intense, and this one is doubly so. There is no room for fluff in Scorpio territory. It is time to get real! A number of factors can trigger our emotions, but also provide meaningful insights and welcome breakthroughs.

April 26-27 – Scorpio Full Moon

8:31 PM PDT, 3:31 AM GMT

At 7° Taurus Sun, 7° Scorpio Moon

At this full moon there is level of tension and friction that requires serious (not superficial) change. The Scorpio full Moon forms a T-square, which involves oppositions and squares that confront us to face issues and do something about them. The good news is that we are motivated to find solutions, and there is energy to do what is necessary to find resolution.

Let’s look at the specific players and the dynamics at play.

  • The full moon in Scorpio is alone facing off four planets in Taurus – the Sun, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, as well as Black Moon Lilith. In Scorpio, the Moon is undaunted by the challenge and is a pivotal player in the stand off. Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, known to be resolute, strong, and tenacious.
  • Scorpio is driven by primal emotional energies, which run so deep that it is hard to identify what is going on in the basement of our psyche. These intense energies are always present, dominate our moods, and demand recognition and healing.
  • Uranus in Taurus conjunct the Sun displays a rebellious attitude and seeks a way to express and release emotional stress.
  • Lilith adds an indignant emotional charge to being/feeling shamed and not getting her needs met.
  • Venus attempts to cool things down by using charm and offering loving physical and emotional support. Venus (the traditional ruler of Taurus and Libra) teaches us that beauty and love open our heart and feed our soul.
  • Mercury joins Venus to make sense of challenging situations so that everyone can get their needs met.
  • Saturn in Aquarius stands back from the fray and tries to mediate with practical solutions,  reminding us that if we play fair things can work out. Maybe we just need to say ‘no’ and not put up with nonsense. In other words, don’t pretend things are OK when they are not. Being honest, facing the facts, and not trying to hide the elephant in the room can be a welcome relief. When we are realistic, we can attract the help we need. Saturn reminds us to not waste time on fanciful and futile pursuits.
  • Mars in Cancer fuels our emotions. But it also encourages us to take a different kind of action and to direct our efforts to where we can get what we need. If we need emotional support, don’t try to get it from someone who is unable to give it. If we need practical support, identify who is qualified, able, and willing to help us out. If we relax, quit complaining, and release our resistance, what we need can appear from where we least expect it. The Scorpio Moon reminds us that the deeper we go, the more access we have to the mysterious realms where we attract to us what we need.

Yearlong Saturn-Uranus Square

This full moon forms a T-square with the yearlong Saturn-Uranus square, adding fuel to the fire. Saturn and Uranus form three squares in 2021 (February 17, June 14, and December 23.) Due to their retrograde movement, they remain close enough to be actively involved in a ‘resistance plus realism’ (Saturn) and ‘unexpected demands for transformation’ (Uranus) dynamic.

Saturn represents all forms of structure, including our ego and identity and all social, political, and economic institutions. Thus at both the personal and collective levels, we are being presented with ‘opportunities’ to take responsibility, mature into more conscious beings, be our own authority, and to create institutions that wisely use the authority and power given to them by those whom they are supposed to serve.

April 27 – Pluto Goes Retrograde

April 27 Pluto goes retrograde at 26° Capricorn. (Pluto turns direct October 6 at 24° Capricorn.) When a planet turns retrograde or direct, it hovers near or on the same degree. The outer planets like Pluto ‘station’ for several weeks, intensifying their influence. So for over a week before and after April 27, the Pluto influence will bring subconscious programming to the surface.

Undeveloped Scorpio can be addicted to drama, which it indulges in to find an outlet for its inner emotional turmoil. As it tires of the consequences of its self-created drama and uncomfortable stress, it endeavors to uncover and understand hidden motivations and conditioning.

Pluto and Scorpio teach us to pay close attention of what actually controls our psyche. Ruled by Pluto, both zodiac sign and planet expose our subconscious fears and defenses so we can get in touch with our power and evolve. Self-honesty (sometimes painful!) is required.

Transformation can occur only when we acknowledge what is going on, own our emotional conditioning, and let go of what doesn’t work for us. We must do so to liberate our free will, which is not free when it is directed by conditioned scripts. The more we can eliminate constricting beliefs that enslave us and rob us of our integrity, the more we can find inner freedom and personal power. We can change our world when love, not fear, is in charge.

The Taurus/Scorpio Dynamic

At each full moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition. The full moon illuminates the opposite sign. In this case the Scorpio full moon reflects what is going on in Taurus. And since the Sun is conjunct Uranus, Taurus wants to be free, independent, and autonomous. Scorpio points out that we are obliged to make choices.

The Taurus Bull seeks to develop a healthy relationship with physical existence, including the body, Mother Earth and Nature, and money and resources. Taurus is also about self-value, self-esteem, and enjoying life. Taurus teaches us to become self-autonomous and to take care of ourselves. Scorpio teaches us that when we join forces we can help each other and accomplish more in partnership. But the value added has to be greater than the sacrifices to our personal freedom.

Scorpio takes us into the depths of our emotions and gathers jewels hidden in our unconscious. It dives into the complexities of human nature, with the goal of achieving an intimate and authentic relationship with all aspects of our being.

Taurus learns about matter. Together with Scorpio, this pair uncover what matters most.

The Bull is focused on getting its needs met and attached to having things that make it feel comfortable and cozy. However, material possessions do not exist in a vacuum, and nothing lasts forever. The more stuff we own, the more we have to take care of. We can become a slave of our possessions. Scorpio reminds us to get rid of, donate, and dispose of what we don’t need. Just in time for spring cleaning!

Scorpio asks us what we can get rid of. But Scorpio is not just about cleaning out our excess material possessions. Scorpio’s primary concern is the purging and the letting go that is required to undergo deep transformation.

We let go of resentments, past hurts, victimhood, and stories to be reborn in love. We work through past conditioning so we can access a freer, happier state of consciousness and way of being. We don’t physically die. We still exist, but we liberate ourselves to be self-satisfied individuals.

Scorpio helps Taurus find what it is looking for – to enjoy the garden of life and the gift of being alive on Mother Earth.

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Many blessings, Guru Rattana :+)

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