The Sun Shines in Aquarius

The Sun in Aquarius reminds us of our individuality and helps us realize that above ego, tribe, family, religion, race, and nationality, we are all members of one global family.

JANUARY 19/20 – FEBRUARY 18 – The Sun shines in Aquarius.

7:51 PM PST (3:51AM GMT) through February 18 at 10 AM PST (18:00 GMT)

How do you perceive your identity and role within the larger community of which you are a part? The Leo/Aquarius polarity pair awakens us to the fact that we are each unique, yet an inseparable part of a synergistic whole. Take time to clarify and appreciate your special contribution.

JANUARY 30 – Aquarius New Moon 1:28 PM PST, 21:28 GMT.

Expanding the frontiers of both individuality and interdependence are the themes of the Aquarian New Moon. How does your independence benefit and add value to the whole?

JANUARY 31 – Chinese New Year of the Horse

Venus goes direct 12:49 PM PST (20:48 GMT)

A defining theme in 2013 (Year of the Snake) was deep inner transformation. The Year of the Horse gives us the energy and motivation to act upon our inner calling. Fortuitously timed with Venus going direct (after being retrograde since December 21) we feel the urge to follow our heart.

Venus will be hovering very close to Pluto for a few more weeks, which means that we will become more aware of unconscious programming and disempowering patterns and beliefs that keep our 2014 Horse from freely galloping forward.

Venus also squares Uranus, urging us to distance ourselves from both our old personal identity and the collective norm.

FEBRUARY 6 – 28 – Mercury goes retrograde

at 1:43 PM PST (21:43 GMT) through February 28 at 6:00 AM PST (14:00 GMT)

Just when we thought our horse was going to leave the gate, Mercury goes retrograde and gives us 3 more weeks to reflect and carefully plan our next steps. Mercury will be in Aquarius ‘higher mind’ territory from January 12 through March 17.

Take time to simply be aware, without thinking, scheming, or trying to make something happen. Give yourself ’empty, silent’ time, when you can make yourself available to receive inspiration, insights, and guidance from your soul and the Universe. Our ego personality and ‘rational’ dualistic mind can’t figure everything out alone and are not supposed to.

Leo Full Moon 3:53
PM PST, 23:53 GMT.

The Leo/Aquarius polarity pair is about finding that place within where separation dissolves into unity — where we are able to connect from a heart space that transcends the divisions into race, nations, religions, and economic status.

This Full Moon is intensified by the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury retrograde (exact the next day February 15). This pair in Aquarius encourages us to think outside the box. Saturn in Scorpio advises us to use our resources wisely.

Lessons of the Heart

It is interesting that the Leo Full Moon falls on Valentine’s Day this year! Leo is the first fire sign and the archetype of the heart. A primary lesson of the fire signs is to distinguish between heart-directed power and manipulative/control/domination force.

The only place we can really experience the difference is in our heart. In our mind we can connect with the Infinite, but the frequency of the force field of the heart is 5 times greater *(1) than that emitted by the human mind. The mind is cold; the heart is warm. Our heart is in our body and grounded to the Earth.

Obviously the state of our mind and the nature of our thoughts have a profound influence on ourselves, each other, and our environments. Our mental state is a critical component of heart-centered consciousness.

In his book Power Versus Force David, R. Hawkins shares the results of 29 years of research, where he measured how our mental state and level of consciousness effects our body and the world around us.*(2) He defines Power as emanating from higher consciousness, integrity, empathy, and self-love. Power has an energizing, strengthening, unifying, and empowering effect on all aspects of our being and surroundings. Force is motivated by judgment, shame, hatred, need to control, manipulate, and dominate. Force weakens, depletes, separates, and disempowers us and poisons our environments.

Again we come to the conclusion that the foundation for personal, interpersonal, and collective transformation is a shift to heart-centered consciousness.

Uranus and Aquarius – New Frontiers

Uranus orbits way beyond Saturn, expanding our field of awareness to include unknown realities. Uranus interaction with the other planets signals revolutionary times. As we have been discussing, Uranus forms seven exact squares with Pluto from 2012 through 2015 and three squares to Jupiter between August 2013 through April 2014. We are in the middle of a caldron that is brewing (1) new beliefs, (2) a more inclusive worldview, (3) egalitarian institutions, and a (4) transformed YOU and ME.

Aquarius introduces us to the stage of development where (1) consciousness determines what is law and what we create, (2) freedom goes hand and hand with responsibility, (3) community serves individuals, and (4) individuals serve community.

As Jupiter retrograde slows down in order to turn direct March 6 and as Pluto slows down as it goes retrograde April 14, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter join together to intensify the need for and the possibility of courage, creativity, and change.

In the Piscean Age we let ourselves be controlled by external authorities, who misrepresented the truth and manipulated our minds to attain and retain domination. In the Aquarian Age we bow only to cosmic truth, listen to our hearts, and add our voice to the collective chorus. We are each a piece of the Aquarian puzzle, which forms as we each join the party.

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¬†According to Hawkin’s research, one person vibrating at a high level of self-esteem, empathy, and ‘willingness to learn from experience counterbalances 90,000 people in lower frequencies of hopelessness, fear, and anger.’ *(3)

This is the Aquarian theme of the popular Einstein quote, ‘The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.’