Evolutionary Expansion

Expansion in Capricorn and Earth Signs

Each new year begins while the Sun shines in Capricorn. May the wisdom of the Mountain Goat initiate you into a successful, healthy and prosperous new year!

Each of our lives is a unique, dynamic, and ever-evolving dance between a multitude of factors and energies. For many it is exciting to tune into Jupiter and focus on the possibilities and potentials that his huge planet represents. Although a critical piece of our evolutionary process, Jupiter is not the only one, as we are sometimes led to believe by fiery motivational self-improvement enthusiasts.

Beyond Jupiter orbits Saturn, which reminds us that our human experience is subservient to the laws of nature and that our goals can manifest only within the limits of available resources, i.e. infinite potential must operate within finite limitations. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and in traditional astrology also the ruler of Aquarius.

Saturn and Jupiter

To bring our dreams into concrete manifestation, a balance is required between Jupiter’s enthusiasm and vision and Saturn’s prudence, caution, and evaluation of what is actually possible. We activate and build our personal potential (Jupiter) with discipline and perseverance that makes progress possible. (Saturn)

Saturn’s grounding helps us (1) inhabit the real world, (2) keep our feet on the ground, (3) move in a focused direction, and (4) take practical steps to implement our goals with effective action.

Saturn is the anchor that brings us down to earth, helps us focus on the present, and reminds us to work on concrete projects that produce results. Without Saturn’s practical caution, we can be tempted to rely on luck rather than effort. Jupiter’s enthusiasm (which can devolve into gullibility) without Saturn’s wise counsel can lead to an over-optimistic view of the situation, over-confident assessment of the chances for success, and over-indulgent goals. We can be reckless, disregard undesirable consequences, and take unreasonable risks, i.e. we can be our own worst enemy.

Success Is Peace of Mind

Saturn teaches us that success in the world requires common sense and moderation. We can monitor our ability to balance Saturn and Jupiter influences by our personal peace-of-mind meter. When we are attuned to both influences we can find peace within. When Jupiter tips the scales we feel agitated and over-stimulated. When Saturn tips the scales, we feel restricted, depressed, and even hopeless.

Worldly success results from a combination of Jupiter and Saturn factors — (1) optimism and prudence, (2) faith in the future and practical realism, and (3) enthusiasm and patience. If in the face of obstacles, challenges, and discouraging times, we can look forward instead of backwards and focus on our purpose with perseverance and consist work, we grow and make progress. The process of progress is the essence of the evolution that Jupiter represents. It is not a get by with little or no work, get-quick-rich scheme. It is a rewards for your effort game.

Many Strategies for Success

We earn our merits on Planet Earth with a combination of positive attitudes, wise use of energy, and willingness to engage in unknown adventures. Embracing new challenges gives us a chance to grow. Practice makes it possible to get good at something. Acceptance and gratitude pave the way for a journey whose success is gauged by deep satisfaction.

Everyone has Jupiter in their soul blueprint (birth chart.) However, Jupiter’s sign and house position express very differently in terms of (1) how we find meaning, (2) how we define our life purpose, aspirations, and goals, (3) the nature of our spiritual growth, (4) how we feel good about ourselves and achieve self- esteem, confidence, love, and knowledge, and (5) how we evaluate success and quality of life,

Each zodiac sign has its own formula for exploration, expansion, and evolution, and its own magic. Each element has its own approach to growth and development and exhibits a very broad range of expression. We each tune into what works best for ourselves. And it is a good strategy to take wise counsel from all the archetypical modes.

Jupiter in Earth Signs

The Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are concerned with physical reality – material well-being, worldly success, wealth, fame, and prosperity. The earth signs seek physical comforts and financial security. Their inner well-being depends on meeting their basic material needs and feeling comfortable and safe in physical reality.

Earth signs are conservative, skeptical, and prudent. Earths signs carefully contemplate options, odds, and implications and are averse to risk-taking. Jupiter in the Earth signs is far more practical than Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Earth signs experience a sense of unity when they feel healthy and connected in their bodies, enjoy physical pleasure with their senses, and tune into oneness with nature.

Their ideals are focused on action and results, and directed towards getting things done. Earth energy must manifest, consolidate, and bring projects into completion.

Their mode of operation is based on steadiness, dependability, systematic planning, and gradual progress.

Their self-esteem comes from measureable achievement and improving their lives. They slowly gain self-confidence over time. It is important to them to be respected and considered trust-worthy.

Jupiter in Capricorn

The discussion below is not only relevant to Jupiter in Capricorn, but also to Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and other planets in Capricorn. Each planet plays a different role in our developmental process, but they all work together to promote our growth and evolution.

The Capricorn Mountain Goat slowly climbs to the top of the mountain. Through discipline, hard work, and steady progress, it grows, develops, realizes it goals, and acquires patience, self-control, and inner peace.

Capricorn patiently works toward long-term aspirations (reaching the top of the mountain.) It expands through resourcefulness, determination, a sense of duty, and responsibility.

For Capricorn faith and trust are built on substantiated, steady progress, and actual quantifiable results.

Opportunities open up through a well-earned reputation of being reliable and responsible. Capricorn’s sense of authority inspires trust in others.

Things don’t come quickly for the Goat, who can be overly cautious. The Goat’s serious, critical, doubting, and skeptical attitude can prevent growth and make things more difficult than they need to be. (This may be an external observer’s perception, which may not be shared by the Goat who derives satisfaction from hard work, confronting challenges, and over-coming obstacles.)

Capricorn achieves satisfaction through gradual gain and slow growth. It doesn’t need the excitement of taking risks. It likes testing things out to determine risk, so that it doesn’t make foolish mistakes. The Goat looks for proof beyond a doubt through substantially validated facts. Capricorn doesn’t commit until moving forward is proven as the most viable option. Capricorn can act decisively when it is assured of results.

Capricorn labors for its laurels and values maintaining a good image and reputation. Capricorn values the process as well as the result. Happiness for Capricorn is achieved while it is working on a project, building a business, establishing a career, and making its way up the mountain called life.

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