Chakra Powers

The Powers of the Third Chakra

 New Audio Series

Welcome to the initial audio recording on The Powers of the Third Chakra in my new series Chakra Powers.

For every chakra, I will discuss their underdeveloped and empowered characteristics and identify

  1.  the goals for each chakra,
  2. the nature of the relationships that we develop,
  3. the essence energies,
  4. the primal feelings, and
  5. directives to experience the powers of each.

Third Navel Chakra

Yogi Bhajan began by teaching us techniques to empower our third chakra. There are very good reasons why. Our third chakra is our most personal chakra. Our third chakra determines:

(1) our sense of an individualized identity, our personal integrity, and our capacity to self-focus

(2) the energy we have available to take action for ourselves and to accomplish our goals

(3) the extent to which we feel vital, energized, and healthy in our body.

(4) our ability to make and break habits and commit to our own well-being.

An undeveloped third chakra is fear and anger based. We experience fear and anger-based energies as frustration, impatience, and victimization, which can be expressed as either aggressiveness or passivity and hesitation.

With an empowered third chakra, we take responsibility for and have faith in our own actions and path. The fire at our navel chakra leads us beyond victimhood into being co-creators in our lives. Our fire energy motivates us and gives us the physical power to participate fully in life. With an empowered third chakra, we can listen to, trust, and follow our instinctual guidance. We allow our inner voice to lead us in life and serve our soul. Our inner empowered will is achievement-oriented and has the courage to do what it takes to accomplish our realistic goals.

Listen to the audio to learn more about your third chakra.

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