The Sun Shines in Cancer 2014

While the Sun is in Cancer we can develop an empowering relationship with the flowing feeling polarity of our soul. The feminine is very nurturing, when we embrace it with the love that if offers us. The major themes this month are emotional awakening, integration, and balance. In July four planets change directions or signs. If you have felt stuck (and even if you haven’t) these energy shifts present us a new set of dynamics and possibilities to work with.

June 21 – The Sun enters Cancer at Summer Solstice

(Winter in Southern Hemisphere) 3:51 AM PDT, 10:51 AM GMT

Both winter and summer solstices are potent moments that offer us a chance to recalibrate our inner state and to align with the Earth changes. Take time to meditate and be receptive on this special day. Don’t over exert yourself or try to force things to happen. Allow yourself to be nurtured by subtle cosmic and Earth energies.

June 27 – Cancer New Moon

1:08 AM PDT, 8:08 AM GMT

Our emotions always impact our thinking, but we become more aware of it when the Sun, Moon, and other planets are in a water sign. At this Cancer New Moon, Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are in Cancer.

We can’t see the Moon during the New Moon because it rises and sets with the Sun. Without Moon light, the night is dark. Like our internal state, much is happening in the darkness that we cannot see. With subtle sensitivity we must feel what is going on beneath the surface and behind the facade of our daily activities. We have to pause and relax to receive messages from the Cosmos and from our soul. New options can be illuminated, and we can gain a greater understanding of our feelings and emotions.

June 28 – Venus and Juno Conjunction in Gemini

The Cancer New Moon and communications are lighter and more alive with the rendezvous of Venus (goddess of beauty and love) and Juno (asteroid – archetype of equality and balance in partnership) at 4-5 degrees Gemini.

July 1 – Mercury goes direct

5:50 AM PDT (12:50 PM GMT) (See previous blog on Mercury Retrograde.)

July 12 – Capricorn Full Moon

4:24 AM PDT, 11:24 AM GMT

At the Full Moon the Sun and Jupiter are in Cancer. The Moon and Pluto are in Capricorn. Full Moons light up what lies buried in our unconscious and subconscious — the territory of the feminine, yin, feeling polarity of our soul, which is expressed at this Full Moon by both Cancer (water element) and Capricorn (earth element).

This year has been, and continues to be, a non-stop series of confrontations and wake-up calls in four major areas of our life represented b:

  1. Cancer (emotional inner reality, family, and home),
  2. Capricorn (job, responsibility),
  3. Aries (individual identity and freedom), and
  4. Libra (relationships and inner harmony.)

To resolve our life challenges, both inner transformation and outer changes are required. We are obliged to identify how our inner reality supports (or sabotages) our outer reality. The Capricorn Full Moon makes it clear that new perspectives, innovative approaches, and radical shifts are required both for healing and to move on to the next phase of our lives.

July 12, before and after – Libra Requires Polarity Balance

At the Full Moon July 12, Mars, Ceres, Vesta, and the North Node are in Libra (all at 23-24 degrees). This is an exceptionally rare alignment, which begins to form July 5 when Ceres (asteroid of the Great Mother Goddess) and Vesta (asteroid of the priestess of the sacred flame) join at 22 degrees Libra. July 12 Mars joins at 23 degrees Libra.

These conjunctions have special significance because Vesta and Ceres rendezvous only every 18 years and rarely in Libra (the last time was in 1706 and the next time will be in 2202). And they are joined by the North Node and Mars also in Libra*(1) – the archetype of balance, equality, and neutrality.

Note — for the last few weeks students with the Sun sign in Libra have outnumbered other signs in my Kundalini Yoga classes.

Libra reminds us that both men and women are made up of both the stable/neutral and the flowing/feeling polarities. We all must learn how to incorporate the higher expressions of both polarities in our psyche to become whole and functional human beings. The higher expression of our inner male yang polarity is not only assertive, it is purposeful. When it is wise and anchored in the stability and neutrality of our neutral mind, it is guided to take ‘right’ action for the higher good of all. Our female yin polarity must be able to relax and receive, as well as to give, to maintain the flow of the emotions and to stay sane.

There is an easy way to discern which polarity is dominant in your psyche. Are your emotions and reactions fueled primarily by fear or anger? If you feel more anger, your masculine yang energy is dominant. If you feel more fear, your feminine yin energy is dominant.*(2) Of course, we all have both emotions. Notice that fear hides under anger, and anger seethes under fear.

July 16 – Jupiter enters Leo

3:30 AM PDT, 10:30 AM GMT

Jupiter ends its sojourn through Cancer that began a year ago (June 26, 2013). Every 12 plus months Jupiter transits through another zodiac sign. Jupiter will be in Leo through August 11, 2015. This year it is Leo’s turn to be in the spotlight, which Leo not only loves, but craves. Creative, expansive, demanding, and the center of attention, fiery Leo commands the center ring.

July 20 – Saturn turn direct a 17 degrees Scorpio.

Saturn has been retrograde for four months (since March 2 at 23 degrees Scorpio). What part of your life have you been revaluating? Where have you identified a need for an upgrade or maybe a shift in direction? Locate 17-23 degrees Scorpio in your birth chart to identify the area subject to Scorpio introspection and practical review. July 20 gives us a signal that it is time to do what we need to do.

July 21, Uranus turns retrograde at 17 degrees Aries.

Uranus focuses on inner awakening through December 21 when it returns to direct motion at 13 degrees.

The Cancer/Capricorn Polarity Pair

Cancer is the most feminine sign of the zodiac and the archetype of our emotional body. *(3) Seriously suppressed in our psyche due to the systemic oppression of all forms of the feminine by the patriarchy, the feeling polarity of our soul is making a comeback, *(4) hopefully in time to avoid personal and planetary disaster. Water must flow to maintain life and to be an accurate and consistent messenger to deliver new information. Our emotions help us identify our needs and monitor whether they are getting met or not. Without this vital soul information, we depend upon outside input instead of listening to ourselves. When our authority gauge is outside ourselves, we become easy prey for the abuse and violence of dominating and exploitative political, social, and economic systems.

The Cancer/Capricorn polarity team directs us to connect with our inner reality to get a soul read on where to direct our outer efforts. The Cancer archetype helps us get in touch with and identify our emotional needs. It is imperative that we stop blocking, shutting down, and shaming our feelings, which suppresses the mechanism that puts us in touch with our needs. Most of us don’t even know what are soul needs are. We generally think of needs in terms of a needy list of what we want from others. But this list contains only indicators of what we think can make us feel safe, wanted, and loved.

Our basic emotional needs are to feel secure, safe, and satisfied. Cancer teaches us that these needs must be fulfilled internally. Within ourselves we must cultivate feelings of security, safety, and self-satisfaction. Meeting our emotional needs is an inside job, which is not dependent upon others actions, validation, approval, or praise. Accepting the above statement may require a radical shift in our belief system and in our internal wiring. We can all take advantage of the Sun is in Cancer to practice accepting and loving what we feel in our body. Embracing the feeling, flowing polarity of our soul in a critical part of becoming happy and whole men and women.

Capricorn is often associated with recognition and success in the world. But sometimes we forget that the hind legs of the Capricorn Mountain Goat are not hoofed feet, but a fish tail. The aquatic foundation connects us first to our deep emotions and Mother Earth. We must stay grounded in our own emotional waters and with the nurturing forces of Mother Earth to be able to climb the mountain of life. Without this connection we remain in the valley able to only look up the steep slope. If we lose our connection on the climb, we slide back and are obliged to reestablish our roots with Mother Earth.

Our inner foundation grows as we develop an internalized authority structure and take responsibility for our lives. To get out of victimhood we have to take back the power that we have willingly and unwontedly given away. Cancer and Capricorn together illuminate where we have sacrificed ourselves at the expense of our own well-being. We can’t help others if we can’t take care of ourselves. At this Full Moon identify where you have pushed yourself to the limit and need to re-evaluate and redefine your priorities. Stay present to both comfortable and uncomfortable feelings and emotions through this very personal and empowering process!


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The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana PhD