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The Powers of the Sixth Chakra – The Third Eye

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The pivotal goal at our sixth chakra is to train our mind to serve us instead of being its slave. To do so we must awaken our neutral mind, where we can transcend inner conflict and the worrisome thoughts of our dualistic mind. In our neutral channel, we can tune into and trust our intuition and personal truth and direct our life from inner integrity.

In our neutral mind, our perception of higher truth and the divine design supports us (1) in using universal energies and knowledge for elevated purposes and (2) in holding a higher vision as the foundation for our work in the world.


At the sixth chakra, our primal relationships are with our inner world (sacred space) and our neutral observer. In our neutral mind we cultivate our relationship with the divine qualities of neutrality, peace, stability, silence, stillness, and vastness.

Where to Focus Our Attention

At the sixth chakra we focus on both the point of the third eye (our neutral observer) and in the space inside our head (our sacred sanctuary where only we can go). We also focus on the divine qualities listed above to awaken and encode them in our psyche.

Essence Energies and Powers – Non-duality and Consciousness

The powers available at our sixth chakra become available when we ‘change channels’ — awaken our neutral mind, where we discover non-duality (neutrality and oneness) beyond the inherent duality of our rational thinking mind.

The essence power at the third eye is consciousness. With awareness we transcend thinking in our dualistic mind and become conscious that consciousness is the driving faculty of the higher mind and our soul.

Listen to the audio for a discussion of (1) underdeveloped and empowered characteristics (2) the goals for this chakra, (3) the nature of the relationships that we develop, (4) the essence energies, (5) the primal feelings, and (6) directives to tap into the powers.

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  1. Guru Rattana
    Stop selling yoga in the name of a religion, please. True writers don’t sell fake things. There are so many other fictional stories that can make you earn a good living. Leave sikhi as it is.

  2. Tom… I feel even with your filthiness…. you are sent here by Akal Purakh to show the true face of Yoga and Hindu Mindset to these people….. You are really doing good work by showing the true face of your evil character.

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    If you practice yoga, then probably you can advise Om on it. He’s denying that yoga is part of sikhi. He claims yoga to be Hinduism and I think u should be in better position to tackle this issue

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    Yet they claim they are Sikhs

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