Chakra Powers

The Powers of the Fifth Chakra: Throat

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At the throat chakra, our main challenges are (1) to release fear of communicating honestly and directly and (2) to cultivate our ability to interact truthfully and gracefully in the world.

As the connector between body and mind, our throat chakra is the focal point for resolving the fight between our head and our heart. Until resolved, the throat chakra carries the burden of our inner conflict. At the same time, the throat chakra plays an important role in resolving this conflict.

The throat chakra speaks for and is influenced by all of our chakras. How the throat chakra carries out its tasks is dependent upon the functioning of the whole chakra system. For example, if our fire energy at our navel is angry, our words will project anger. If our water energy at our second chakra and solar plexus is afraid, our throat chakra will communicate fear.

Our throat chakra relates to sounds, vibrations, and thoughts and their feeling impact in our whole body and aura and in each of our chakras. The primary relationships of our throat chakra are determined by what we choose to listen to and what we vibrate with. Because our throat chakra has the special task of expressing for all our chakras, what it relates to depends upon the strengths, weaknesses, and development of each chakra.

The essence power of the throat chakra is the vibration of sound and the Word, i.e., the Infinite Frequency that transmutes lower fear frequencies into Higher Love, thus dissolving feelings of powerlessness. Love vibrations compute unity and oneness, making it possible to overcome feelings of aloneness and separation.

At the throat chakra, we create transformation with sacred sounds. The power of “the Word” gives the throat chakra the capacity to impact both our inner and outer realities by raising the frequency at which we operate and by projecting harmonious vibrations into our environment. We can use divine frequency sounds to uplift our own physical, mental, and emotional being and shift the manner in which we “chew” life. With sound, we “set the tone” of our being, which determines the nature and impact of our actions, our reactions, and our communications. “Keeping our word” acquires higher meaning when we consciously choose and are able to maintain the vibration of love.

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