The Taurus Mother Earth Revolution — 2018

Astrology with Guru Rattana

The Taurus Bull is super charged this year. Uranus moving into Taurus has some surprises for us and our relationship with physical reality.

April 19-20 – The Sun Enters Taurus

8:13 PM PDT (3:13 GMT)

Ruled by Venus, Taurus asks — How do we sustain life? How do we move past basic survival to thriving and enjoying our human experience? Taurus teaches us to appreciate what we have, to be a good steward of the Earth, and to enjoy the beauty, abundance, and gifts of nature. Taurus teaches to take care of our physical body, to find pleasure in simple existence, and to uplift ourselves with our sensuality, sexuality, and a refined sensory system.

April 29-30 – Scorpio Full Moon

5:58 PM PDT (00:58 GMT)

The Aries New Moon (April 15) initiated many new beginnings. Now the Scorpio Full Moon awakens us to what we need to let go of to realize our goals. The Taurus – Scorpio polarity pair focuses on how our inner reality (Scorpio) influences how we manifest our outer reality (Taurus).

The phase of the creative process played out in Scorpio territory often looks like destruction and feels like desolation. We can get discouraged, negative, and even cynical. However, Scorpio and its ruler Pluto serve to bring our attention to, and force us to deal with, the fears and programming that prevent us from manifesting our dreams. Of course, we prefer and plan for the abundance and the good life that Taurus represents. But we have to traverse Scorpio territory to get there. Earth Mother Taurus gives us flowers. Scorpio clears out the weeds.

Scorpio rules the subconscious and probes into the hidden dynamics that control our psyche. Scorpio specializes in exposing what we deny, suppress, and avoid. Scorpio and Pluto are intent on revealing whatever impedes us from moving forward. They compel us to change our self-sabotaging habits so that we don’t continue to repeat old patterns, which inevitably prevent us from getting what we want.

We will most likely not experience this as a comfortable cozy Full Moon. On the contrary, we may feel challenged, vulnerable, and uncomfortable days (maybe weeks) before. It is wise to avoid situations and interactions that can trigger us. It is important to find time to be alone and introspective. The main thing is to be honest with ourselves about how we feel and let our emotions communicate the truth about what we must embrace and uplift in our inner reality.

Opening the door to our deepest desires, motivations, and truth delivers us to greater aliveness, more authentic power, and internal freedom. These are the gifts from the awakening process directed by Scorpio and Pluto. Outer power and freedom is always manifested from our experience of inner power and freedom. Wherever fear, anger, sadness, scarcity, and resistance reign is what we have to examine, and at this Full Moon we are obliged to do so.

The Scorpio Moon Conjuncts Jupiter Retrograde

The Moon is nearing a conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio, so the deep feelings and confrontational themes of the Full Moon will extend and be amplified for the days preceding and following the Full Moon. Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio from March 8 through July 10. We can take advantage of this four month period by using it to find and claim treasures buried deep in our unconscious. When we are willing and able to transform fear into love by loving our fear (and all negative emotions), we can tap into the most powerful of powers — self-love, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-knowing.

All authentic power is based our relationship with ourselves. Jupiter is about expansion. Expand your self-love by being kind and compassionate with yourself, by taking good care of your body, and by nurturing yourself in ways that make you feel good. When we are in the middle of Scorpio purges, we may feel raw and insecure. Avoid self-judgment and self-flagellation. Healing requires acceptance. The magical and essential ingredient for transformation is always unconditional self-love. Try it!

Scorpio Full Moon Squares North and South Nodes

The Scorpio Full Moon is intensified by its square to the North and South Lunar Nodes in Leo and Aquarius. The fixed (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius) grand cross exposes our karmic patterns, subconscious programming, dysfunctional behaviors, and attachments. The energy is volatile and emotionally charged. It is easy to get caught up in drama and be unnecessarily reactive.

The best antidotes are to (1) not take things so seriously, (2) be compassionate and kind to yourself and others, (3) wait a few days to assess any challenging situations, (4) allow the energy to shift and the universe to arrange things before taking action, and (5) see beyond the details to the bigger picture. With asteroid Ceres conjuncting the North Node in Leo, it can be a good time to heal our mother wounds by understanding that our mother is also a child that needs love, just like we do.

Mars, Pluto, and Neptune Help Us

We will all be happy to know that the discomfort we feel at this Full Moon will not last forever and will not be fatal. In fact, we can use these energies in productive and positive ways. The Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn adds grounding and practical energy to the four asteroids and planets in Aries (Chiron, Juno, Mercury and Uranus). Together they motivate us to persevere and take calculated action. When we are willing to do the necessary work, take responsibility for our lives, stay grounded in our bodies, and focus on our priorities, we can be rewarded with both mature growth and material manifestation.

Neptune in Pisces adds gentle loving energy, bringing a blanket of harmony to all situations. Neptune and Pisces remind us to love and accept ourselves exactly the way we are. They awaken our sensitivity so we can connect with the unseen and trust a higher power. This is an opportune time to be receptive to healing and spiritual awakening. This is what is called ‘the Wesak Full Moon, when Buddha returns to the Earth with a blessing for humanity.’ *(1)

May 15 – Taurus New Moon and Uranus Enter Taurus

4:47 AM PDT (11:47 GMT)

Usually new moons are low key events, as the Moon is just re-emerging. This Taurus New Moon is dramatically different. It delivers us to a new reality. Just hours after the alignment of the Sun and Moon in Taurus, revolutionary Uranus enters Taurus. Through November 6 we get an initial taste of how the planet that foments radical change (Uranus) will play out Taurus themes related to human survival and comfort — food, money, shelter, clothing, and the use of the Earth’s resources.

For sure Uranus in Taurus is going to remind us how our greed and carelessness has created serious devastation to Mother Earth. But the Uranus strategy only begins with wake up calls. It persists until we change our ways, which requires a fundamental shift in how we perceive reality and then actually making concrete adjustments to how we live and interact with others and our physical environment.

The Root Cause

The root cause of our current predicament goes back to the rise of the patriarchy and the obliteration of the culture of the Goddess, when the feminine was systematically removed from the definition of God or the Divine. A serious polarity imbalance took root as God became ‘He’, the ‘She’ embodied in the natural world was eradicated. Instead of an animated, alive, conscious Planet that was the precious source of all life, the Earth was relegated to a freely available resource to be exploited.

Physical pleasure and sexuality were classified as sinful instead of sacred. Women became second class citizens, objects to use and abuse. Feelings and emotions were denied and buried in our subconscious, where instead of expressing human honesty, they manifested as destruction and wars rationalized by the ideologies of perverted ego-manic patriarchs.

Uranus in Earth Mother Taurus will not allow the patriarchal paradigm to continue its systemic destruction of all that She holds dear. A deep paradigm shift is already happening and will deepen in relationship to how we relate to and value Mother Earth, the feminine, women, our emotions, and all life.

Uranus in Taurus Themes

After a brief return to Aries November 9, Uranus will re-enter Taurus March 6, 2019 where it will remain for 7 years. It will be interesting to watch how Uranus in Taurus plays out. When an outer planet (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) changes signs, major world events often get our attention. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan that triggered the Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred the day that Uranus entered Aries on March 11, 2011.

Uranus in Taurus will likely cause major earth changes and shake up the financial and monetary system. In our personal lives we will be obliged to notice where we feel limited and restricted and desire freedom and authenticity. Areas that we need to examine include financial security, relationships, sexuality, physical health, diet, and the need for relaxation to reduce the stress and strain in our lives.

Mars and Venus Add an Emotional Charge

Mars squares (confronts and requires action) Uranus right at the New Moon. This square creates highly charged unstable energy. Together Mars and Uranus, both at the last minutes of 29 degrees in Capricorn, could trigger unexpected and dramatic occurrences. This is a good time to meditate, and not an opportune time for drag racing or risky adventures. The wise ones won’t push their luck by cell phone use or texting while driving, or reducing their ability to focus under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or anger.

Venus is in Gemini at the Full Moon and will be in Cancer May 19-June 12. Between May 5 – June 7, ‘Venus is out of bounds, traveling outside the authority of the Sun,’ which accentuates the Uranian influence of the Taurus New Moon.*(2) This can be an empowering moment for the feminine and women, who refuse to play by rules designed to repress their power. We continue to enter uncharted territory as women (and men) expand their roles and make their contributions as pioneers for a new inclusive paradigm for all of humanity.

Woman’s voice will be heard! But if women really want to be inner empowered agents of change their presence must also be felt! It is through grounded inner peace that women are able to hold the space for a sustainable paradigm shift. Train yourself to hold the neutral space in your mind so strong that nothing can budge you or throw you off balance. Therein lies woman’s most invincible power to create and sustain radical transformation. In meditation and in nature, renew and nurture your body. Find and enjoy the inner security, stability, and nurturing that Taurus craves and can deliver.

Find a beautiful garden inside yourself. As women know, experience, accept, and enjoy their unique beauty, Earth Mother Taurus will rejoice, and the world will be transformed from the inside out. This is the revolution that Uranus in Taurus is activating — the revolution in our own hearts.


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