Gemini 2018 – What Are Your Thoughts Creating?

Gemini 2018 - what are your thoughts creating?

Mental air sign Gemini, reminds us to examine the power of our thoughts. While the Sun shines in Gemini is an opportune time to look inside and be in touch with where we can upgrade our life by shifting our thoughts. Gemini offers the gifts of viewing life from many different perspectives and expanding how we view our life situations by looking at them from new angles.

May 29 – Sagittarius Full Moon at 8 Degrees

7:19 AM PDT (14:19 GMT)

At the Sagittarius Full Moon we work with the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity pair. Gemini represents the dualistic mind. Sagittarius represents the higher neutral mind. Optimally we can train both parts of our mind to work together to serve us instead of being a slave to useless chatter. Sagittarius helps us get in touch with a soul and universal perspective of our life experiences and challenges. It helps us focus on what is important so we can achieve our goals. While Sagittarius concentrates on the grand plan, Gemini helps us enjoy how the details unfold and fit together.

Sagittarius is the archetype of adventure, but not any adventure will do. Our activities must have meaning and deliver us to greater freedom and truth. Sagittarius can get caught in illusory dreams that derail us and waste our energy. Our inner Archer must point our arrow straight from our heart. To access our truth, we need a higher perspective of our life path, goals, and mission. We are the co-creators of our life and must take this responsibility seriously.

The fiery Sagittarius Full Moon is intensified by the formation of a fire grand trine with Chiron in Aries and the North Node in Leo. Fire has many functions. It can reveal the truth and create healing by burning away the past and illusions. To use the benefic gifts of fire, we have to be honest, but our honesty has to be tempered by compassion. We need to trust our own truth and act and speak from our hearts.

Fire energy can deliver us to fearlessness, keep us in a state of readiness, and engage us in activity. But without wise direction, fire can be destructive, restless, reckless, and judgmental.

To direct fire energy into its productive expressions we need to move our bodies and take action. We need movement to release stuckness and be in the flow.

Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter (now retrograde in Scorpio) is directing us to deal with our own inner conflicts instead of projecting them on others. Only in our emotional depths can we get in touch with our fears and identify the subconscious programming that chains us to self-sabotaging scenarios.

The overall goal of the current planetary forces is to wake us up, so that we no longer believe the lies that we have been fed for millennium.

Other Influences at the Sagittarius Full Moon

Jupiter trines Neptune in Pisces expanding our mind and heightening our awareness of invisible forces. We need to take time to meditate, rest, and stay present in feeling awareness.

Our inward pull is further accentuated by Mars entering its pre-retrograde phase (retrograde shadow) on May 12. We will begin to feel the approach of Mars retrograde (June 26-August 27.) It is time to slow down, examine our direction, and get in touch with our motivations and hearts’ desires.

Mars in Aquarius joins the South Node in Aquarius. We are well advised to not try to force things to happen or exert power over anyone. We will feel a loss of vitality, influence, and power when we are overbearing even with our ideas and words. It is best to let others do what they do and focus on our own path. Everyone is being called upon to be authentic, while allowing others to be so as well.

Because of the retrograde activity, Mars is in Aquarius for an extended period of time — May 15-Aug 11 and Sept 10- November 15. We are being called upon to direct our energy and actions to innovative projects.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn reminds us to find satisfaction by climbing our own mountain. The Archer reminds us that we climb to the top so that we can see the world, not so the world can see us. Inner authority is determined by our inner feeling state. Ultimately our inner peace, freedom, and happiness happen through our ability to trust and surrender to our soul and the Divine. We can do so when we know that our soul and the Divine are in charge.

June 13 – Gemini New Moon at 22 Degrees

12:43 PM PDT (19:43 GMT)
The fun loving Gemini New Moon is tempered by Mercury in emotional Cancer (June 12 – 22). Instead of being uncontrollably emotional, we can activate our emotional intelligence by feeling deep into our body where we can distance ourselves from the demanding thoughts of our analytical mind. We can listen to the subtle voice of our soul through our intuition and instincts. Under superficial thoughts and words that often try to conceal what we are really feeling, we can connect with our own sensitivity. With compassion we can reduce frustration and conflict in communications. It is wise to take into account of the fact that most people habitually take things personally and react defensively.

Challenging planetary aspects increase the possibility of misunderstandings and conflict. Given the overall emotionally touchy energies, it is wise be very conscious in our communications. When in doubt, silence is best. We must be acutely aware that what we say is not only received by the emotional body but also projected from our emotional body. Our emotional communications can create either upset or healing and compassionate connection.

Deep-seated inner child wounds and pain can be easily stirred up. There is only one workable solution and that is to be compassionate with both ourselves and others. Our automatic responses of either aggression or retreating only sustain our wounds. With open hearts we have a chance to find resolution to reoccurring issues. We can reclaim our power from past events when we courageously feel the pain, understand from a higher perspective, give up being a victim, and love ourselves without reservation.

June 15 – Mercury opposes Saturn

We may feel the necessity to take committed action or to make important decisions. With Mercury in Cancer, areas of concern will have an emotional component and may involve family, close friends, home, or real-estate. We must be careful not to get too emotionally attached or let our emotions control us. Saturn in Capricorn helps us think realistically. We must avoid being negative, overly critical, or judgmental. It is important to monitor our inner voices to make sure they are not undermining us. It is great if our thoughts can be supportive. However, the optimum voice is neutral, which makes it possible to listen to our intuition and tune in beyond thinking.

June 6-24 – Mercury is out of bounds

Mercury out of bounds means that it is traveling beyond its normal range. This gives us a chance to open the space in our minds, to make ourselves available to see beyond our usual limits, and to access new ideas and insights. When we can jump out of our self-limiting box, this energy without borders can gift us with unexpected connections, communications, and creative solutions.

Uranus Sextile Mercury

Uranus at 1 degree Taurus is in a favorable sextile with Mercury. This stimulating interaction adds a spark of magic to our interactions and conversations, especially when we speak honestly from our hearts and share our unconventional ideas. We might be surprised at how receptive the right audience is to new approaches and ideas.

A Retrograde New Moon

Typically New Moons initiate new projects and propel us in new directions. However, the retrograde activity of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and soon Neptune (June 18) and Mars (June 26) indicate a need for inner reflection so that we can listen to our hearts and discern what is real, true, and appropriate for us.

This extended retrograde period of time allows us to shift our perceptions about the past and who we are and to create inner alignment so that we are prepared for creating a new future. Consider that we are in a state of preparation. We are being given time to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually so that we can truly create from our own light, and not waste our lives on what others think we ought to do.

The moment you become aware of who you are, everyone on this planet will become aware of who you are. Your only setback is when you are not aware of who you are. You are not only one thing, but you are everything all the time, under all circumstances. — Yogi Bhajan

There is no way out. There is only one way and that is for the individual to relate to his consciousness consciously. — Yogi Bhajan

Any man or woman who creates environments to show clarity about the causes and effects of the Creator – beauty and bounty in this world – gets merged into infinity. — Yogi Bhajan


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