Taurus Connects Us to Our Earth Mother


While the Sun shines in Taurus, we connect with our Earth Mother, take special care of our physical body, and assess how we are dealing with physical reality. The new beginning phase is over, which included the beginning of the calendar New Year, Chinese New Year, the spring equinox, the zodiac new year, and Easter. Now we have to get clear about what we want to accomplish this year. The planetary alignments this month help us pull up the weeds so we can devote our energies to nurturing our most valued projects. Taurus helps with this process by (1) defining our values, (2) monitoring our resources, and (3) reminding us that our success is a function of the how we value ourselves.

The Energetic Complexity of the Human Experience

As the first earth sign of the zodiac, Taurus alerts us to the most basic reality — our soul is in human body and we are currently living on planet Earth. Energetically we live in a complex and very stimulating environment, which can challenge us with sensory overload.

Our human vehicle receives millions of sensory input every second. We process only a very small fraction of this information consciously. The data that we receive is first processed through the instinctual, unconscious, and subconscious parts of our brain — the brainstem and cerebellum. Our unconscious filters information through past programming and conditioning formed by experiences, associations, and beliefs. Thus the data that reaches our frontal lobes, which have to capacity to consciously think, analyze, reason, and make choices, has already been subject to the interpretation of our instinctual receptors.

Our physical and emotional bodies store and remember information that our conscious mind may not remember and has chosen to suppress or ignore. But the imprints of traumatic experiences, abuse, and situations that induce and perpetuate fear, anger, and aloneness are etched into our psyche. Unconscious data and subconscious programming dominates our operating system 95% of the time, and thus determines our choices, our beliefs, and our attitudes towards ourselves, others, and the world.

Scorpio Full Moon – May 3-4 at 13 degrees

8:42 PM PDT, 3:42 GMT

Full Moons bring light into the dark, illuminating what has been hidden that is ready to be revealed — Scorpio’s specialty! Scorpio seeks depth, honesty, authenticity, and transformation. It is constantly challenged by both our deepest desires and our worst fears. The Scorpion (the second water sign) needs to learn how to keep its volatile emotions from stinging itself and others.

The Taurus Bull seeks stability, comfort, and security. But to find these gratifying and pleasurable aspects of life, it must examine its roots and see what is growing underneath the ground. Scorpio is the ideal partner for keeping Taurus from being complacent and ignoring or trying to cover up deep emotional pain. At the Scorpio Full Moon, we become fully aware that comfort in denial is not possible.

Scorpio leads the descent into Pluto’s dark and scary underworld. We have to have courage to face the darkness and be honest about what we find in our subconscious. The ascent into the celestial domain is usually our favorite part of our spiritual journey, but we can’t stay in the lighthouse if we haven’t cleaned out our basement. Scorpio specializes in experiencing, acknowledging, and releasing our subconscious programming. Scorpio recognizes the human desire to control and avoid emotions that can feel extremely uncomfortable. But somehow Scorpio is adept at making the mysterious monsters manageable and transforming them into personal power and charisma.

It is understandable that we opt for denial and close our minds to unpleasant and difficult situations, inconvenient facts, and uncomfortable emotions. But to ascend we cannot be loaded down by this bulky and heavy baggage. Under the Scorpio influence we can’t hide our fears, discontent, and dissatisfaction. To set ourselves free of the past, Scorpio is dedicated to bringing everything into the light of consciousness.

Fixed T-Square – Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius

At the Full Moon, Jupiter in Leo forms a t-square with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio, all at 13 degrees of their respective signs.

The intent and impact of a t-square in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) is to breakdown ‘fixed’ patterns. The unconscious, un-evolved tendency of fixed signs is to be stubborn, stuck, and opinionated. In their elevated expressions, these stable energies can be developed into the power to concentrate and focus, be used to persevere, and be uplifted to devotion.

This fixed t-square exposes our early conditioning and its profound influence on what we believe, how we behave, how we define what we want, and our attitude towards ourselves. We can become aware of the fear-based emotions that underpin the above and sabotage our ability to make more optimal choices in our lives.

Squares necessitate action. To be able to take effective action, we have to change our perspective from feeling threatened to being offered an opportunity. The polarities in an opposition are designed to help each other reach integration at a higher level than is possible when these forces appear to be in conflict.

The fourth corner of a t-square has the potential of offering the piece that can bring resolution. Often the empty leg has no defined planetary influence. But this time, asteroid Ceres at 6 degrees Aquarius occupies that position. Ceres is the Goddess of Grain and represents nourishment and the love of the Mother Earth that unconditionally offers us bountiful sustenance, caring, and love. In Aquarius, Ceres reminds that we live in a global village and our priority should be to take care of each other, instead of competing and fighting with each other. Ceres in Aquarius offers a formula for opening our hearts and healing the world — Feed, don’t kill; educate, don’t exploit; love, don’t hate our brothers and sisters.

We are advised to make the best use of Jupiter in Leo, which in its demanding mode wants to make sure that its opinion is heard, is prone to inflationary tendencies, encourages exaggeration, and has unrealistic expectations. We also need to watch out that Jupiter in Leo doesn’t support self-justifications, untenable opinions, and hurtful judgments. A more conscious and uplifting Jupiter in Leo (1) offers a healthy willingness to expand our perspective, (2) takes advantage of opportunities, (3) taps into our creativity, and (4) helps us be courageous and self-confident.

The other players in this square interaction also have important roles to play. Scorpio’s realistic skepticism can keep us in line and let it be known when an over optimistic approach is in fact a strategy to camouflage denial, mistrust, and fear. Scorpio makes sure that we honestly face our challenges from the depths of our inner wisdom. Taurus asks us to examine our core values, to appreciate our assets, and to enjoy the precious things that life offers us. Aquarius reminds us that we are all in this adventure together. Working together the fixed signs have the capacity, strength, and inspiration to transform intense dramas into opportunities for growth, productivity, and manifestation.

Mutable/Flowing T-square – Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces

Also at the Full Moon, the t-square of the mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo) help us back off from the intensity of the fixed sign t-square. These flowing energies open the space for things to shift and align and thus help us use the extra energy to be productive and to accomplish results.

Mercury at 4 degrees Gemini opposite Saturn at 3 degrees Sagittarius, both squaring Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces form at mutable (take it easy and go with the flow) t-square. We can find it easier to shift out of dogmatic mindsets and be more compassionate and kind towards ourselves and each other. Because Mercury goes retrograde (May 18), this planet of mind and communication will make 3 squares with Neptune (planet of higher vision and divine connection.) Mercury and Neptune will be at 10 degrees Gemini and Pisces when they square off on May 9, May 29, and June 23. These squares produce a shift in consciousness, an awakening of the heart, and the blessing of empathetic and honest communication.

New connections and deep transformation, both inner and outer, can be made at the Scorpio Full Moon if we (1) stay present to our feelings, (2) honor our emotions as the communication mechanisms of our soul, and (3) allow our intuition to speak for our unconscious mind.

May 17-18 – Taurus New Moon (Sun and Moon at 26 degrees)

9:13 PM PDT, 4:13 GMT

Taurus teaches us to give value to ourselves and our gifts. Ultimately we must learn to appreciate the beauty of nature, the peace that pervades all reality, and the natural harmony that is available at every moment. As a channel for Mother Earth, Taurus energy is comforting and sustaining

Thousands of biochemical processes take place in our body every moment. And as discussed above, our human vehicle receives millions of sensory input every second. Our bodies are intimately connected to the Earth’s electromagnetic field and are constant receptors for other sources of energy, ie. solar, planetary, and cosmic radiation.

At the Taurus New Moon, with the Sun and Moon in Taurus, we need to take time to be sensitive to how our bodies are feeling and processing all this information. This is a good day for a walk in nature, a massage, any other physical pleasure, and simply enjoying being alive in a body on Mother Earth.

May 16 – Venus and Neptune Send Us Love

Venus is the traditional ruler of both Taurus and Libra. Venus is trine Neptune on May 16 at 10 degrees Cancer and Pisces. Taurus deals with our five senses, which perceive and relate to the elements of physical reality — earth, water, air, and fire — and our instinctual knowing. Neptune relates to non-physical reality and our intuitive sense of knowing. Interacting in the water signs, they create a sensitive space for us to open our sensory awareness to more profound realities of the heart. Venus is also squaring the lunar nodes in Libra and Aries, asking us to be more cooperative, patient, and honest. Venus offers us a sense of relief. Neptune reminds us that forgiveness and compassion open our hearts.

May 21 and 25 – Venus Works with Uranus and Pluto

As mentioned in the last (Aries) Blog, although Uranus and Pluto completed their seventh and final exact square on March 16 at 15 degrees Aries-Capricorn, these two transformational planets will continue their collaborative influence as they remain within 5 degrees of a square formation through May 2016. In other words, we will continue to be subject to their demand for structural change both personally and collectively.

Both planets and their transformative impulses are activated when they align with other planets either through a conjunction, square, or opposition. Such is the case on

May 21 – Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

May 25 – Venus in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries.

We can use these alignments to recognize both our needs and our neediness (Cancer) and take responsibility (Capricorn) for nurturing ourselves (Aries) emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Uranus in Aries energy is itchy and challenges our nervous systems. Uranus rebels against any form of rules, control, or restraints. Aries wants things ‘my way.’ With Venus in Cancer we have to tap into our ability to make sense of seemingly conflicting energies and desires. If we can synthesize and harmonize the need for security and the need for freedom, we can come up with some unconventional, but satisfying, solutions to experience love.

May 18 – Mercury goes Retrograde at 13 degrees Gemini

Mercury will be retrograde from May 18 through June 11 when it turns direct at 4 degrees Gemini. Because of its retrograde phase, Mercury will be in Gemini from April 30 to July 8. Mercury retrograde offers us 3 weeks to reflect, review, and rethink our plans and to examine how our mode of communication is helping or hurting our success. We are advised to let go of what isn’t working and to upgrade the way we think and communicate about our lives.

The best way to take advantage of Mercury retrograde (instead of being at its mercy) is to (1) be very clear in our communication, (2) be extra careful in our investigations of the facts, and (3) listen to and trust our intuition and instincts. There can be static and instability on the surface, so we are obliged to go deeper to find peace, stability, and wisdom in our hearts.

References and Footnote

Austin, Stephanie, Scorpio Full Moon — May 3-4, and Taurus New Moon — May 17-18, The Mountain Astrologer, April/May 2015, pp. 99 and 103.

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