Kundalini Yoga

Grounding and Connecting with Mother Earth

While the Sun shines in Taurus, the first earth sign of the zodiac, we can feel the call and welcoming arms of the Earth Mother. To connect with the earth element, we bring our attention to our first/root chakra, which includes our tailbone, hips, feet, and legs. It is at our first chakra that we establish an experience of rootedness and grounding, building a secure foundation in our body. By feeling energetic roots from our first chakra reach deep into the center of the Earth, we receive the nurturing energy of Mother Earth.

The use of symbols can be useful, like seeing to ourselves as a tree or rock — stable, solid, and immovable. These visualizations can facilitate tuning in to the solid, peaceful, accepting nature of earth energy. We know when we are feeling the grounding qualities because we are be able to stay present to the sensations in our body without being distracted by the mental images in our mind. It is normal to shift back and forth between thoughts and feelings. Our challenge in relationship to the earth element is to stay present in our feeling awareness and not to escape back into our mind and let our thoughts and thinking recapture our attention.

Meditating, walking, and interacting in nature are effective in facilitating an experience of grounding. Like every form of life, Mother Earth feeds the acorn or seed of our soul, making it possible for us to grow into our unique earthly expression. We start by becoming aware of our body as an acorn, seed, or bud. Then we feel our feet and the base of our spine receive the life force from the Earth. The more we experience our oneness with the primal earth energies, the more we are nourished and healed by our Earth Mother.

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Skull & Pelvic Bone Adjustment, Set One

Practice this kriya to cultivate your relationship with Mother Earth. At first, some of the exercises may indicate that you are ‘shaky on the ground.’ But with practice, you will strengthen your connection and experience the physical pleasure of being grounded with the Earth and very present in your body.

You can shake between exercises to release stuck energy.

This challenging set adjusts the skull bones through the pelvic bone system, where the breath of life is triggered. (The breath of life is triggered anywhere the breathing power of the pranic body is located.) The lungs are cleansing processors, the diaphragm is a helper, and it is through the spinal column that energy flows.

  1. On your stomach, place your hands beneath shoulders and push up into Cobra Pose (elbows can bend, or rest on your forearms). Kick the buttocks with alternate heels as fast as you can for 1 minute. Relax for 1 minute.
  2. Squat into Frog Pose, heels raised and touching each other, arms between legs directly under shoulders, fingertips on floor. Do not alter position of arms during exercise. Inhale into standing position, hands coming off the floor, the straight, tight arms maintaining the same angle with the body, and exhale as you squat down. Continue at a constant, strong pace for 1-2 minutes (for digestion), and proceed immediately to the next exercise.
  3. With the arms crossed over the chest do Crow Squats for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Continue with Squats but with the hands in Venus Lock (fingers interlocked, palms facing down) on top of head for 1-2 more minutes (for the nervous system).
  5. Standing straight, feet a few inches apart, extend both arms out to the sides and angled slightly forward. The left hand is held just below shoulder level, and the right is just above shoulder level and a little farther from the body than the left. Relax the hands and let the balance come, feeling poised and strong. Rise onto the balls of the feet and, keeping them in place, pivot to the right (twisting from the waist) with five bounces and lower heels to the floor. Then pivot with five bounces to return to center. Then twist/pivot 5 times to the left side and 5 times back to center. Repeat right, center, left center keeping the magnetic balance of the hands, moving slowly with control and a meditative mind as a worship that becomes a dance, going from side to side, with the eyes closed, for 4-5 minutes.
  6. Squat with feet 2-3 feet apart, so that thighs are about parallel to the ground, as if you are seated in a chair. Bending forward from the waist slightly, extend arms down and out at the same angle as the legs, elbows above knees, forearms 120° to upper arms, with palms facing down. Begin bouncing up and down from the knees as you twist from the waist side to side, taking several bounces to twist to each side, arms moving along with upper body with eyes focused at the third eye for 2-3 minutes. Bless and connect with the Earth.
  7. Stand on left foot, without bending either knee, extend the right leg straight out in front and parallel to the floor. Holding on to the right ankle with both hands by bending forward a little from the waist, but keeping the spine straight, try to hold it for 2-3 minutes, concentrating at the third eye point. Use a wall or chair if needed for support.
  8. Feet 3 feet apart, clasp hands in Venus Lock, stretch arms up to the right and swing them down powerfully as if swinging an ax, and follow through stretching the arms up to the left and down. Continue swinging and striking with force on alternate sides for 2-3 minutes. Then relax 10-15 minutes in Corpse Pose or Easy Pose.

published in The Gift of Womanhood and Relax and Renew

The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana PhD