Astrology – Sun in Aquarius

Astrological Events January 19 – February 17, 2013

 JANUARY 19 – FEBRUARY 17 The Sun shines in Aquarius

While the Sun shines in Aquarius, our attention is directed to become more conscious of how we are developing from identification with ego, tribe, family, religion, race, and nationality to a collective identity as members of the human global family. How do you perceive your identity and role within the community? The Leo/Aquarius polarity pair awakens us to the fact that we are each unique, yet an inseparable part of a synergistic, whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. What is your special contribution?

JANUARY 26-27 – Leo Full Moon 8:39 PM PST, 4:39 AM GMT.

The impact of the Leo Full Moon is intensified by two other events. (1) Asteroid Vesta in Gemini is going direct. (2) Uranus and Pallas are conjunct, adding energy to our quest for freedom and equality in relationships.

The asteroids Pallas, Vesta, Ceres, and Juno, named after female goddesses, *(1) are bringing our attention to women’s empowerment and helping both men and women upgrade how we express feminine and masculine polarities in our psyche.

The brightest asteroid Vesta stations direct in Gemini twelve hours before this Full Moon. Vesta went retrograde October 20, 2012. Vesta represents our internal flame and the sacred work that we came to contribute during this visit to Planet Earth. Our job is to make everything we do sacred.

JANUARY 30 – Jupiter in Gemini goes direct, after being retrograde since October 4, 2012.

Because of their coinciding retrograde phases, Jupiter and Vesta are within ten degrees of each other from June 19, 2012 through April 1, 2013. During this time our understanding and interest in woman’s empowerment is expanded. Our ability to relax, let go, and connect with our inner flowing polarity is increased. (Perfect timing to have introduced in August my latest book The Gift of Womanhood.) *(1)

FEBRUARY 4 – Asteroid Ceres in Gemini turns direct.

Like Vesta, Ceres’ retrograde phase began in October 31, 2012. Ceres represents the Divine Mother aspect of the universal feminine. Combined with Venus square Saturn on February 10, the sensitive awakening of feminine is at hand. Notice more acute feeling awareness in your body and the ability to let go into and be empowered by this flowing force.

FEBRUARY 9-10 – Aquarius New Moon and Chinese New Year of the Snake –  11:21 PM PST, 7:21 AM GMT. and Venus squares Saturn.

Individuality and interdependence are the themes of the Aquarian New Moon. Under the influence of the Capricorn archetype we learn self-discipline and develop integrity – qualities that are needed as we move to the Aquarian arena.

Aquarius unleashes our inner rebel who challenges authority, inspires our creative innovator who comes up with new concepts and inventions, and activates our reformer persona who works to change what is unfair, unjust, and unsustainable. Which one are you? Or do you have another category for yourself?  Aquarius honors and needs everyone. The Year of the Snake is a year of transformation that helps us answer the call of our soul, play our part, and make a difference.

The Aquarius New Moon forms a square with the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio

The activated South Node in Taurus is awakening in us the need to define what we value and to honor ourselves with healthy amounts of self-acceptance and self-love. The North Node in Scorpio makes us conscious of how our unconscious controls our inner and outer realities. We see the necessity of (and hopefully accept) cosmic support in releasing our fears and resistance and breaking away from old patterns. Let’s move on so that we can experience wholeness, strength, and freedom.

Also the Aquarius New Moon we enter an intense Pisces period with Chiron, Neptune, Mars, and Mercury all conjunct in Pisces. Their collective Pisces square with Jupiter in Gemini expands our heart and awakens compassion for ourselves and others. Take advantage of the square activation to forgive yourself and others. Let go and free yourself from unwanted and unnecessary baggage of guilt, shame, regrets, and remorse. It is time to love life, love yourself, and live it to the fullest.

FEBRUARY 18 – Saturn in Scorpio goes retrograde through July 7.

We have plenty of time to take a close look at how your inner reality creates your outer reality, including the current status of your relationships, prosperity, and self-esteem.

FEBRUARY 23 – Mercury in Pisces will be retrograde until March 17.

With Vesta, Jupiter, and Ceres going direct between January 26 and February 4, we have plenty of direct energy. Take initiatives now. After February 18 and while Mercury is retrograde, we will be more in an evaluation and slower mode.


1. The four asteroids are discussed in detail in THE GIFT OF WOMANHOOD – INNER MASTERY, OUTER MYSTERY,


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