Astrology – In the Pisces Zone

When the Sun enters Pisces February 18, we are seriously in the Pisces zone. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron are all in Pisces. Venus joins February 26.

Warning – If you feel spaced out, can’t concentrate on mental tasks, think you might be losing your mind or have an early case of dementia — wait until after the Sun goes in Aries to make a prognosis. In the Pisces zone, it is normal to experience all of the above. Use your intuition and instincts to float through this out-of-time zone.

The good news is that there are many alignments during this month that (1) activate insights and inspiration, (2) help us release judgment, (3) heal wounds, (4) be in a state of acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude, (5) open our hearts to higher love, and (6) expand our awareness so that we can have a deep experience of the Unseen Truth and unconditional Love.

We will begin to feel a shift March 12, when Mars enters Aries. When Mercury goes direct on March 17, we will feel like we can consider moving forward again. When the Sun enters Aries at the Spring Equinox (Fall in Southern Hemisphere) and Venus enters Aries on March 22, our mood will have shifted into a ‘go, get it done, let’s make it happen’ mode.

In the meantime, we are well advised to take advantage of this super Pisces period to meditate, reflect, let to, and enter the world 4of Spirit and the heart.

BTW, we are under the Pisces influence for a while. Asteroid Chiron entered Pisces February 2011, where it remains for 7 years until April 2018.  Neptune entered Pisces February 2012 where it stays in its home sign for 14 years through 2025.

FEBRUARY 18 – SUN enters PISCES  4:02 AM PST, 12:02 GMT


Deep inner work is required through July 7 when Saturn goes direct. Befriend what you think are your demons. Love transforms primal energies into power and presence.


Earth sign Virgo is the Pisces polarity pair, reminding us that universal energies are continuously flowing through our body and animate all life at every moment. The Unseen is happening in our body, in physical reality, and everywhere. Together Pisces and Virgo make it possible to feel the Unseen Peace in our body and to experience our oneness with all life.


Our deepest desire is awakened – to experience our oneness with Infinite Higher Love.


Mercury retrograde in Pisces extends Mercury’s stay in Pisces from February 6 through April 13. This is a great time for meditation, reflection, and inner work. The days Mercury goes retrograde and direct are the best days for still silent meditation. Take advantage of these special days. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to take action or figure things out during Mercury retrograde. This is a time of ‘Let go and let God’.


Pay special attention to how the planetary alignments affect you. Jupiter at 8 degrees Gemini squares (activates and stimulates action or awakening) 5 of the 6 planets in Pisces. Saturn at 11 degrees Scorpio forms a soothing, comforting trine with the same planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Neptune) (Mars at 25 degrees Pisces is less affected, because the orb of direct influence diminishes after 3-5 degrees.) Those with planets between 8-12 degrees will be the most affected. Everyone can feel supported in the areas of personal growth and opening themselves to new possibilities. Prepare now for new undertakings, but take realistic action after Mercury goes direct March 17 and Mars enters Aries March 12.

MARCH 11 – PISCES NEW MOON – 12:52 PM PDT, 19:52 GMT

Seven celestial bodies in Pisces offers us exceptional openings for healing, letting go, and deep shifts in consciousness. This is definitely a day for meditation, to go within, and to connect with yourself.

MARCH 12 – MARS enters ARIES

Feel and take advantage of the action energy.


We are leaving the most intense phase of Pisces awakening.


MARCH 22 – VENUS enters ARIES. MARS and URANUS in Aries are conjunct (spontaneous action)


Pisces Is Our Infinite Stage of Life

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and our final stage of incarnated life. In Pisces territory we turn inward, enter the transpersonal arena of reality, leave logic and thinking behind, and return to our Source. We enter the mystery zone of the Unknown, the Unseen, and unconditional Love.  Science says humans use only 10% of their brain. Yogi Bhajan say only 10% of our being is seen, the rest is Unseen.

Pisces invites us into the 90%, which is available only in meditation using our inner senses. Pisces takes us into the mystical/quantum physics world where everything is fluid and connected.

In Pisces territory we enter the unconscious, the subconscious, the imagination, the dream world, and the primal world of emotions and instincts.

The confused and tormented Fish, which has no experience of the sacred and the Infinite, falls prey to addictions and various forms of escapism and victimization. We look for ‘god’ outside ourselves – someone or something to save us from our existential ennui. The overstimulation and the multitude of escape routes available in the technological society leaves us desperate to find inner peace and the Divine. Pisces invites us to enter the Unseen mysterious realm in meditation and silence.

In the Pisces Zone

The Pisces zone is filled with spiritual gifts – we are able to let to, surrender, trust, forgive, and live in humble gratitude. We are not in control and we don’t want to be. We are in love with Love and blissfully relate to the Unseen.

Pisces territory opens the possibility of experiencing our oneness with the Infinite. However, it takes disciplined effort and life experience to get there. It is part of the unawakened human condition to feel abandoned, separated, and alone in the world and universe. We enter relationships to overcome our pain of separation, and still feel alone. The problem is that we look outside ourselves, in other people and in an external male God for what we must find within our own being.

Pisces reminds us to look, listen, and feel inside our mind, body and heart. Everything is inside. With our subtle faculties, we can experience and become aware of a reality where we are not separate. We experience the force of Love that is in everyone and everywhere. We heal our separation and abandonment wounds when we connect to the space and infinite energies that we all share.

Pisces opens the space for us to feel the Presence of Peace and Love in and around us. IT is everywhere. Our job is to access our neutral mind channel, align our body, and increase the frequency of our energy field so that we are available to experience non-physical dimensions of reality.

Neptune/Pisces Archetype

The Neptune/Pisces archetype represents subtle, intangible energies and experiences in the arena of spirituality, idealism, unity, and oneness. Neptune symbolizes the generative Source from which all else flows, which is both a unifying and dissolving force. This energy dissolves defined structures and boundaries so that there is no separation between ourselves and universal energies. Its goal is oneness with the Universal One, which gives us a spiritual, mystical experience of bliss, transcendence, illumination, and merging. We are uplifted from separation and isolation into an intimate relationship with the Infinite.

Neptune/Pisces energy is amorphous, undifferentiated, watery, and fluid. It is easy to get lost, and absorbed into this primal ocean. To enter this unlimited vastness, we not only have to have a strong sense of Self, we have to be able to use our subtle sensitivity to navigate the nebulous waters. When we cannot hold our center, dissolution results. The Neptunian goal is radical transformation and transmutation from asleep to awakened consciousness. Cultivating a healthy conscious identity structure and knowing ourselves as a differentiated being with boundaries actually enhances our capacity to be in relationship with our Source.

Above all, Pisces and Neptune represent the primal power and universal energy of Peace, Light, and Love. (Whatever name we give it, it is the same thing.)

How do we experience Peace (Light and Love)? Yogi Bhajan offered us this advise in the early seventies. “It is a very simple attitude. Meditate on the Name of God and feel that universal flow within you. When the inflow starts, the outflow becomes universal. This is how I learned it. It is the most convenient way to beautify yourself.”

Peace is a Flow. Flow is a feeling. The feeling is Peace. The Heart computes Love.

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