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Solar Plexus Chakra – Gateway to the Heart

At our solar plexus we connect with our emotions as the flowing yin polarity of our soul, which expresses through our emotional/subtle body. Our emotional flowing polarity has two very important functions –

  1. to act as a feedback mechanism to guide our lives and
  2. to awaken us to soul and Divine consciousness.

The problem arises when, instead of simply giving us subtle, feeling information, negative emotions activate subconscious programs that tell us that we are unlovable, flawed, not good enough, weak, worthless, guilty, etc.

The problem becomes even more serious when we identify with these definitions of who we think we are and our inner voices repeat these messages as though they were true. Thus the often repeated phrases – ***”We are not our emotions. We are not our thoughts.”

It is true that we are not these negative interpretations, but our emotional body is the feeling yin polarity of our soul. And it is this nagging issue about the nature of our emotions that we must resolve at our solar plexus in order to move into our heart. We must figure out how to identify with our subtle essence, but not with the negative messages.

Below is a link to a 10 minute recording from Guru Rattana which covers the subject in more depth.

Awaken Your Chakra Powers – Join Me in Turkey

October 8-16 in beautiful Datca, Turkey, I will be teaching this special course, based on the forthcoming expanded and totally revised edition of my book Your Life Is in Your Chakras. This course is designed to:

  1. to offer everyone an in-depth guide to awakening their chakra powers!
  2. to give teachers the material and experience they need to teach their own courses.

We will enjoy this very special time together. I personally teach all the classes.

Many blessings,

Guru Rattana :+)

Cabins at Flow Hotel
Cabins at Flow Hotel