Chakra Powers

Second Chakra Power #2 – Sexual Energy

This lecture will give you a taste of the seven-day course Awakening Your Chakra Powers that Guru Rattana will be teaching in Datca Turkey (by the sea) October 8-16, 2014. Join Guru Rattana and work with her in a personal and beautiful setting to discover your chakra powers.

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There you can also view a great video from last year’s Gift of Womanhood course, produced by Banu Alagoz.

The Powers of the Second Chakra —

Sexual Energy and Higher Consciousness

Working with the second chakra involves working with (1) emotional energy, which must relax and (2) sexual energy, which must be directed upward.

Listen to the audio for a discussion of (1) underdeveloped and empowered characteristics (2) the goals for this chakra, (3) the nature of the relationships that we develop, (4) the essence energies, (5) the primal feelings, and (6) directives to tap into the powers.

The Polarities

Although the second chakra expresses for our flowing polarity, its empowerment depends upon our ability to work with both the stable and flowing polarities. Focusing at the third eye provides a stable centering focus around which we can relax and establishes the direction for raising both our sexual energy and Kundalini up our spine.

We need our neutral mind to work with the second chakra and to heal our emotional body – the feminine polarity of our soul. It is necessary to have a neutral viewpoint from which to observe our responses, to determine their origin, and to identify subconscious motivations. From neutral we can make conscious choices and witness transformation as we awaken to both our programming and to the essence of our soul.

Polarities in Men and Women

Man is created to embody more of the stable polarity in the upper chakras. Woman is created to embody more of the flowing polarity in the lower chakras. Both men and women embody both polarities and must activate their higher expressions to experience internal harmony and peace.

Men and women (and same sex couples) are attracted to each other to balance their polarities. However, partnership and sexual relationships cannot substitute for personal wholeness. Everyone must activate both polarities within themselves to feel complete. Internal wholeness is the foundation for non co-dependent relationships. That is why we all work at (1) building our stable polarity at the third eye and crown chakra, and (2) learning to use our emotional energy for self-nurturing.


Our first and on-going task at the second chakra is to release stuck emotional energy, which causes stress and frustration. To empower our second chakra, we cultivate our ability to use our emotional energies for self-nurturing. Both men and women must allow their emotional energies to freely move unencumbered so they can relax into their own flow and rhythm. If we skip this step and fail to release the flow of our emotional energy, raising our sexual energy and Kundalini may not happen. And the awakening in our upper chakras cannot be sustained.

To create a safe home for our emotions, we must relax our belly and feel our emotional energy flow. We must quit trying to hold in our stomach, which creates stress and blocks our flow. When woman can let go of the insidious programming to try to flatten her belly, she naturally creates a feeling of a secure and cozy womb within.

Man must also learn to feel the loving power of his emotions and thereby cultivate his own internal self-nurturing. As he awakens his own feeling flowing polarity, man can overcome his dependence upon woman (surrogate mothers) for nurturing.

Sexual Pleasure and Higher Consciousness

Activation of both polarities gives us the formula for achieving both sexual pleasure and experiencing higher consciousness.

As we relax and activate the circular flow of our second chakra energy, it will naturally spiral up our spine and through our body. Woman may or may not need to use rootlock to release her energy up her spine. In fact, a forceful rootlock may block her expansive orgasms.

Man must use root lock and focus on directing the flow of his sexual energy up to his third eye. Man’s vital sexual energy nourishes his body and brain and provides a source of self-regeneration. Therefore, he should not waste it! A delicate root lock, which does not block or over stimulate, coaxes sexual energy up the spine and produces spinal orgasms that are very pleasurable. In other words, man does not get left out of the pleasure game. His experience is simply different and requires a different focus.

Men who are able to channel their sexual energy up their spine into the brain experience the essence of manhood. Women who can relax into their own flow feel the essence of their womanhood.