In the Leo Arena 2014

The spot light is on Leo, not only for the month, but for the whole year, and the majestic Lion loves it!

The Sun shines in Leo from July 22 through August 22.

2:41 PM PDT (21:41 GMT) until the Sun moves into Virgo August 22 at 9:46 PM PDT (Aug 23 at 4:46 GMT )

July 26 – Leo New Moon

3:41 PM PDT 22:51 GMT

The impact of this great Leo New Moon is augmented by the conjunction of Jupiter. The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter symbolizes expansion, faith in life and in ourselves. Jupiter’s influence magnifies our enthusiasm, confidence, and creativity. The Leo New Moon invites us to be bold and honest about what we love and how we desire to share our heart-inspired creativity with the world.

July 16 – Jupiter in Leo for a year

Jupiter will be in Leo through August 11, 2015. For the next year Leo is in the center ring. In Leo, Jupiter sincerely wants to make a difference. Everyone has an inner Sun that wants to shine. Jupiter in Leo can help us all illuminate our inner Sun and open our hearts to our soul and inspire us to embrace our unique life.

Our Sun sign represents the qualities that we were born to express, explore, and illuminate, i.e. who we are to become during our journey this lifetime. As the artist of our own life, we weave our own tapestry out of the elemental ingredients set out in our birth chart. What we create out of the energies we are given depends upon (1) our will to take action and make decisions, (2) our willingness to experiment and take risks, and (3) our ability to enjoy freedom, to embrace the unknown, and to discover our gifts. Jupiter in Leo reminds us that we fuel our creativity with self-love, self-confidence, and self-acceptance.

Pluto in Leo Generation 1937-1958

Everyone born between September 1938 (except February 1939 – June 13,1939) and 1958 has Pluto in Leo, which this year is activated by Jupiter in Leo. Many in the Pluto in Leo generation came to Planet Earth to make their special contribution to bringing in the Aquarian Age. And many have felt thwarted in their efforts. This can be a pivotal year (1) to recognize what inner programming and fears have blocked our success, (2) to release our internal blocks, and thus (3) to be able to do what we came here to do. If we do our inner work, we may get the break we have been waiting for and our heart lights can finally shine through our contribution.

More Activation of Uranus Pluto Square

July 21-24 Mercury in Cancer forms a t-square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.
Mercury helps us get clarity about what we are really fighting for. Uranus reminds us that it better not be to defend the status quo.
Pluto says inner anger and fear will sabotage our efforts, so clean up your deep emotional basement.

July 27 Venus in Cancer
joins in reminding us that to relax and be happy we have to be true to ourselves and cultivate an inner space of emotional peace.

Water Trine – Go with the Flow

August 1 Venus forms an exact grand trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, all at 17 degrees.
The water signs either embroil us in emotional turmoil of make it easier to flow with emotional honesty.

When what we want to do, what we were meant to do, and what we commit to do all coincide we find the courage and commitment to move forward. Pay attention on August 1 and monitor your ability to be in this accepting, receptive, and empowered state of being.

August 10 – Aquarius Full Moon

11:09 AM PDT 18:09 GMT

The sign of the Full Moon is always opposite the current Sun sign. With the Sun in Leo, the Full Moon this month is in Leo’s polarity Aquarius. Each polarity pair consists of complementary energies, i.e. they need each other. And when they support each other, each finds its purpose and power. Leo represents our personal gifts, unique creativity, and individual contribution. Aquarius represents community, collaboration, and group effort. Community is made up of individuals. Collaboration creates synergy and progress. Group effort requires everyone’s creative input. Our inner lion is available to play an important role in building the Aquarian Age.

Saturn in Scorpio Influence

At this Full Moon, Saturn (Scorpio), Moon (Aquarius) Sun (Leo) form a t-square in fixed signed. (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the fixed signs.) Square formations require making decisions, taking action, and changing course. The fixed signs like things to stay the same — they often fly the flag of the status quo. This combination catalyzes both resistance and breakdowns. The sooner we let go and allow inevitable change in our habitual way of doing things, the less pain we will endure and the quicker we can move on.

Saturn challenges us to be our own authority, to define our priorities, and to pursue practical goals with discipline and focus. Scorpio obliges us to identify our emotional resistance, our fears, and destructive motivations. Saturn in Scorpio compels us to identify how we give away our power and how we sabotage ourselves.

Saturn and Uranus Test Us to the Core

July 20 – Saturn returns direct. Saturn now supports practical and realistic action.

July 21 – Uranus turns retrograde. Uranus moves inside our psyche to shock us with unexpected events and unconventional ideas.

Uranus upsets the comfortable status quo that Saturn is accustomed to defending. Saturn dampens the enthusiasm of Uranian unconventional ideas.

Due to the shifting of directions of the two planets, Saturn in Scorpio interacts with Uranus in Aries for two months. From June 24 through August 16, Saturn and Uranus are in a relationship called a quincunx or 150 degree angle. Quincunx is an interesting and confusing angle, which is 30 degrees away from an oppositions. Oppositions complement and support each other. Quincunx signs don’t know what to do with each other.

The signs (in this case Aries and Scorpio) involved in a quincunx basically have no common interests. Aries is a cardinal (active) fire sign; Scorpio is a fixed (consolidating) water sign. Their energetic differences favor dissimilar approaches and perspectives. Thus they are prone to annoy or irritate each other.

Resolution to their perpetual conflict can be found when they each learn to adjust enough to accommodate each other and to use the stimulation of the other to find creative solutions. In other words, each must grow and elevate their consciousness.

Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries are in this type of lack of understanding relationship for 2 months. So if you feel pulled in different directions and confused, be aware that these energies are creating an atmosphere that challenges us to find innovative solutions. We have to free ourselves from conventional thinking, use ‘out of the box’ thinking and persevere until we release what is preventing us from moving forward. We are actually being urged to discover a new life for ourselves.

Given the nature of these energies, my best advice is to call upon Sun and Jupiter in Leo to truly love yourself, awaken your heart to your soul purpose, and shine your heart light in the world. The light of your soul will illumine your way and help others as well.


Guru Rattana :+)

The planetary alignments make this a perfect time to ignite the light of our soul. See Kundalini Yoga to Shine Your Light blog.

The Inner Art of Love is your guide book this year for Jupiter in Leo.

The Inner Art of Love by Guru Rattana PhD

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