Scorpio Goes for the Gold – 2015

Scorpio reminds us that on-going transformation is the basic nature of our quest to enrich our lives and to deepen our experience of joy and inner peace.

October 23 – The Sun shines in Scorpio

10:47 AM PDT (17:47 GMT) until the Sun moves into Sagittarius November 22 at 7:26 AM PST (15:38 GMT)

Scorpio has several symbols. The serpent symbolizes transformation and healing. The primal energy of the Kundalini, which when released, produces enlightenment is pictured as a sleeping snake coiled at the base of the spine. Scorpio is also associated with the scorpion that symbolizes our instincts, desires, and self-protective mechanisms. An eagle represents Scorpio’s more evolved phase when we have more awareness and can consciously direct our desires. The dove has transmuted personal desires into healing powers and the ability to hold the space of love and peace. The phoenix illustrates our ability to rise from the ashes of our ego and soar in the heights of our divine connection.

All these archetypes tell part of the tale of Scorpio’s spiritual journey to bring light into darkness, to let go of what is not real, and to live in the truth of our oneness with the divine.

October 27 – Taurus Full Moon

5:05 AM PDT, 13:05 GMT

This is the third of three Super Full Moons in a row. The Moon’s close proximity to the Earth has the effect of amplifying our emotions, causing us to be emotionally volatile and unstable. Repressed, abused, and fear-based issues meet us face to face. The good news is that we can take advantage of the revelations to make shifts in consciousness.

Taurus loves the flowers and is well aware that the we must take care of the Earth that gives life to the seeds we plant. Taurus teaches to take care of our body so that our body can serve as the vessel of our soul and be an instrument to bring our dreams into manifestation.

Taurus is about developing a healthy relationship with our body and with physical reality. Taurus has to figure out how to find a right relationship with physical resources, financial security, and sensuality. If we give money, possessions, and physical pleasure too much importance, our value system gets distorted and we distance ourselves from the pleasure of the emotional and spiritual gifts that nurture us while we inhabit the physical plane. On the other hand, if we deny the importance of taking care of ourselves, we may not be able to adequately meet our needs for health, food, and a sustainable life style.

Mother Earth Taurus knows that the body is the home of our emotions. Watery Scorpio feels deeply all the emotional undercurrents. Together they reveal how emotional traumas get stored as stress and tension in our physical and emotional bodies and are the underlying or associated cause of most illnesses.

Both Taurus and Scorpio deeply desire to enjoy and upgrade their quality of life. And they need each other to be able to do so. Taurus loves physical pleasures, which it sometimes uses to cover up deep emotional wounds. Scorpio comes to the rescue with its ability to tap into what is hidden and to uncover the causes of our inner torment. Scorpio doesn’t stop until it finds the truth that can set us free. If Scorpio get too serious, Taurus remind us to relax, breath, and appreciate the abundant gifts of life.

The Gift of Life – Taurus/Scorpio Polarity Pair

At the full moon polarities oppose each other, creating a heightened tension in our being. What we see and what we don’t see expose the conscious and unconscious realities that shape our lives. Full moons illuminate how our inner reality creates our outer reality. We become aware of our emotional programming and the extent to which it is directed by fear or love. Full moons wake us up to the truth and consequences of our choices. Our motives, hidden agendas, and deepest desires are exposed. The interconnection between light and dark is made painfully clear at the Taurus Full Moon.

Scorpio reveals what has been hidden and identifies the source of our problems so that we can see what needs to be transformed. What we call our shadow generally refers to the less desirable aspects of our personality. But our insecurities and neuroses are not expressions of our true nature. They sprout from repressed emotions, invalidated desires, and needs that have been denied. Our dark side expresses for our underdeveloped self that seeks authentic expression, not repression.

Scorpio exposes the fact that our deep intense emotional core holds the archetypical human wounds of shame, abandonment, and distrust. Shame is a result of feeling unloved and unworthy. We shut down because we have not been validated and thus are not able to value ourselves. We believe that something is innately the matter with us. We do not feel worthy to experience the love of our soul.

It takes consciousness to access the deep levels in our psyche where shame resides. And it takes consciousness to experience the light of our soul and the divine within to transcend our wounds and heal.

The wounds of abandonment also reside at this deep level. We not only believe that we are unworthy, we feel alone, separate, and isolated. Again only our personal inner experience of the Divine within can awaken us to the reality of oneness, connectedness, and acceptance. It is the non-judgmental neutral quality of the Divine that embraces our abandoned inner child and gives us something real that we can trust. We are no longer dependent upon others to try to get the experience we must find within ourselves.

Repression, denial, and blame keep us stuck in the mud of these festering wounds, which play out as addiction to drama, need for control, the desire to manipulate, and black and white judgments. All of the above produce and perpetuate deep existential pain and suffering. In our unconscious state they cause us to carry and project tormented emotions on to our relationships and into the world. Our reality is created from these seeds of anguish.

Scorpio’s ace card and power comes from its ability to honestly access its demons and to engage in the alchemical process of transmuting the darkness of pain into the light of truth, wisdom, and soul power. The only authentic antidotes are self-love and divine connection, which make it possible to trust our soul and our infinite Source.

Venus in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces.

Venus and Chiron collaborate to remind us that pain and struggle are wake up calls to learn lessons and transform our inner being. These loving energies guide us to our most important transformation and healing — ability to love ourselves. Self-love sprouts from our experience of infinite love within. We realize that our true identity is light and as souls of light, our job is to discover, honor, and trust our divine essence. We are each a unique flame birthed from the Infinite Light. Thus we are our own authority. We don’t need approval from anyone. And we don’t need to prove anything or justify ourselves either. We are not here to please others or to be perfect by some insane and unrealistic standard. We are here to live our lives to the fullest and to enjoy awakening to our soul.

November 2 – Venus/Mars Conjunction

at 24 degrees Virgo.

This is the third of three conjunctions of the love birds Venus and Mars. The first was February 21 at 2 degrees Aries. The second was August 31 at 15 degrees Leo. Venus and Mars are within 10 degrees of each other from August 22 to November 22. Their meeting invites us to upgrade our relationship with the masculine/stable and feminine/flowing polarities of our soul. As we find the integration within and experience their divine qualities, we elevate ourselves and our relationships from mundane to sacred.

October 25 – Venus/Jupiter Conjunction

at 16 degrees Virgo

This is the third time that Venus and Jupiter rendezvous this year. The first was July 1 at 22 degrees Leo. The second was August 4 at 29 degrees Leo. Venus and Jupiter remain within 10 degrees of each other from June 14 to August 16 and from October 12 to November 6. Our relationship to pleasure, happiness, love, and abundance can be upgraded during this time. This duo can fuel fantasies, over-optimism, and overspending. However, the self-control of Virgo can keep our desires and dreams within a manageable level of creativity and generosity. Pay attention to details as you widen your horizons and think outside the box.

November 11 – Scorpio New Moon

9:47 AM PST, 17:47 GMT

Scorpio reminds us that we never really die, we transform and evolve. At the Scorpio New Moon we must release something to give birth to something new. What exactly that is for each one of us varies. But we will know because letting go will make us feel lighter and closer to our own truth.

Mercury joins the New Moon

Mercury is the planet of the mind, which receives, processes, and shares information from and between the unconscious, conscious, and super-conscious. Our mind’s ability to connect with all levels of reality gives it the power to also integrate all aspects of ourselves and reality. Mercury in Scorpio helps us become aware of how our thinking and communication reflects and speaks for our deep emotions.

Mercury and the Moon in Scorpio, remind us to monitor the motivations behind our words, to listen with discrimination both to ourselves and others, and to recognize the truth of our inner knowing. Our on-going job is to train ourselves to stop repeating fear-based thoughts that disempower and create confusion and chaos. And instead consciously use our mind to attune to the messages of love. Aim for peace, our ultimate destination.

4-5, 12-13, 17-18 November – Meteor Showers

Just before, during, and after the Scorpio New Moon, three sets of meteors signal transitions and are catalysts for change.

The Flow of Transformation

Scorpio and the water signs remind us that everything is fluid and as such water and our emotional body are the medium for transformation. When our emotional body is controlled by fear and anger, we create pain and suffering. When our emotional body resonates with the higher frequencies of love, change is easy and even pleasurable.

Scorpio reveals the secret. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is found in our heart. We find the gold of consciousness when we discover the divine within. Light the candle of the Divine in your mind and carry it with devotion to illuminate the path of your soul.

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