Chakra Powers, Kundalini Yoga

Chakra Communication

Listening to the voices of our chakras gives us invaluable information when you are trying to find peace and harmony in our relationships without compromising our own values, sense of self, independence, and freedom. The following information is from my book, Your Life Is in Your Chakras.

While the Sun is in Libra is a good time to notice who is speaking and how we are interacting in our relationships. We can listen to our chakra voices to find out. Read Blog Libra Seeks Harmony and Balance – 2015 for supplemental information.

Yoiur Life is in Your Chakras by Guru Rattanha PhD

Chakra Energies

Each chakra expresses and is a voice for its own unique energy. Each energy expresses in a less-than-optimal manner if it is repressed, disowned, or ignored. On the other hand, each energy can express in favorable and supportive ways when we acknowledge and are able to positively use its faculties and powers. We work with our chakras to bring their unconscious energies into consciousness and to develop their higher expressions.

How each chakra expresses depends upon whether its energies are (1) developed or undeveloped, (2) open or closed, (3) balanced or unbalanced, (4) aligned or misaligned, (5) honored or suppressed, and (6) conscious or unconscious. Whatever our chakras express or suppress, their vital energies are alive within us and (1) are projected into the world, (2) are reflected in our environments, and (3) create our outer reality. Denial cannot hide what is going on. It can only feed self-sabotage.

What Are Your Chakras Communicating?

We will identify the scripts of each of our chakras, but first let’s simplify the process. We want to communicate from an empowered feeling from each chakra. We communicate not only with our words, but also with our energetic projection, which is a nonverbal statement of how we feel inside — our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual inner reality. Here is a touchstone list that we can use to align the projection of each of our chakras with a satisfied feeling.

The Feeling Cs of Chakra Communication

First Chakra: Contained, Connected to the Earth and Our Body
We feel energetically contained inside our skin and present to our own aliveness, here/now.

Second Chakra: Cozy and Comforted
We feel emotionally content, self-satisfied, self-nurtured, and cozy inside our body.

Third Chakra: Centered and Self-Focused
We feel our power center at our navel, which radiates through the whole length of our spine.

Solar Plexus: Courageous and Emotionally Honest
We are able to face life as it presents itself and not hide from our emotional reactions.

Fourth Chakra: Caring and Compassion
We are kind and caring to ourselves and to those we communicate with.

Fifth Chakra: Clear
We listen within and hear clear messages from both our intuition and instincts about what we wish to say or not to say. And we are available to listen and feel what others are communicating.

Sixth Chakra: Conscious
We are in our neutral channel and conscious of the impact of what we choose to communicate.

Seventh Chakra: Connected
We experience our Divine Connection and trust we are being guided for the highest good of all.

Aura: Complete
We feel whole, integrated, and able to maintain our personal sense of self in challenging times.

All-Chakra Energizer

This is a quick all-chakra energizer that can be done alone, as a warm up exercise, or before any meditation. You will feel greatly energized and centered.

  1. First, do a few Cat Cows to warm up your spine.


  2. In Cow position with hands under the shoulders, kick buttocks with the left leg and then with the right leg. 1 minute each leg.
  3. Still in Cow Pose, stretch the spine as you do Breath of Fire, focusing first on the crown chakra and then moving down the chakras. Spend at least 30 seconds and up to 1 minute on each chakra. Pulse each chakra with the pulse at the navel. You can spend more time on one chakra as you feel the need for its activation.
  4. Inhale deeply as you slowly move into Cat Pose.


  5. In Cat Pose, do Breath of Fire, focusing first on the root chakra. Progressively pulse each ascending chakra with the navel pulse until you reach the crown chakra.

Then inhale deeply as you slowly move into Cow Pose. Slowly move between Cow and Cat a few times and then lie down on your back and relax for a few minutes.

Follow with any meditation.

See Chapter 19 The Voices and Projections of the Chakras in Your Life Is in Your Chakras