Astrology with Guru Rattana
From 1999 until starting my Blog in the spring of 2013 I published The New Millennium Being. Its purpose was to help guide us into the 21st century and the Aquarian Age, focusing on our personal preparation and how we could each, in our own unique way, establish a connection with our Self and follow our destiny path.

This timeless wisdom lives on, just as relevant today as it was back then. Now The New Millennium Being has its own Website (at containing the full text of all 200 issues, and with an index and site search facility, making it easy for you to find your way around and discover specific articles of interest to you.

Like my Blog, the articles uniquely synthesize fascinating and relevant information about Astrology, the Chakras, the 5 Elements, Spirituality and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, unraveling the mysteries and providing insights on how the twelve Zodiac signs, planetary energies and astrological events can impact us, and affect our lives.

Many Kundalini Yoga meditations are provided to help tap the powers of the various astrological signs. Practicing both the kriyas and meditations aligns us with universal energies and our own truth.

Each sign is a path requiring unique discipline. We usually focus on our Sun sign which represents our most obvious lessons. However, to fully understand ourselves, we must work with all the energies available to us. The extent to which they demand our attention also depends upon which energy rules our other planets, especially our Moon, our Ascendant and our Saturn.

The New Millennium Being was written to help us achieve wholeness, while also learning to integrate the energies and powers of each of the astrological signs into our human tool kit.