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Who Cares? Summer Solstice and Cancer New Moon

Cancer energy is about caring, nurturing, and mother love. We can heal our mother wounds while the Sun shines in Cancer.

June 20 – 21 – Summer Solstice, the Sun Moves into Cancer

9:24 PM PDT (4:24 GMT June 21)

We have one month (through July 21) to shift our attention within and to find the power of mother love that resides in our inner feeling emotional world.

June 23-24 Cancer New Moon

7:30 PM PDT (2:30 GMT)

The Cancer archetype represents the Great Mother, the giver of life. We are all birthed from the Mother and the Mother lives within us, sustaining every one of us throughout our lives.

To imagine the world we wish to live in and create, we must dive deep into our feelings and our inner world, where creation begins. To change what and how we manifest in our lives, we have to begin with our subconscious and the programming that rules our inner reality. Our subconscious is programmed by our early experiences with our mother and how we were mothered. The extent to which we felt nurtured and unconditionally loved determines how our mother imprints translate into a sense of safety, security, and trust in self, life, and higher powers, or not.

June 30 – July 1 – Chiron Goes Retrograde in Pisces

Almost everyone carries wounds related to their early mothering imprints. We experience these wounds as personal, but they are in fact generational and cultural. Our mother passed on to us what was passed on to her, and so on for a long, long time. These imprints relate to cultural programming regarding the value and power of being a woman. Our healing at this time is not to blame our mothers or ourselves, but to realize that we have an opportunity to release the fear-based programming that suppressed the feminine, women, emotions, and indeed all of humanity for way too long.

The healing mission of Chiron in Pisces (2010 – 2018) is to awaken us to universal reality, where we transcend our human pain and suffering and find our ultimate security in cosmic consciousness. Only when our inner reality is imbued with transcendental universal love do we have a place within us where we can feel safe, secure, and unconditionally accepted and loved. When we feel the Great Mother nurture our inner world, we can release old conditioning of not feeling worthy and of not being able to get our needs met no matter what we do or how hard we try. Part of our healing is realizing that we don’t have to defend ourselves or use emotional manipulation to try to get what we want or to prove our worth. The need to assert ourselves and the fear of doing so is replaced by our willingness to be vulnerable within ourselves and to find refuge and solace by calling upon the Divine Mother to support us in our earthly endeavors.

July 2 – Mars-Pluto Opposition

The opposition of warrior Mars in Cancer and detective Pluto in Capricorn increase the intensity and volatility of cosmic energies. (Mars in Cancer may play out as passive aggressive.) As Mars moves into a square with revolutionary Uranus on July 17, this trio can catalyze disruptive and shocking events. With the low and divisive consciousness on the planet, this energy is likely to create breakdowns, which we hope lead to breakthroughs in consciousness. Something must shift. How many wake up calls does it take to wake us up? Quit hitting the snooze alarm!

Deep reflection, not impulsive angry action is what is called for. The emotional intensity will build before the Solar Eclipse August 7. Use the time while the Sun is in Cancer to nurture yourself and others with kindness, empathy, and compassion. Then we will be prepared to find solutions in the heart.

A Caring Heart-Centered Paradigm Shift

While the Sun shines is Cancer is an important time for us to reflect on a paradigm shift that can extricate us from the quagmire of hate, anger, and fear that seems to have enveloped the planet. As I have explained before, *(1) because the feminine has been basically erased from the definition of the Sacred, our political, economic, and social systems have evolved (devolved) to exclude the feminine concepts of caring, nurturing, and giving value to life, feelings, emotions, women, and the Earth.

The current global economic structure is based on expansion, growth, and profits, which without the caring component leads to exploitation, wars, and destruction of the world’s resources. Currently there is no social consciousness built into our economic and political structures to direct our choices to taking care of people and the planet. Of course, this dynamic varies from country to country, but overall the attention paid to serving people is just enough to keep the system in place. The masses are controlled by consumerism. We believe we are included because we do benefit from all the handy and useful things that we can buy (for those who can afford them). But we are cleverly excluded from the decision making process, and those who control the resources grab the bulk of the wealth for themselves. The system doesn’t care, and those who run the system have designed it to their benefit, i.e. they really don’t care either.

We can’t hide behind the excuse – ”That is the way it is.” anymore. Yes, things are the way the are now. And the inequitable system has been in place for a long time. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever. The Aquarian Age is giving us an opportunity for a transformation in consciousness so we can create other systems based on the heart, where the men and women who run the system profoundly care about life, each other, and the planet. But for this to happen and work, the systems that we create have to be guided by a vision that defines our overall goals to serve and empower the entire global population.

A heart-centered world and its economic, political, and social systems have to be directed by an attitude of caring and kindness. Our goals have to be formulated in the interest of the highest good of all humanity and Mother Earth . It is not just about increasing programs that offer benefits to the disenfranchised, homeless, and poor. Currently there are systemic reasons why some people are left out, and that is what must be identified, acknowledged, and addressed. We can’t just increase spending on stop gap measures that are geared to cover up the real causes and perpetuate the system to benefit a few and dumb down the rest. Systemic corruption and the resulting feeling of powerlessness of the masses are underlying reasons why so many people are angry.

Greed and privilege for a few OR caring and opportunity for all? Which is it?

Commentary on Trump

The most revelatory thing about Trump is that he is exposing the essence of the greed machine. It appears that each new policy is directed to perpetuate and strengthen the greed and self-interest of a few at the expense of the general public and the broader interests of the environment and society. Each new executive order says – ‘I don’t care!’ He is so honest, it is scary. He doesn’t even pretend to care! We get to see where he is coming from without fluff.

Many politicians pretend to care even though they really don’t. (That is how Trump could get elected.) Their blatantly hypocritical proposals are sugar-coated to perpetuate a corrupt system. But not Trump. His honesty is having its effects and mobilizing people to wake up. Nothing short of an awakening of compassionate consciousness that includes and honors everyone is going to move us into the Aquarian Age in the direction that we want to go – toward the heart!


*(1) See The Gift of Womanhood Chapter 13 – Healing Archetypal Mother Wounds, Chapter 10 – Redefining Sacred, Chapter 7 – Healing Father Wounds.

The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana PhD

Also see my blog entry Earth/Spiritual Worldview Shift

Meditate for Self-Nurturing

The following meditation can pull you into a deep meditative state where you can connect with the space and experience the nurturing force of the Divine Mother. Before doing the meditation, call upon the Divine Mother with several long MAAAAAs (1-5 minutes as you wish). After completing the recommended 3 minutes, sit in silence (or lie down on your back) and allow yourself to feel nurtured from within.

I suggest following this meditation with the Ad Nad Kriya given in the last Blog. If you have already started practicing this meditation, I encourage you to continue. I will do so myself, as I find it very powerful and enjoy feeling the vibration of the mantra (self-nurturing). You can add pumping the navel with the Hari Har Hari Har. One man who is also doing the meditation received an email from me when he had a question to ask me. We hadn’t seen each other or emailed for over a year. The telepathic powers are working. :+)

Super Transcendental Meditation

To Develop Trust

March 10, 1977

In Easy Pose, raise arms to the sides, bent at 90°, upper arms parallel to the ground, forearms perpendicular, palms forward, and fingertips folded on to the pads at their base, thumbs pulled back, at ear level. Bending from the lower spine, lean torso back as far as possible without falling over. Eyes are nine-tenths closed. Inhale, mentally chanting


And exhale, mentally chanting during exhale


focusing on the breath and the mantra. Continue for no longer than 3 minutes.

To end, inhale, exhale, and bend from lower spine to bow, forehead to the ground.

SO HUNG – means I am that. We awaken to and identify with the cosmic space within.

COMMENTS: This is a very powerful meditation. “I don’t know whether you’ll be on the Moon or Venus tomorrow. Whether you understand the meditation or not is not important. Get into it and let God take care of you.” – Yogi Bhajan

NOTE: A version was given on March 14 with the back erect for 3 minutes, building to 31. “Simple, but can simply make you a saint!”

from Transitions to a Heart-Centered World, p. 185.

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