Guru Rattana’s London Workshop and New Book Launch

My much anticipated London Workshop – Awaken to Love with Japji – will take place on the weekend October 22/23rd in the beautiful spiritual surroundings of the Central Gurdwara,  62, Queensdale Road, London W11 4SG, UK


I will show you how to understand and experience the spiritual path as taught by Guru Nanak in Jap-ji.
We will practice Kundalini Yoga and chant sacred mantras to be in the consciousness of oneness.The workshop will include the UK Launch of my just published 11th book – Sing to Your Soul – Awaken to Oneness. Copies will be available for purchase.

Times: Saturday 22nd October – 10 am – 5:30pm; Sunday 23rd – 10am – 5pm

Cost – £75 per day – includes lunch for pre-bookings and £135 for entire weekend.

Book now to ensure your place.

Contact: Janice Timms – 07905 494434 or 0207 823 4139

Jap-ji is a spiritual text that reaches out to us all to awaken to our oneness, regardless of spiritual path, class or creed. Sing to Your Soul poetically explains its essence, and offers a meaningful understanding of spiritual principles that enlightened ones have tried to convey for millennia. Addressing major questions of seekers everywhere, it clarifies concepts still relevant to our life and times, and fits them all together to show the exquisite beauty of Jap-ji’s elevated totality.

11 thoughts on “Guru Rattana’s London Workshop and New Book Launch”

  1. It was a wonderful workshop yesterday, thankyou Guru Rattana. I’m sorry I had to dash away at the end without speaking to anyone but I had a class to get to in King’s Cross. Would anybody be able to share with me any audio they happened to record? I know it’s not easy to do that, seeing as there probably many hours of it.

  2. unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it but I’m thinking about asking a friend to visit the place and get me a copy of the book. would that be ok and – if yes – what is the price of the book?

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