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Eleven-Eleven — Surrender is Sweet Victory

The number Eleven is a mystical number. The armistice that ended World War One in 1918 (almost one hundred years ago!) was signed on 11- 11 at 5:00 am, but actually came into effect at 11:00 am, as Germany needed six hours to notify all its units to cease fire. Veterans Day appropriately happens on November 11.

The number Eleven in Yogi Bhajan’s Tantric Numerology is a special number. Eleven can be reduced to 2, thus it is unstable until our consciousness is focused, consolidated, and whole enough to hold our Divine Connection and let It hold us. Eleven is tricky because it is easy and natural for us fall back into ‘two-negative protective mind’ consciousness. We revert to our dualistic mind when we have doubts and feel alone. Our Divine Connection must be integrated into our being for us to feel safe and secure enough to relax, let go, and allow ourselves to be guided by the Unknown.

If our separate ‘I’ is still trying to be in charge, we remain on the outside of this sublime reality. We are still worried, stressed, and concerned. Our mind is still calculating and counting instead of paying attention to the stillness and silence of oneness, out of which inspiration and guidance flows. We still think we have to figure out everything by ourselves.

The number Eleven is about becoming conscious of our oneness. It is about surrendering to the Universal Force by becoming one with it. It is not about choosing to give up our ego or deciding that oneness is a good idea. Surrender is not a willful mental decision because we have convinced ourselves (or others have convinced us) to give up and let go of control. Eleven is totally experiential and happens in feeling awareness in a state of no-mind or neutral mind. Surrender and trust are possible when we are receptive and available, when we no long resist and no long feel the need or desire to be in control.

Surrender is a victory because we have succeeded in raising our vibration to the level of Universal Oneness. We have tuned our instrument — our physical, emotional, mental, and subtle bodies to live in a vibrational reality that computes Oneness. And therefore in this elevated state of being we are able to relax, receive, trust, and surrender.

Eleven is the number of total victory. We experience that we are guided by the Universal One and our will is naturally aligned with universal will. There is no separation, no conflict, no doubt in the reality of Oneness. We feel what is right and are guided by our subtle instinctual awareness and our heart.

Practice Surrendering to Your Breath

Our pranic body is very special because we can both control our breath, and it operates automatically when we are not paying attention. (This is fortunate because if we had to remember to breathe, we would all be dead a long time ago.) Because we can count on our pranic body to give us sufficient air to live, we can practice surrendering and letting go by being present to our breath – to our inhale, exhale, and the wave the of the breath in our body.

Watch your breath. Feel your breath. Be with your breath as it brings air in and out of your lungs. There is no need to control it. It will still breath even when you forget to pay attention. Can you relax and simply be with your breath? Can you surrender to its wisdom and the gift of life that it delivers every second?

Identify Sweet Victory in Your Life

Sing to Your Soul - a new book from Guru Rattana PhD

My new book Sing to Your Soul, Awaken to Oneness — Jap-ji Explains the Spiritual Path is my eleventh book. It is very much an eleven – surrender book. It choose to be written through me. It was not the book that I was planning to write next. But writing it felt to right and made me very happy. Surrendering to the assignment was sweet and gave me much joy.

The occurrence of the number Eleven and 11/11 can remind us to connect to the Universal One. Where in your life can you surrender and allow yourself to experience the peaceful joy of being guided and supported by the Cosmic One?


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  1. I don’t have words to express the importance of this subject in my life this year, I completed my 1000 day kriya of japji, and marked the occasion in yogi Ji’s birthday. Thank you for creating this.

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