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Kundalini Yoga – Archer Pose – Direct Your Arrow

Archer Pose is the perfect posture to do while the Sun is in Sagittarius. Regardless of the Sun’s energy or our own energetic blueprint, we can all benefit from the effects of this standing posture —

(1) GROUNDING – Archer pose works to ground us with the Earth and in physical reality.

(2) FOCUS – Fixing our attention on the pointed thumb develops our ability to focus.

(3) EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS – Letting our gaze move to the horizon and beyond opens our consciousness to the unknown. It is important to note that in archer pose our arrow and gaze are toward the horizon, which is the exact point where physical and non-physical realities meet. The Sagittarius path is about integrating Earth and Spirit.

(4) OPEN THE HEART – Keeping the soft tension across the chest, opens the heart chakra.

(5) DEVELOP THE RADIANT BODY – Archer pose strengthens the aura and builds a golden radiant body into a powerful presence.

I remember Yogi Bhajan giving this exercise to a woman to do for 31 minutes on each side for 90 days. It took her time to work up to the 31 minutes, but she did it and developed an impressive radiant presence and strong self-confidence. Even working up to 11 minutes on each side is seriously transformative.

Doing archer pose everyday brings impressive results. (1) Watch how your perception shifts.

(2) Experience heightened awareness of what needs to be done and how to move forward.

(3) Witness resolution of long-standing issues. (4) Feel how you become more available to birth an expanded concept of self and way of being that is fearless and self-confident.

You may not enjoy the posture (especially initially) but you will certainly enjoy the results. (Sometimes Earth signs love this posture and Air signs resist.) It will make you very strong, fearless, and even invincible. Allow the alchemical fire to purify and transform the energetic substance of your being. Your willingness to be honest makes it possible to be authentic and to fearlessly point your arrow from your heart into your yet to be birthed future.


Stand with the left leg forward, bending the knee so that the thigh is as close to parallel to the ground as possible. (Over time gradually go deeper into the posture.) The lower front leg is perpendicular to the ground so that the knee is over the heel and not forward over the toes. The left leg is straight back, with the foot flat on the ground. The right heel is directly behind the left heel. Check your posture so you are not leaning forward. The spine should be straight with the head over the tailbone. The left arm is extended forward parallel to the ground. Hand is in a fist with the thumb over the fingers and pointing forward. The right arm is bent and pulled back like pulling on a bowstring. Feel a tension across the chest. Fix your attention on your thumb pointing to the horizon.


Hold the position with long deep breathing or Breath of Fire for 3-5 minutes. Switch sides and repeat for 3-5 minutes. If you choose, work up to 11 minutes on each side.

Mantra for Courage and Fearlessness – Universal Attributes

Archer Pose can also be done chanting the following mantra either internally with the breath or out loud. This 8 part mantra imprints the major aspects of the Divine in our consciousness bringing us into a state of fearlessness and courage.

GOBINDE—Go bin day–Sustainer

MUKUNDE—Mu kun day–Liberator

UDARE—Oo dar ay–Enlightener

APARE—A par ay–Infinite

HARING—Har e ung–Destroyer

KARING—Kar e ung–Creator

NIRNAME—Nir na may–Nameless

AKAME—A ka may—Desireless


Slowly come out of the position by carefully sliding your feet together. Shake your legs and body to release any tension.

After completing archer pose, do not rush to another posture or activity. Sit in easy pose or any meditative posture and observe the open space inside your head and body. Listen to the sound of silence. Feel the aliveness in your body and feel your body as the container for your inner space. Simply be open to experience the purity and silence of the cosmos within.

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