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Jupiter in Taurus Blesses Us with Opportunities

In May the Taurus Bull enters the center ring of life in full force. A major shift happens May 16 when Jupiter moves from Aries into Taurus until May 25, 2024. (The Sun shines in Taurus April 21 – May 21. Uranus has been waking us up to Taurus themes since 2018.) Taurus earth energy and its agenda will play a pivotal role in our individual and collective lives for the next year. It is time to embrace our inner Bull and make friends with this steady, resourceful, and productive energy.

Journey from Your Head to Your Heart Workshop

My upcoming workshop May 21 10:00 – 12:00 PM PDT (utc-7) helps you create the necessary inner foundation for the massive shifts that we are experiencing and will be intensifying this year. This blog explains what we are dealing with, including the important shift of Jupiter into Taurus. Be sure to join me May 21 to build the inner stamina required to take advantage of the opportunities coming your way.          

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Bi-annual Eclipse Season

The transition from a focus on individualistic Aries to pleasure seeking Taurus happened during the latest eclipses. A major theme of Jupiter in Aries concerned healing our past. Jupiter in Taurus is future-oriented, supporting us in creating a new chapter in our lives.

April 20 there was a Solar New Moon Eclipse was at 29° Aries. (discussed in last blog)

May 5 the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse was at 14° Scorpio. (discussed below)

The Sun, Uranus, and Mercury retrograde in Taurus opposed the Moon in Scorpio.

Twice a year there are two consecutive eclipses. At a new moon Solar Eclipse, the shadow of the Moon covers the light of the Sun. The day becomes night. At a full moon Lunar Eclipse, the shadow of the Earth covers the Moon. Things are not the same. In fact they are upside down. We can feel disoriented by eclipses. The good news is that these special alignments of the Sun, Moon, and Earth suspends the normal energetic matrices, opening doorways that make shifts in consciousness more available.

May 5 – Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 14° Scorpio.

Lunar eclipses impact our emotional body (especially in the water signs), making it easier to recognize unconscious patterns and release old programming. We may feel more easily triggered, as buried emotions and fears rise to the surface. We can feel the unsettling energies a few weeks before the actual eclipse. The healing adjustment may continue as an undercurrent for months, even until the next set of eclipses six months later.

Scorpio, the second water sign, feels the full spectrum of emotions. Transits involving Scorpio and its ruler Pluto coincide with challenging emotional periods in our lives. We have to do the required inner work to be transformed, empowered, and liberated from our inner torment. All aspects of the Scorpionic/Plutonian process involve learning about the power of emotions and the subconscious, and connecting to our personal truth.

During this eclipse, the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and the North Node were all in Taurus. The first earth sign is about developing a conscious and sacred relationship with physical reality, including our body, Nature, and how we use our time, energy, and money. The Taurus underlying themes are

  1. establishing and living according to our values,
  2. valuing ourselves and our lives, and
  3. taking good care of our physical body and environment.

Establishing our sense of self-value is of primary importance, because many of our issues related to money, abundance, and sufficiency reflect unconscious beliefs around not being worthy, acquired from childhood experiences, cultural programming, and religious conditioning.

May 7 – June 5 – Venus in Cancer

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, reminds us of the spiritual nature of love and beauty. Venus helps us notice that the more we love ourselves, feel the flow of unconditional love in our hearts, and enjoy the beauty of physical life, the less we need to prove or possess and the more we feel satisfied and content with what we have.

Venus feels good in Cancer, since both Venus and Cancer naturally express through feelings. While Venus is in Cancer we can get in touch with the fact that much of our suffering can be traced back to unexpressed emotions. We felt something, but didn’t know what to do with the disturbing energy. We repressed our feelings and locked them in our subconscious vault. Over time we reduce our conscious sensitivity and become prone to mood swings. This is a good time to practice feeling cozy inside our skin by accepting, allowing, and loving what we feel.

Uranus in Taurus

While transiting through Taurus (May 15, 2018 to November 7, 2025) Uranus prods us to liberate ourselves from old mindsets, so we can create a new way of being in our relationship with money, our body, and our sense of security. Uranus invites us to be unapologetically ourselves. In a world dominated by social media, trends, peer pressure, and being ‘politically correct’, we often hide our originality and even lie to ourselves. Uranus wants us to think out of the box, to establish our independence, and to be open to alternative ways of thinking and creating. Known as the Awakener. Uranus, helps us break free from convention and listen to the beat of our own heart.

Taurus and Scorpio – Don’t Compromise Your Values

Both Taurus and its polarity partner Scorpio are fixed signs. They have the ‘fixed’ power to focus, to keep things stable, and to preserve the status quo. This also makes them stubborn and resistant to seeing the signs and being open to change. The key to access the power of all the zodiac signs is to embody their strengths  and those of their polarity partner. Both Taurus and Scorpio are resilient and determined. The keys to their power are

  1. to be resilient without being resistant,
  2. to be in control by aligning with the truth, and
  3. to be authentic without being manipulative or playing the victim.

Tarurus’ common sense can show us a new way to conduct our life. We can change a “no” to a “yes” or a “yes” to a “no.” We can believe that a different outcome is possible. We can be open to listen and to see the signs and watch for the doors to open.

Scorpio symbolizes the imperative to face our fears, heal old traumas, and own our power in order to find inner peace, unleash our creativity, and find joy. A Scorpio strategy could be “Feel it, Allow it, Accept it, Bless it, Love it, Release it.”

May 14 – Mercury Goes Direct at 5° Taurus

Mercury in Taurus has been retrograde since April 21. Because of its retrograde passage, Mercury spends almost ten weeks (instead of 3-4 weeks) in Taurus (April 3 to June 11). This is a good time for self-inquiry. (See Personal Inquiry and Assessment below.)

May 16 – Jupiter Enters Taurus – A Big Day!

May 16 Jupiter begins its once every twelve years passage through Taurus, where it remains until May 25, 2024. During this year-long journey, we will focus on optimizing our relationship with the physical plane — to be

  1. more in touch with the wisdom of our body,
  2. more attuned to the intelligence of Nature, and
  3. more aware of our intrinsic value.

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, symbolizes

  1. expansion,
  2.  possibilities,
  3. search for meaning,
  4. aligning with our purpose,
  5. faith in ourselves and the unknown, and
  6. a higher perspective.

Jupiter and Saturn are know as the two social/collective planets. When they change signs, the focus and values of society change. When Jupiter was in Aries we focused on ourselves, finding our identity, healing our wounds, and doing our own thing. Our energy was more assertive and individualistic.

With Saturn in Pisces from March 7 for 2½ years, our collective inclinations are spiritually and inner-oriented. Saturn in Pisces helps Jupiter in Taurus look inside for permission, validation, divine love, and cosmic connection.

Jupiter’s sign focuses our attention on where and how we are motivated to grow, expand, and enjoy life. Jupiter in Taurus focuses on material and financial security, comfort, and stability. We will take practical steps toward achieving our personal goals. Jupiter in Taurus stimulates our desire for pleasure, peace, beauty, practicality and stability. Taurus teaches us that there many intangible ways that we can feel rich and simply enjoy being alive.

Jupiter’s shadow side makes us overconfident, overindulgent, and gullible. We need to guard against overextending ourselves and indulging in all kinds of excesses. Unevolved Jupiter can be  narrow-minded and dogmatic. Jupiter in Taurus finds balance by focusing on quality more than quantity, and enjoying the abundance of non-material wealth everywhere.

With Jupiter in the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, we can chill out a bit. We might even be more patient with ourselves and each other. We might give more importance to feeling our heart connection instead of focusing on each other’s beliefs and points of view. That would be nice! Actually that would be awesome and a major step toward creating inner and outer peace.

How Jupiter in Taurus Will Impact You

Where Taurus falls in your birth chart and the planets in Taurus indicate where and how Jupiter will be most active in your life during the next year. This is where opportunities will open up and where favorable change can happen. Jupiter will also interact favorably with other planets aligned closely in the same degrees.

How Jupiter Works – Important!!

It is important to know how Jupiter works and to work with this cosmic force.

♥ Jupiter can open doors, but we have to walk through them. Jupiter expands what is possible, but we have to notice the opportunities, jump on them, and take action before they disappear.

♥ Jupiter doesn’t make money fall from the sky. Jupiter doesn’t offer free lunches. We have to make our own meal, and there is plenty of food and resources available to do so.

♥ Jupiter doesn’t push us. We have to choose to participate. Jupiter is about expansion through creation, made possible with our willing attitude and initiative.

♥ Jupiter is about value creation – both inner and outer. The more we value ourselves, the more we can create value in the world. The more we expand our inner space of love, the more we attract opportunities and respond from our hearts.

♥ Jupiter in about blessings. Practice blessings everything and everyone and watch how your life changes.

May 19 – Benefic New Moon at 28° Taurus

The Taurus New Moon is auspicious because the Moon makes only harmonious aspects with other planets: Mars in Leo, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Aquarius. The universe is very much on our side! Something we are particularly interested in may finally be able to move forward.

This benefic new moon supports us in taking the action required by the demanding squares and opposition between Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto.

May 17-21 – Fixed T-Square at 0° Taurus-Leo-Aquarius

Jupiter moving into Taurus starts with a BANG! Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Leo, and Pluto in Aquarius form a dynamic fixed T-square at 0º Taurus-Leo-Aquarius. All these planets squaring off at zero degrees means that something new is about to happen and action is required. If we don’t act, we will be acted upon. This is especially true for planets and angles from 0 to 4 degrees. These are not easy alignments.

On May 17 Jupiter is square Pluto at 0° Aquarius.  Jupiter squares both Mars and Pluto who are opposing each other.

This is a heavy and compelling line up. Squares are turning points that force a shift in perspective and direction to move forward with dealing with core issues from reality, not wishful thinking. We have to seriously look at the way that long standing patterns of how we deal with power are the root cause of our systemic problems.

Jupiter asks us to dig deep for the truth and honor what is true for ourselves and respectful of others. Pluto makes us aware of what is not working and requires deep transformation. Mars makes it clear that the only thing that can work is to take action from our hearts.

We can’t just slide back to the ‘old normal’, which benefited a few at the expense of the rest. We have to honestly address and take action on fundamental issues related to who has the power and and why. Collectively many issues related to authority, responsibility, and values have been exposed since 2020. However, none of the social, political, or healthcare issues have been seriously addressed by the responsible institutions.  And these problems are not going to magically go away. The dynamics of these planets at zero degrees demands a new beginning in terms of both perspective, approaches, values, and action. Together they make sure that we no longer ignore the many elephants in the room.

When the desire for expansion (Jupiter) and the necessity of transformation (Pluto) form a square, the confrontive energy is tense and demanding. We can experience chaos and conflict between our material desires and our need to devote time to our inner practice. We are being challenged to look deeply at our values, goals and beliefs, and to question whether they are a reflection of our highest truth.

May 20 – Mars Enters Leo

When Mars is in the sign of the Sun, we find it easier to connect to our heart, and act from that place of truth and authenticity. As a result, we will feel more in tune with life, and confident about ourselves, our choices, and our actions.

Mars in Leo opposing Pluto in Aquarius helps us identify our deepest motivations. Are we operating from love or fear, soul or ego? How are our deepest patterns and fears keeping us engaged in internal conflict and not moving forward? How are we expressing our Mars assertive energy, our passion, our courage?  When we can honestly identify our core wounds, we can use that knowledge and energy to transform our lives from within. We access the ground from which we can express our unique soul identity.

Personal Inquiry and Assessment

Moving into a new Jupiter in Taurus year is an opportune time to access ‘the results’ of this eclipse season, and actually to assess how we have transformed since 2020. How have you changed? Are you more ready for the upcoming year of manifestation and taking good care of yourself? How do you feel about both the inner and outer changes that are transpiring in your life?

Eclipses are one of the cosmic dynamics that change the course of things so that a more optimal order is possible. It is wise to keep in mind that when things don’t go as we hoped or planned, they often lead us down a more favorable path.

To hone our alignment with universal energies, we need to go with the flow rather than against it. We need to notice what is happening, without trying to change things and allow for adjustments. “Trying harder” is not a good strategy. The universe is gently (or not so gently) nudging us to change something.

We are being asked to look deeply at issues related to power and control. In which ways have you been keeping yourself small out of fear of losing power and control? Are you ready for a new approach, a new attitude, a more open heart?

Mercury retrograde gives us a chance to reflect without the need to draw definitive conclusions.

Don’t Fight with the Universe

It is never a good idea to fight with reality. We always lose when we believe that we are cleverer than the universe. Want to provoke a lesson in humility? Try to control what is and impose your idea of how things should be.

It is actually quite easy to detect when we are fighting with the universe. Whatever we call the universe, it is not some external force outside that is acting independently of ourselves. We are created from universal energies and thus inherently part of the universe. So when we resist, complain, and object, we are not only fighting with reality, we are at war with ourselves. WE FEEL the stress, the pain, and the anguish. It is not a secret that we have imprisoned ourselves in mental stories that are not in alignment with the universe or our soul.

It is a good attitude to believe that the universe is ALWAYS trying to help us. There are signs everywhere all the time. We have to be willing to see them, pay attention, identify and let go of our mental narratives of how we think things should be.

The planets are always aligning to facilitate transformation and evolution. One of our biggest lessons is to recognize and release beliefs and conditioning that keep us from working with reality and following our heart.

Benefiting from a Special Year

♥  The most important thing we can do this year is learn how to align ourselves with Jupiter’s energy. There are going to be many challenges. We have to make the required adjustments to reap the benefits in store for us in the spring 2024. Jupiter’s journey through Taurus ends with the innovative Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in April 2024 and the heart-lead Venus-Jupiter conjunction May 23, 2024. Hold your vision in your heart and do what you have to do. It is going to be worth it!!

Basic Activation Breath and Silent Meditation

We practice the Basic Activation Breath in all my LEVEL DEEP workshops. This combines conscious breathing and the locks to cultivate focus at the third (one eye) in the neutral mind.

This breath is a great centering exercise to start your practice and to do between exercises to consolidate their effects. You can do it any time of the day and to calm yourself down before going to sleep.


  • Feel your long, deep, slow inhale enter your nostrils.
  • Follow your breath up to the bridge of the nose and up to the center of your head.
  • Focus when the breath stops to activate the pituitary gland and your third eye. (one eye)
  • At the end of the inhale focus deeply at the point of your one eye.
  • Then slowly exhale as you relax your body.
  • Midway on the exhale, begin pulling in your navel. This will happen naturally.
  • As the navel is pulled toward the spine, feel the muscles from the navel engage all the muscles down to the base of the spine.
  • Feel the fire at the navel go down to the base of the spine and engage the root lock.
  • As you lightly engage the root lock, allow the energy to move up the spine to the one eye.
  • Pause when you focus at your one eye.
  • Begin the next inhale when you are ready.

Basic Activation Breath also entrains the experience of rhythm and flow.

  • Relaxing into the rhythmic movement breaks up anxiety and calms the emotions.
  • With your breath, relax into the rhythmic movement and flow of being.
  • Use the light locks to center yourself in your spine.
  • Take the time to be fully present to your experience.
  • Slow the breath down to 4 or less per minute to awaken your neutral mind.
  • Adapt this breath as you wish and enjoying your breath breathing in your body.

Make this into a silent meditation.

  • On the inhale open the neutral space in your mind.
  • On the exhale feel increased fire, radiance, and aliveness in your body.
  • From the one eye, look into the space in your mind.
  • Listen deeply to the sound of your breath and the sound of silence in your space within.

We constantly have to make choices, which is a challenge because we never have ALL the information we need. At times we can feel that we are blindfolded. This is when silent meditation comes in handy. We can open the space in our mind to receive new information and insights. Instead of listening to the same old story, we can be still and deeply listening to silence. We can open the space for a new perspective that comes from a source than our subconscious narrative. Deeply listen from your heart! Jupiter invites you to expand your heart to receive its blessings!