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Gemini – A Free and Abundant Mind

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June 18 – Gemini New Moon, New Adventure

9:37 AM PDT (utc-7) at 26° Gemini

New moons are auspicious times to begin a new journey related to that Zodiac archetype. Playful Gemini likes adventure. As the first air sign, Gemini’s territory is the mind. Gemini’s polarity partner, Sagittarius, helps the Gemini Twins to direct their journey from the dualistic thinking mind to the neutral higher mind.

The Gemini/Sagittarius spiritual journey is about evolving from an overwhelmed busy mind to an expanded universal mind. Ultimately, instead of being lost in our thoughts, we find ourselves in awakened consciousness.

Curious Gemini teaches us that the more we open our minds to the unknown, the more we can expand and enjoy our experience of reality, life, and ourselves. And the happier and freer we become.

Our Greatest Gift and Challenge

The human mind is our greatest gift and our greatest challenge. The human mind is a complex and multifaceted mechanism. Our mind can torment us, and it can deliver us to ecstasy. It is possible to experience peace, freedom, and happiness in our mind. But we have to know how to direct our journey, what to focus on, and practice techniques that make this possible. We cannot find the answers in our thinking mind. Our thoughts are not going to take us to where we want to go, or tell us what we need to know.

An important starting point is to understand that our mind has two basic channels.

  1. The rational, analytical thinking channel.
  2. The neutral soul silent channel.

One of our biggest human challenges is learning how we can use our mind to liberate itself. In my next workshop we will explore how this can be achieved. SEE BELOW (link)

We need to recognize that

  1. Our thinking channel dominates and
  2. Our neutral channel needs to wake up.

We free ourselves by finding the place inside that is already free. Our problem is that we are locked inside the cage of our dualistic thinking mind. We are caged in by so many opinions, conditions, goals, needs, desires, and beliefs. To free our mind, we must expand its space and go beyond the thoughts from which the walls of our cage are made. This is the true basis for our spiritual journey.

Cultivating an Abundant, Prosperous Mind

How can we cultivate an abundant, prosperous mind? First we have to recognize what gets in the way. We have to feel how we are locked into resistance, contraction, and fear related to survival. When we are stuck in a survival mindset, everything – our energy, perspective, habits, and attention – computes survival. We can’t take along all this baggage on our journey to mental freedom.

We can lighten our load in the light of consciousness. To expand beyond a survival mindset, we must

  • Change our energy
  • Change our perspective
  • Change our focus
  • Change our habits
  • Change channels in our mind.

When we open space in our mind and body with Kundalini Yoga, releasing resistance can happen naturally without force. Force is counterproductive because we are fighting with ourselves. In neutral consciousness there is no resistance! We practice staying there by releasing resistance as it comes up.

We can find Freedom

We find freedom in consciousness, not in thinking.

It exists in the neutral channel in our mind, not in our dualistic, thinking channel.

In our neutral channel, we can experience freedom from

  1. Obsessive thinking, worry, and stress.
  2. Subconscious conditioning that creates fear-based thoughts.
  3. Thoughts that are not true, based in fantasies, lies, and escapism.
  4. The cage of our thinking mind!

My workshop is about having an experience that can transform our lives from survival to abundance. Join me and discover what exists beyond the walls of your thoughts!

Next Workshop – Set Yourself Free with Kundalini Yoga

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June 18, 10:00AM – 12:00PM PDT (utc-7),  followed by sharing and Q and A

In this workshop you will discover how to

  •  Cultivate an abundant, prosperous mindset
  • Align your energy to attract new possibilities and good luck
  • Release resistance and let go of conditioning
  • Embrace discovery as the nature of your inner journey
  • Expand your mind to liberate yourself from the cage of your thoughts

Can’t attend live? All those who enroll get unlimited access to the edited workshop.

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Many blessings,

Guru Rattana :+)