In the Libra Arena 2014

The on-going question for the Libra/Aries polarity pair is ‘How can we find peace and balance in relationship without compromising our own values, sense of self, independence, and freedom?’ Read on to find the answer.

The Sun shines in Libra

from September 22 through October 23

7:22 PM PDT (14:22 GMT) The Sun moves into Scorpio Oct 23 4:57 AM PDT 11: 57 GMT.

Libra symbolizes the precarious balance at the center of the scales, which can tilt to either side with the slightest movement or weight. So how does Libra find and remain in a balanced state?

The most basic reality that we operate from is that balance can never be achieved in the dualistic mind, which forever fluctuates between positive and negative. We can find balance within ourselves only in our neutral mind, which by its very nature does not fluctuate.

In our neutral channel we find what we are searching for — inner peace, harmony, and stability. There is a very good chance that our inner peace will positively impact our relationships and environments. However, we should never count on or be dependent upon that occurring. Releasing control of the outcome is part of the formula for maintaining our state of inner peace.

The neutral channel in our mind is where we also find beauty and higher love. Libra’s quest is to experience these divine qualities. Our quest is misdirected if we try to find this state outside ourselves in human relationships. This is not to say that human relationships will always be conflictual. This is to say that we must find this state of being within ourselves and bring this consciousness to our relationships. Our inner relationship with higher love and peace is the optimal foundation upon which to build our relationship with others. Then peace in relationships has a chance.

September 23-24 Libra New Moon

11:13 PM PDT (Sept. 24, 6:13 AM GMT)

The Libra New Moon signals the beginning of a new cycle in the arena of relationship. What is your primary relationship? If it is not with yourself and the Infinite, you have work to do. (We all have work to do!)The planetary alignments can help.

September 22 – Pluto goes direct

5:34 PM PDT 0:34 GMT September 23

Pluto turns direct (after being retrograde since April 14) just a few hours before the Libra New Moon and the Fall Equinox (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.) Pluto’s direct motion indicates the need to move forward, after over 5 months of introspection.

When planets shift direction, the slowing down phase and the stationary state increase the intensity and impact of their messages. Pluto hovers at 11 degrees Capricorn from July 16 through November 25 — over 4 months. (Pluto normally spends about 5 weeks in one degree.) Check out where 11 degrees Capricorn falls in your birth chart and identify any planets at 11 degrees and within 3 degrees, i.e. 8 degrees to 14 degrees.) Deep transformation is available/required in these areas of your life. In other words, there is no way we can escape being effected. It is thus better to take advantage of the opportunities for growth than to resist.

October 4 – Mercury turns retrograde at 20 degrees Scorpio

10:02 AM PDT (17:02 GMT)

During Mercury retrograde periods, time seems to slow down and our mind loses its tenacious grip a bit. We have until October 25 12:17 PM PDT to confront and work through deep emotional issues. Allow yourself to feel more and think less. Revelations will make themselves known.

October 8 – Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

3:50 AM PDT (10:50 AM GMT)

At the Aries Full Moon, the Sun, Venus, asteroid Pallas, and the North Node are all in Libra, activating our desire for harmony, equality, peace, and mutually beneficial relationships. The Moon, Uranus, and South Node are in Aries, daring us to bravely explore alternatives to our dysfunctional patterns and behaviors so that we can move from ego to soul consciousness. The higher level of Libra is our relationship with Divine Love. The higher level of Aries is our experience of our soul identity.

Full Moons illuminate what has been hiding in our psyche. If we try to avoid acknowledging our repressed voices, they just scream louder. If we deny our fear-based hidden agendas, we add fuel to our inner conflict. If we meet our fears and anger with awareness, we can elevate undeveloped energies and integrate them at a higher level of consciousness.

This Full Moon is a total lunar eclipse, increasing the potential for revealing inner secrets and truths that cause major shifts in consciousness. We can move to a new level in relationship with ourselves, others, and the Divine. This involves upgrading our relationship with both the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine.

Grand Trine in Fire — The Sacred Masculine

The Aries Full Moon is made even more potent by a grand trine in the fire signs — Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo, and Moon, Uranus, and South Node in Aries align to helps us break free from the destructive masculine as expressed by the institutionalized patriarchy and its exploitative, repressive economic, political, and religious systems. The grand trine supports an upgrade to the sacred masculine, which embodies the divine qualities of neutral, stable, peaceful, and harmonious. Connection with the sacred masculine gives us the capacity to unwaivingly hold the neutral space of higher love.

Upgrade of the Feminine

All aspects of the feminine — emotions, feelings, our body, Mother Earth, women — also need to be upgraded to their sacred status. In the controlling patriarchal system, the feminine has been overwhelmed mentally, emotionally, and physically — out of control (angry), repressed (afraid), under appreciated (depressed.)

Several astrological configurations continue to support the evolution of the feminine. The on-going (2012-2015) Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn square signals both a revolution and evolution in our experience of Love. At this Full Moon the square is intensified by Venus in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn and opposing Uranus in Aries. Venus in Libra activates our connection with higher love.

The October 5 conjunction of Saturn and Ceres both in Scorpio remind us of the deep nurturing power of the feminine. As we develop our physical and emotional sensitivity, we become aware of invisible forces at work in nature, in our bodies, and all around us. Connection with the Unknown awakens us to the power of unconditional Love – the force that unifies all life and existence.

Mental Detachment

When discussing Libra we must keep in mind that it is an air or mental sign. In unawakened states, Libra has the tendency to disassociate from emotions and feelings. The Scales are associated with formal relationships, i.e. marriage. Leo is associated with the passionate phase of relationships. Marriage shifts relationships into the Libra arena. It is customary in our fantasy driven society to mix the two archetypes and desire idealized long-term romantic partnerships. Obviously, something needs to replace the ‘great chemistry Leo passionate phase’ of our relationships. Elevated Libra offers us the gift of neutral detachment (not passionate romance.)

Libra’s primary goal is to make the Infinite our primary relationship, which makes it possible to be detached and remain connected. In higher consciousness, we can be present to our feelings and not checked out. We can experience the Source of higher love, not just dream about it. When we are truly in relationship with the Infinite, present in our hearts, and vibrating with higher love, our capacity for authentic, sacred human partnership becomes a reality.

Libra/Aries Lesson

We return to the initial Libra/Aries question — ‘How can we find peace and balance in relationship without compromising our own values, sense of self, independence?’

The answer is that we must make ourselves available, receptive, responsive, aware, and conscious of the Infinite and savor within our own body, mind, and emotions its qualities of peace, harmony, balance, and sacred love.

We have to develop our personal relationship with the Unknown. Whatever we call it (Infinite, Unknown, Universe, Spirit, God, Universal Peace, Divine Love) there is a universal power with which we must cultivate a personal intimate relationship. Our divine relationship exists independent of circumstances and partners. If it is dependent upon favorable situations and other people, we are in trouble.

To acquire a deep level of independence, freedom, and inner balance, we have to train ourselves to remain conscious of our divine connection while in relationship with other human beings. Of course, this is not easy, but that is our ultimate Libra test. It takes daily practice to cultivate and sustain our divine connection. The results are worth it! Try it and see for yourself!

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