In the Libra Arena 2013

The Sun shines in Libra from September

22 through October 22

Aug. 22 at 4:02 PM PDT (11:02 PM GMT) through Sept. 22

September 22 — Equinox as the Sun enters Libra

1:44 PM PDT (8:44 PM GMT)

At each equinox, the light of the day is equal to the darkness at night. In the northern hemisphere, days will get shorter and our inner inclinations will pull us into our inner world. In the southern hemisphere the days will get longer and we will be more inclined to connect and share with others. This day is a balancing point, make sure to spend time in mediation to reorient your personal energies with the Earth changes.

October 4-5 – Libra New Moon

5:34 PM PDT (12:34 AM GMT)

Libra, represented by the scales, wants harmony, balance, and peace. When Libra does not have access to the neutral mind, it will opt for denial and escape into mental illusions in a futile attempt to pretend that everything is ‘just fine.’ There is no pretending at this new moon, which tells us to get real, deal with our emotions, and not just think about good ideas. For example, if we want world peace, we must first find inner peace.

Mercury, Venus, the North Node and Saturn in Scorpio, definitely impact the flavor of this New Moon and take all of us out of our comfort zone. Scorpio highlights our relationship with our inner self, our deep feminine — feelings, emotions, subconscious, and personal power. Scorpio teaches us that the parts of us that remain hidden control our psyche and our reality. We don’t like to face this fact, but the sooner we do the more we can release the burdens that weight us down and dim the light of our soul.

The Libra new moon joins the on-going Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn square and with Jupiter in Cancer forms an cardinal grand cross. We are confronted to face our long-standing issues and change what needs to be changed to achieve harmony, integration, and wholeness. We need action, not more talking. We need honestly, not more sugar-coating. We need innovation, not another layer of dysfunctionality.

October 18 – Aries Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse

4:38 PM PDT (11:38 PM GMT)

Lunar eclipses happen 2 times a year on a full moon. We experience our feelings and emotions (the Moon) without the light that is normally reflected from the Sun, i.e. we can’t hide our inner reality with a superficial attitude. We can’t pretend everything is ok and seethe with anger or be anxious with fear. Our inner truth is exposed. Every confrontive alignment also offers us the support to take the necessary action to release illusions and deceptions.

October 22 – November 10 – Mercury is Retrograde

3:29 AM PDT (10:29 AM GMT) through November 10 1:12 PM PST (9:12 PM GMT)

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio adds to the intensity of our inner reality show. Mercury is in Scorpio from September 29 through December 4. To deal with our inner demons, denial, and dilemmas, we must have access to our neutral mind, which is where we find balance, harmony, and inner peace. In our neutral mind we don’t judge ourselves, we support ourselves. Our neutral mind is our access route to our heart — to higher love and to compassion for ourselves, others, and all life.

The most honest truth and imperative of the times is that we need to awaken our neutral mind and operate from neutral consciousness. This is the subject of my new book The Power of Neutral — Soul Alchemy in Meditation

In my blog on The Neutral Mind I share excerpts from my new book and a meditation to awaken the neutral mind.


Guru Rattana :+)


Austin, Stephanie, Libra New Moon – October 4-5, Aries Lunar Eclipse – October 18, The Mountain Astrologer, Issue #171, Oct/Nov, 2013.