Kundalini Yoga

Cultivating the Powers of Neutral

Yogi Bhajan is often quoted as saying it takes 40 days of practice of a specific kriya or meditation to break a habit, 120 days to install a new habit, and 1000 days for mastery. What I heard him say was that it takes those many days of perfected practice to achieve the promised results, i.e. once we have practiced long enough to know what we are doing and can do the kriya or meditation in the manner and spirit that it was given to evoke and consolidate results, then we start with day one.

So I suggest continuing your practice of Dhrib Dhristi Meditation as given in my last blog on the neutral mind (and included below.) When you have a solid connection with your neutral mind, tune into one of the powers of neutral as listed below. Take one at a time, i.e. at one sitting focus on one thing or maybe focus on it for a week or so. When you have access to that experience and choose to consolidate it in your consciousness, begin your 40, 90, 1000 day practice of being in neutral with that experience. It is with this type of discipline with deep attention that we cultivate specific faculties and powers and are able to integrate them into our lives.

Below I share again excerpts from my new book The Power of Neutral – Soul Alchemy in MeditationĀ 

The Powers of Neutral

Access to our neutral mind gives us the foundation to cultivate inner powers and faculties of consciousness.

  • The neutral mind creates a safe inner environment to feel our emotions because it allows and accepts without criticism or judgment.
  • As our neutral mind awakens, we become aware of previously unseen patterns and connections and gain invaluable insights.
  • In neutral, we can see and clear our subconscious programming and the pain of the past, without blame or regrets.
  • In neutral, we unburden ourselves from conflict, attachments, fear, illusions, patterns, conditioning, and neuroses.
  • In neutral, we are more at choice. The pendulum of duality will swing, but we can maintain a position of stability, a detached perspective, and an unattached position.
  • In neutral, we can use our faculty of consciousness to observe, to see, to discern, to make choices and live from a soul perspective. We gain the power to see the truth and to consciously compute consequences.
  • Our intuitive intelligence awakens in neutral, where we can answer our own questions.
  • In neutral, we can attune to and stay aligned with our soul and infinite essence during changes and challenges.
  • In neutral, we transcend confusion and project and create with more focus, clarity, purity, and love.
  • In neutral, we can be our own authority. We can be authentic and honest. We can listen to, trust, and follow our heart.

Dhrib Dhristi Third Eye Meditation

Silent Meditation to Center and Balance

Sit with a straight spine, hips and shoulders in a line. Lock the tips of the front teeth together. Focus the eyes on the tip of the nose with the tongue touching the upper palate (which should occur automatically within about 1 minute). From the third eye (between the eyebrows) silently project the mantra


Beam it out, creating an internal harmony. Coordinate the mantra with the breath. Usually one or two repetitions of SA TA NA MA are used with each inhale and each exhale. Continue for 31 minutes.

Sit quietly and be aware of a light beaming out from your third eye. Even if you don’t see it, focus and feel the energy consolidate. You will feel very centered.

COMMENTS: “Dhrib Dhristi Lochina Karma Kriya” means “the action of acquiring insight into the future.” This powerful, simple meditation was first taught on the eve of a full moon when the effects are greatest, as the subconscious mind is then fully open to its vibratory action.

Although most meditations require long periods of practice for mastery, it is possible to master this one in a single, or several, sittings because of the wide range of individual differences in practitioners and the uniqueness of the meditation.

Although the meditation should be practiced for at least 31 minutes at a sitting, the minimum (compromise) time is 15 minutes, and to master it you should practice for 1Ā½ hours. Three hours of practice will open up your psychic capacities. But in only 3-11 minutes practice, you can go inside, tune out external distractions, and center yourself. You can do it on the bus or standing in line, or at work when you can’t be alone.

Honestly practice it for the longer times and the following things will happen: Your eyes will have the power to heal anyone. Your words will have the power to penetrate deeply. You will learn to talk inspiringly, and your words will always represent the truth of a given situation (“vacsiddhi”). You will be able to project Light sensations for healing and upliftment. Lastly, you will know the consequences of any sequence before you engage in it.