Feeling into a New Reality
Cancer New Moon July 20

The second Cancer New Moon offers us a reflective new beginning and calls on each of us to take extra good care of ourselves. The intense three consecutive eclipses shook us up. Now we can take stock of the whirlwind changes that are transforming our lives.

July 20 – Cancer New Moon at 28° at 10:33 AM PDT (17:32 GMT)

The Sun is in Cancer through the 21 of July. July 22 at 1:37 AM PDT the Sun moves into Leo.

This new moon at 28º Cancer is the second new moon in Cancer. (The first was on June 20 at 0º Cancer). Two consecutive new moons in one sign intensifies the archetypal energies and focuses our attention on the lessons and gifts of that sign.

The Moon’s cycle is 29.5 days, and each sign has 30°, so there are two consecutive new moons every 2-3 years. The last time there were two consecutive new moons in Cancer was in 2009 (June 22 and July 21).

Mother Cancer urges all her children to recognize their kinship. Through the eyes of the Divine Mother we experience our oneness with all of creation. As one family, the health, well-being, and happiness of each one of us depends on that of all others and our Earth home.

The Balsamic Dark Moon

The sky is dark for several nights before and after each new moon. This monthly balsamic phase is a transition between an old and new cycle. The darkness invites us inward, to be present to the subtle energies that course through our body, and to be quietly receptive to the messages of our heart and soul. This is a time to relax, rest, and be comforted by our oneness with universal energies.

The current 2020 global transition is also a dark time of retreat, healing, and awakening of the collective consciousness to the values encoded in the Cancer archetype, the divine mother and the feminine principle. The Dark Goddess is associated with the mysteries of death and rebirth. She teaches us that we cannot know everything. We cannot control all outcomes. We can however be present to the mystery and allow ourselves to become one with the nurturing, creative force that always flows through each of us.

Feeling Awareness of Our Emotional Body

As the first water sign, Cancer introduces us to richness of the emotional body and how we can use it to nurture ourselves, tune into our instinctual knowing, and energetically give and receive.

The Cancer archetype teaches us to pay attention to how our inner reality creates our outer reality. Water sign Cancer focuses our attention on our emotional body, our subtle energy, and how we feel in our body. Learning our Cancer lessons requires tuning into our energetic emotional essence. Our emotional body is our barometer that registers peace and harmony or agitation and stress.

Half Way though 2020

A little over the half way through the year is a good time to evaluate where we have come in 2020.

According to the galactic Mayan calendar, July 25 is The Day Out of Time, which marks the end of a yearly cycle and the beginning of a new one. Similar to a new moon and a new year, this is an opportune time to take stock of our lives, reflect on how far we have come, express our gratitude for what we have, and be receptive to what is next.

It was easy to predict a massive 2020 Makeover.*(1) It was impossible to define how it would play out. We have encountered many unexpected surprises that are both wake up calls and serious game changers.

We are deep into the energetic shifts. We are in the middle of discovering, defining, and adapting to a fundamental reset, the details of which still inhabit the unknown realms. We are integrating new energy frequencies that haven’t yet settled into physical reality in identifiable forms.

It is becoming apparent that we are turning a page in history. 2020 will be a marker in the end of an era and beginning of a new one.

Wake Up Calls

Major shifts often begin with ‘wake up calls’ — negative events and unexpected circumstances that force us out of our normal routine and comfort zone. Initially these unpredictable happenings appear to be imposed from the outside. We can feel victimized, angry, afraid, and disoriented.

Indeed some things are out of our control, especially when the outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus) are involved. But we are still obliged to deal with the situation that won’t go away with simply wishful thinking. Dealing with what confronts us and demands our attention is an uneasy phase of the transformation process.

The 2020 Makeover is real. Don’t wait for a bounce back to a slightly modified new normal. The reset is comprehensive, profound, and out of the box.

Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn oppose (confront) the Cancer New Moon. We need to recognize and accept whatever stands in the way of moving forward. Pluto delves deep for the truth. Pluto is known as being secretive, but maybe that is because we aren’t listening or paying attention. Jupiter speaks out. There is no energy now to keep things secret, especially from ourselves!

What is happening in your life? The details may be more significant than you realize.

A New Tone

The overall tone creates a desire for change that is more in alignment with what we consider most important. We may want to set off in a new direction or profoundly restructure our lives. An upgrade could be simplifying our lives and giving more value to the basics. We may realize that we have ignored and devalued the things that are the most important to us. As we accept and embrace the reality of inevitable change, new opportunities open up. Our old reality may be collapsing, but something new beacons us into the future.

Requirements for the Transition

Requirements for adapting and integrating the higher frequency heart energies include –

(1) Slow down to give your physical and emotional bodies the space to adjust and de-stress.

In this ‘activity-oriented society of do and do more’, almost everyone suffers from some degree of burnout (even if you are too busy to notice!) For too many, real relaxation and letting go (trust and surrender) are energetically novel concepts that haven’t yet entered our consciousness.

(2) Rest, relax, meditate, and take it easy.

We can’t muscle through this one. Force won’t work. We will find answers in our space of peace within. As we learn to relax and let go, we will quit wasting energy spinning our wheels. It is time to accept that we are in a state of flux characteristic of the initial phase of a profound transition.

(3) Play, enjoy yourself and what you are doing.

Don’t be so serious and don’t think so much. We can’t figure this out, but we can make ourselves available to receive information, guidance, and support.

(4) Choose wisely what you eat and drink.

Hydration and healthy food are critically important. We must monitor what we allow into our bodies and to be sensitive to how our choices affect our long-term health. 

(5) Choose wisely information input.

If what you watch, listen to, and read is upsetting, read something else!

Don’t hang out with negative people. We are always at choice how we let ourselves be influenced and controlled.

(6) Stay present to what you are doing and how each activity feels in your body.

Avoid adding stress and tension when you are doing something you don’t like. Notice how adding stress is simply a bad habit. We can choose to like doing the dishes!

(7) Look for the beauty that is everywhere and be grateful for your life and our temporary home on Mother Earth,

A New Way of Being

As I have experienced myself, something is going on besides recovering from a virus (fortunately non Covid). I feel like I am transitioning into a new way of being and living my life. Being depleted of energy for several weeks got my attention at a very deep level. Energy awareness and management is vitally important.

We are all being given a chance to slow down, detach from from what we thought was so important, and give up our fixation on doing something at every moment. Our priorities, our thinking, and our way of living is changing. Do you notice that you don’t even think in the same way?

We need to clear our inner and physical space to be open to the new coming through and not be bogged down by past ideas, things, and situations, i.e. not waste our precious time and energy.

How Do I Feel?

Cancer’s touchstones are ‘I feel.’ and ‘I am a feeling.’

During both quiet and active moments, ask yourself, ‘When I look and listen inside my body/skin, how does my body, belly, energy feel?’

As we become more present in our bodies and can feel the dynamics of energy flowing through us, our existence in physical reality and experience of being alive becomes richer and more meaningful. We are making progress when we can slow down enough to pay more attention to what we are feeling than what we are thinking.

The Deep Feminine

When feeling commands over thinking, we are are awakening to the deep feminine.

We can’t access the feminine by talking about it. We experience the deep feminine through embodied feeling. The feminine is an alive vibration that flows through us. We can feel the flow only when we are relaxed and at peace with ourselves.

How we feel our belly is one barometer of our relationship with the deep feminine and an indicator of the extent to which we are nurturing ourselves and allowing ourselves to be nurtured.

The recent discussions about the microbiome of our digestive system tell us that the living organisms in our microbiome send ten times more messages to our brain than the brain sends out itself. Pay attention to how you eat, digest, and eliminate and you will start feeling the deep living reality of the feminine in action in your own body.

New Moon Opposite Saturn

The Cancer New Moon is opposite Saturn in Capricorn. Water Cancer and Capricorn earth are both feminine signs. Together they call upon us to wake up to the power and wisdom of the feminine, to honor this alive energy in our being, and to infuse this knowing into our collective institutions.

Saturn and Capricorn deal with (1) physical reality, (2) the limits and boundaries of time and space, (3) personal and collective authority and duty, and (4) individual maturity and mastery. The defining principle of Saturn is the law of cause and effect.

Saturn also represents the effort it takes to achieve results that come from commitment and discipline. The ultimate goal is the personal power, presence, and authority that we gain when we trust and follow our inner guidance. Saturn’s touchstones are truth, integrity, and accountability.

Cancer seeks safety, comfort, and security, which we have to cultivate within ourselves by defining and living by our own rules and boundaries. Cancer and Capricorn work together. Cancer cares and Capricorn takes responsibility.

Saturn – Inside Our Own Boundaries

Saturn’s dark side overpowers and restricts us. In terms of external authorities – the state, political institutions, and law enforcement, the dark side imposes restrictions to control and take advantage of ‘others.’ We are waking up to the fact that our collective institutions must be based on cooperation of diverse interests that serve the highest good of all in order to build a peaceful communities.

Our unevolved personal Saturn is overcritical and demanding. Instead of caring, we criticize and judge ourselves. Ultimately, Saturn is supposed to help us grow up. Wise Saturn cultivates a personal framework within which we feel safe, comfortable, not confined or controlled. Within our own structure, we find the depth of understanding that gives our life meaning and substance. We feel safe enough to acknowledge and take care of what is fragile, vulnerable, and needs our attention.

For Saturn there are no shortcuts. Caring for ourselves is required every step of the way.

Comet Sighting – July 22-23

Comet NEOWISE, discovered on March 27, will be nearest the Earth July 22-23. It will be easily visible with binoculars or sometimes with the naked eye.

Comets are catalysts for change and harbingers of major transitions. Energetically, comets facilitate the break down of old matrices and seed new codes that form new templates supporting shifts in consciousness.

Comet sightings often coincide with historical events. This comet has an orbit that lasts 6767 years. It was last visible in 4747 BCE, which corresponds with the decline of the goddess cultures and the rise of the patriarchy. During the subsequent Bronze and Iron Ages, indigenous goddess cultures were destroyed and a dominating male authority and God was imposed,  resulting in the destruction of the Earth, the devaluation of feelings and emotions, the subjugation of women, and the exploitation of the masses to enrich the ruling class.

NEOWISE’s current passing coincides with another major transition for humanity, which we hope will be an integration of the higher expressions and equality of the feminine and the masculine. (Not a return to matriarchy.) Women are not taking over and men are not being left out! All sexes, races, religions, and interests are being called upon to work together to create an age of the heart!

An Amazing Awakening

This is an amazing time to be alive. We are present to and participating in a historic transition on planet Earth.

As we awaken to the deep feminine, what we ignored in the past becomes an essential part of our lives. As our emotional body becomes stronger through self-care and love, a gnawing discomfort dissipates, and, without explanation, we feel happier, satisfied, and more complete. As we quietly allow this integration to infuse our being, a most favorable power shift happens. Contentment, kindness, and compassion become a way of life.


*(1) The 2020 Makeover eBook by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. If you haven’t got your copy yet, now is the time. Be sure to study Chapter 10: Living and Awakening with Saturn and Pluto to understand the deep personal lessons of these planets.

(also available as a printed version.)