New Venus Cycle  and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Let Go and Let Love Rule

In my Facebook Live June 3, I talked about the new Venus cycle. In this blog I expand on the dynamics of the Venus retrograde process, which is potentized by the full moon lunar eclipse.


June 3 – Venus Retrograde Conjunct the Sun

at 13° Gemini

Wednesday June 3 was a very special day! Venus the planet of Love (retrograde in Gemini) merged with the Sun. Venus is the 3rd brightest planet after the Sun and Moon (which only reflects the Sun.) It is a special day when the Sun and Venus meet every 1.5 years.

Venus represents all aspects of Love – self-love, love in relationships, love of nature, and divine love. The zodiac sign of our Venus indicates what we love, how we like to be loved, and how we  express love.


The Venus Retrograde Transformation

The current zodiac sign of Venus (in Gemini April 4-August 7), its movement, and its interaction with other celestial bodies, affects us deeply.

Venus goes retrograde less than any other planet, only once during its 1.5 years or 584 day cycle around the Sun. When Venus changes direction, our life changes too. There are two unique aspects to Venus retrograde.

  1. Venus retrograde happens exactly at the end of the 1.5 year Venus cycle.
  2. Venus begins its new cycle right in the middle of its retrograde phase, when it meets the Sun.


The Deep Meaning of Venus Retrograde

May 13 in my Facebook Live and in my subsequent blog, I talked about Venus going retrograde for 40 days. I suggested using this 40 day period to ‘Let go and let God.’

We are right in the middle of this 40 day period. In the last 2 days I and many others have had some interesting experiences and been privy to some deep realizations, which aren’t what we generally expect during retrograde phases of the planets. Special features of Venus retrograde explain what we are experiencing right now.

The 40 days of Venus retrograde is a period of rebirth. Venus retrograde is a process of inner transformation that initiates a new beginning in our lives.


May 13- June 2- The First Half of Venus Retrograde

The first half or 20 days of Venus retrograde is similar to a descent into the underworld or our personal inner world, where we identify hidden and destructive emotions, beliefs, and desires.

To start anew, we have to leave behind what no longer serves us. During this time, old memories and emotions that we must release surface. Becoming aware of what was hidden is a critical part of the release process.

We have to let go of old ways, attitudes, and the relationships that manifested from them for our life to be transformed.

Unfinished business must be taken care of and relationship issues must be dealt with. This is NOT a time for new beginnings. We may be planning and working on projects, but this is not the time to launch them. We are preparing for a rebirth.

The first half or 20 days of Venus retrograde are about letting go of the old. Above all this is a time of letting to of our need to control! Our focus and goal are to align with and trust a higher power, Higher Love!


June 3 – Mid Point – Venus Conjunct the Sun is a New Beginning

Venus becomes invisible in the evening sky as she approaches her conjunction with the Sun.

When she is conjunct the Sun, she disappears in the glare of the sun. Things may not be what the seem. As we listen to our heart for direction, we deepen our ability to trust ourselves and the Universe.

The seven days while Venus merges with the Sun is a time of deep reflection and purification. We take an honest look at our core values and confirm what is most important to us. The fire of the sun shines in our own heart burning away doubts, fears, and resentments so that we can embrace our future with Love! As old patterns dissolve, a deeper love for ourselves and all life emerges.


June 3- 24 – The Second Half of Venus Retrograde

The second half of Venus retrograde is completely different.

Exactly in the middle of Venus retrograde, when Venus is conjunct the Sun and closest to the Earth, the focus shifts. The torment of facing our shadow subsides. Our quiet introspection is hopeful. We are more confident and begin to see our way forward. We are eager to start anew.

Supported and nurtured by the light of the Sun, we are embolded to be more visible and to offer our gifts to the world. However, we are not ready for action quite yet. We need more preparation and clarity on how to proceed.


June 3 – Beginning of a New Venus Cycle

To review, June 3 is the mid point in the Venus retrograde cycle. When Venus conjuncts the Sun, a new Venus cycle begins. We gain insights and clarity, but major decisions are best put off until Venus appears in the sky again.


June 10 – Venus Rises as a Morning Star

June 10, seven days after merging with the Sun, Venus moves past the Sun, becomes visible again, and rises as a morning star just before sunrise.


June 25 – Venus Goes Direct

June 25 (2:48 AM PDT) about fourteen days after her appearance as a morning star, Venus goes direct and starts to move forward again. This is when things start to fall into place and we feel ready to move ahead with confidence that we have enough information, resources, and support, and are sure of our direction.


Venus Likes and Requires Peace

An important lesson of Venus retrograde is to get in touch with the fact that Venus does not like stress or conflict – inner or outer. Venus requires peace and harmony. Agitation, frustration, anger, and force shut off the flow of Venus Love.

Venus Love disappears when fear arises. Love checks out when hatred dominates. If we want the support of Venus, we have to match her gentle and humble vibration, kindness, and compassion.

The Venus retrograde process is a promise that we can be reborn with more love in our hearts, in our lives, and in our world.


June 5 – Full Moon And Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius

The Sagittarius full moon lunar eclipse happens just 2 days after the Venus-sun conjunction, adding transformative energy to support a revitalized life. Venus is a major player, aligned within 3 degrees.

During a lunar eclipse, the full moon slowly dims as it passes through the Earth’s shadow. Without the light normally reflected from the Sun, our emotional body is stimulated and our awareness of unconscious patterns and fears increases.

Although the light of the Moon is only partially dimmed because it only passes through the outer shadow of the Earth, this eclipse still transmits new energy codes and opens portals to increase awareness.

This is our first eclipse since the Lunar Nodes shifted into Gemini/Sagittarius (and out of Cancer/Capricorn), where they will be for the next 18 months (from May 5, 2020 to January 2020).

This full moon eclipse, the first of three eclipses in four weeks, is about the pivotal role of perspective. We can see much more from the mountain top of expanded awareness and an open heart.


Gemini and Sagittarius Working Together

The integration and balance required at this full moon is between Gemini and Sagittarius. Gemini deals with information, intelligence, and communication. Sagittarius looks for meaning, truth, and wisdom. Gemini’s challenges include

  1. too much data without depth of understanding,
  2. too much talking and not enough listening,
  3. too much mental activity, without feeling the body and tuning into the heart.

The challenges for Sagittarius are to set ourselves free from dogmatism, righteousness, and all kinds of excess.

Together Gemini and Sagittarius gather information and give it meaning. This eclipse starts us on a journey to

  1. distinguish between fact and fiction,
  2. be empowered by the facts that support a higher purpose, and
  3. work toward solutions based on reality, not fiction, wishful thinking, or contrived ‘facts’ fabricated to subjugate the masses and indulge the greedy.

Misinformation, the exposure of hidden agendas, and scientific fact-based solutions are themes for the next year and a half.

Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all retrograde, plus Mercury and Neptune will be stationing retrograde soon (June 17 and June 22 respectively). One of the functions of retrogrades is to awaken us to how outer change depends upon inner change.


Full Moon/Eclipse Square Mars

This full moon lunar eclipse is square Mars. Squares demand action and decisions. We are already witnessing massive demonstrations for change. Mars in Pisces motivates the call for justice for all human beings. Frustrated raw Mars energy also expresses through destructive acts. In both cases, we are moving into an unknown world.

In Pisces, Mars feels vulnerable and victimized. It is also driven to stand for the truth and equality. We are preparing to confront the real villain – structural violence – injustice and inequity that is built into and sustained by the system and collective institutions.

Revelations at the Full Moon Eclipse

During a full moon what has been hidden becomes painfully clear. We see how our choices and motivations produce consequences. With Venus involved, we witness how fear and anger divide and how love unifies.

This full moon/lunar eclipse brings into question some deeply held attitudes, perceptions, assumptions, and beliefs around prejudice and privilege. Discernment is the key to bringing disperse elements into harmony. Letting go of judgment and focusing on what we can do that is helpful reminds us that our role to hold the space of love and to interact with kindness and compassionate is critically important.

During these challenging times, there is so much that can throw us off balance. We can help ourselves by

  1. being present to what we feel and stay grounded,
  2. avoiding distractions,
  3. being very discerning about what deserves our attention and energy, and
  4. choosing wisely.


Bow to Higher Truth, Love Rules

We will feel pressurized by the full moon eclipse and burned by the Sun/Venus purification process. It is very important to not resist and to let this happen. And give yourself a break! Don’t add more pressure! Do less instead of more! Unwind! Relax! Give yourself a respite from the screen!

A time of letting go should always be accompanied by gratitude. Give thanks for the release and all the help from the Universe. Give thanks for what you have! Be thankful for all the love in your life!

Gratitude plays a pivotal role in our Conversation with Love!

Relax, let go, and let Love rule!

Yes, my on-line course A Conversation with Love is coming soon. I have surrendered to letting Love rule and dictate divine timing. As soon as I find out, I will let you know!

In the meantime, let’s all listen to Love. It has much to tell us!