Back from European Tour

Dear Friends,

Sat Nam!

I have just returned from a very successful three-month teaching tour in Europe. I enjoyed meeting many of you in person and sharing at my workshops in Crimea, Datca Turkey, Istanbul, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Prague, and Lausanne.

I taught primarily from my new book The Power of Neural – Soul Alchemy in Meditation, which is an in depth guide to meditation. You can order it from Yoga Technology.

The Power of Neutral by Guru Rattana PhD

Energetically the most important thing that I noticed is how quickly everyone connected with their inner space. When I directed the class to look and listen inside, I could immediately feel the energy in the room become more peaceful and still. The inner peace that has taken many of us years to attain seems to be available very quickly now. Of course, we all have to continually cultivate our neutral channel and consciously connect with its qualities, but it is so much easier than before. This is great news!

For those of you who are awaiting my blog on Sagittarius, I will send it out before the New Moon in Sagittarius December 2-3.

Blessings of Light and Love,

Guru Rattana :+)