2022 – Wake Up to the Magic of Love

At the beginning of a new year, we usually set goals about what we want to accomplish. This year let’s feel into the ATTITUDE that we would like to carry with us as the year unfolds. Many of us are already participating in the 40-Day Self-Love Reset. The astrology that welcomes in the new year invites us to carry our Self-Love attitude with us through the whole year.

The Capricorn new Moon greets us January 2 (10:34 AM PST at 12º). The unusual convergence of this new moon and the new year get us off to a good start. Aspects to this full moon invite us to take responsibility for creating something innovative in the new year.

2020 – 2021 Recap

After two unusual and heavy years, the planetary energies finally shift in 2022. There will still be unexpected twists and turns, but if we stay present with an open and heart-centered attitude, we will be supported in surprising ways.

The salient planetary aspects of each year, help us understand the core themes that affect us all, how we will be influenced, and the energies we have to work with.

2020 and 2021 were both shaped by difficult planetary aspects. At the beginning of 2020, the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn turned the world upside down, never to be the same again. In 2021 the year-long square between Saturn-Uranus shook the the world to the core, as we woke up to the reality that there is no ‘normal’ to go back to.


2022 Is a New Beginning – Optimism about the Future

In 2022, we realize that we have to start building something new. With the grace of Jupiter in Pisces, we can feel hopeful and supported in doing so.

2021 ended with the third and final Saturn-Uranus square (December 15). Although these two planets continue to linger close to each other, they are separating. This means that we still have to deal with the issues that they raised, but the major planetary aspects in 2022 support resolution from a more positive mindset and uplifting perspective. We start out with Jupiter’s shift into Pisces, which improves our mood.


December 29 – Jupiter Returns to Pisces

Jupiter returning to Pisces is our saving grace and our most welcomed gift as we enter a new year. We have more faith in ourselves and our dreams, and we believe that they can become reality.

Pisces is a shape shifter, shifting (1) our mindset from fear to love, (2) our emotions from conflict to compassion, and (3) our perspective from isolation to inclusion. Pisces frees us from a zero sum game to a collaborative endeavor where we all can win. Pisces teaches us that someone else does not need to be wrong for us to be right.

Pisces reminds us that there is always help. There is a larger network in both physical and nonphysical reality that protects and nurtures us, whether we are aware of it or not. With Jupiter in Pisces we can become aware of it. We realize that we are not alone. This realization releases the fear, anxiety, and angst, which come from feeling alone, separate, excluded, and marginalized.


Jupiter is a Major Player

Jupiter is a major player in 2022. Jupiter is the only non-personal planet to change signs or to make significant aspects to other outer planets. This includes the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) and the collective/social planets (Jupiter and Saturn.)

Jupiter stays in a sign for about a year, Saturn for about 2 ½ years. Jupiter and Saturn set the tone for the collective consciousness. They are transitional planets because we must learn from them to move from asleep to awakened consciousness and from our personal identity to our divine identity.

Although Jupiter spends about one year in each sign, its 4 month retrograde period means that it can move between two signs. Jupiter first entered Pisces on May 13, 2021, but retrograded back into Aquarius from July 28 through December 28, 2021.

Jupiter moves incredibly quickly from 0 to 29 degrees in only 4 ½  months, moving into Aries on May 11, 2022. Below are the dates:

Pisces – May 13 – July 27, 2021

Aquarius – July 28 – December 28, 2021

Pisces – December 29, 2021 – May10, 2022

Aries – May 11 – October 27, 2022

Pisces – October 28 – December 20


Jupiter Conjunct Neptune In Pisces

The most influential planetary aspect in 2022 is the meeting of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is one of the most beautiful and soothing aspects we could hope for in astrology.

Jupiter is the greatest benefic in astrology, and when it is in its home sign Pisces, it has an even more positive influence. Neptune is the planet of dreams, the divine, and compassion. Jupiter is the planet of hope, abundance, and luck. Dreams coming true is a major theme in 2022.

Jupiter and Neptune meet only every 13-14 years. Although their exact encounter is April 12, they work closely together through May 2022 to awaken us to the existential reality of the nonphysical dimensions. They encourage spiritual awakening so that we can liberate our psyche from externally imposed authoritative rules imposed on us by social codes and our political and economic systems.

Jupiter tries to justify its point of view. Neptune finds it unnecessary to substantiate any of its visions or to explain inexplicable supernatural mysteries.

This team opens our mind and hearts to new levels of spiritual awareness and gives us an experience and greater acceptance of our divine nature. Their combined energy gives us a much needed dose of humility and faith and trust in the unknown.

We Are Tested

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces has the potential to awaken us to the most obvious, but overlooked truth of life: that there is magic everywhere.

Throughout 2022, Jupiter forms activating angles with Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn. We are tested many times to trust our oneness with the Infinite. Can we stay connected and follow the cues, or do we revert to being triggered and upset by our life challenges?

When Jupiter enters Aries May 10, we quickly move from dreaming to action. We are ready to work for something new and go beyond tendencies to recycle fear-based beliefs and strategies. With bold spontaneity and enterprising creativity, we will be tested in the arena of physical life.

Pisces Homecoming

Like when we return home and are able to relax and take care of ourselves, Jupiter in its home sign Pisces can be as wise, expansive, and spiritual as it wants.

The last couple of years, when Jupiter partnered with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius, were not easy for Jupiter or for us! Now in Pisces, Jupiter can be authentically Jupiter. And we too can feel a sense of faith in ourselves and permission to simply be who we are.

The joy of Jupiter in Pisces is amplified by the fact that Jupiter comes home to find its lover Neptune also in Pisces. We all enjoy the company of someone who understands, accepts, and loves us unconditionally. We can relax and share from our hearts without feeling judged, weird, or awkward.

The traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter. Since Neptune was discovered, it was assigned to Pisces  (its modern ruler). (Jupiter also rules Sagittarius.) When both Jupiter and Neptune are in the sign of their rulership (Pisces) a vibration of magic prevails because both are considered the magic planets. (Saturn and Uranus in Capricorn, all associated with hard work, do not have the same cozy feeling!)

Pisces,  Jupiter, and Neptune

When Jupiter, with its endless optimism and expansion, and Neptune, with its divine connection and mystical vision are in the same sign, we can see the magic everywhere.

Jupiter is associated with good luck. If we have faith, live our truth, and connect with a force greater than ourselves, life works in our favor. Jupiter bestows us with blessings when we follow its formula:

  1. Ask for answers and help, but don’t be too specific
  2. Be open and available to receive without expectations
  3. Keep an open mind and stay tuned to the infinite reality
  4. Watch for signals, leads, clues and follow them
  5. Trust the unknown
  6. And believe in Santa Clause and the angels.

We must be aware that Pisces and Neptune operate very differently than Saturn and Capricorn.

  •  Their game is nebulous, offering us hints without clear or specific information.
  •  Things don’t happen or show up according to our expectations.
  •  Things may simply disappear to clear the path for something else to appear in the infinite sky of life.
  •  Messages are encoded with mystery and appear through feelings or hunches.
  •  We must be careful not to get hooked on or misguided by a passing cloud.

The intention is NOT to deceive us, but to coax us (1) to listen to our intuition, (2) to tune into universal love, and (3) to witness how we are being guided and supported in so many ways.

Jupiter In Pisces – Living On A Prayer

The sign of Jupiter defines social trends and encodes the psyche of society with a particular flavor.

Jupiter’s goal is to create coherence and to identify what everyone agrees on. These days we definitely need to call upon Jupiter’s expansive quality to find what we all agree upon! To so so we need to expand beyond politics and ideology to find what binds us in our shared human experience. In Pisces, we can share an optimistic mood and belief that we will make it through our current challenges, and become wiser and more empowered in the process.

We can share an attitude of hope and compassion for each other, ourselves, and the world. In Pisces, we will be living on a prayer.

Jupiter In Pisces – Beyond Saturn

The Jupiter archetype is about finding the truth, which is why its domain includes knowledge, education, the social moral code, and the law. The zodiac sign of Jupiter sets the tone for what we believe is true.

Pisces has a very different energy than Jupiter in Capricorn or Aquarius. Jupiter in Aquarius brought us much needed relief from Jupiter in Capricorn. However, Jupiter in Aquarius still had the serious (sometimes grumpy) partner: Saturn.

Jupiter’s expansive function and joyful mood are inhibited under the rules and boundaries of Saturn’s influence. We might be motivated to get things done, but we aren’t having much fun doing what we need to do. Free from Saturn’s pressure, we can do what we do in a more relaxed, less stressful, and more carefree way.

Jupiter in Pisces does not relate to Saturn scenarios. Stories of an immanent apocalypse don’t fly with Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter in Aquarius can influence us to be ‘socially responsible.’ We can even be convinced to do things that we don’t believe in ‘for the good of whole.’

While Jupiter is in Pisces, shaming us into doing what we don’t believe in won’t work. We have to appeal to the heart. We are more receptive to align with a positive vision for the future, which is based in faith in the future, compassion for all, and trust in   a benevolent universe.

Pisces knows that Love heals and experiences the power of prayer. With Pisces, we get ‘real’ in a very different way. Reality is not defined by the hard work standards of Saturn and physical limitations. For Pisces, reality is the domain of the Divine — universal forces and energies that animate our souls, give us our breath, and create life.

In sum, Jupiter in its home sign Pisces is more optimistic than in any other sign. This is a time to rejoice because when Jupiter moves into Pisces our mood is instantly uplifted.

How Jupiter In Pisces Works

Jupiter’s unlimited enthusiasm gets our attention. Our Jupiter challenge is to stay grounded in our current situation and to expand upon what we have now. In other words, don’t spin out and be unrealistic. Don’t let our optimistic mood get caught up in wishful thinking about big unattainable goals. We can best optimize Jupiter energy when we don’t take unrealistic risks.

We can definitely move forward, which is certainly better than being stuck in the past. An abundance and compassionate mindset helps us get to a better place. When we engage with Jupiter’s optimism, we are much more likely to achieve our goals and make progress. There is a sense of flow and unfolding progression. Things finally come together. Projects materialize.

Jupiter is considered to be the great benefic in astrology because its energy gives us a chance to move beyond depressing and wounded programming. Divine luck happens through alignment with our soul essence, not from hoping we will be saved by gold coins falling from the sky.

Jupiter opens the space for luck to happen. But we are the one’s who must embrace and embody Jupiter’s vibrational frequency in order to attract new possibilities into our life. If we do nothing, nothing happens. We have to actively participate in the game of life.

To take advantage of Jupiter’s benevolence, we have to respond to opportunities that present themselves. I have found that when new opportunities appear, if we follow what feels right, we are gifted with new experiences and successes in our lives.

Don’t try to figure out or over-think what you believe you want or need. Stay tuned to clues, openings, and messages, and follow them. With Jupiter, things can appear of out the blue. In Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, we have earned a break. Be grateful for any gifts that come your way.

The Pisces Mystery

Below are some things we must be aware of when floating through Pisces’ universe:

  • In Pisces territory we enter the vast unknown, filled with uncertainty and yet to be realized possibilities.
  • There is an absence of concrete, practical, and reliable information, where we transcend the limits of logic.
  • We grasp complex concepts from intuitive knowing, not intellectual analysis.
  • Subtle metaphysical truths are revealed without words.
  • Beyond language we express ourselves and find beauty through art, music, poetry, dance, movement, and nature.
  • Our consciousness expands as we reconnect with our spiritual essence.
  • It is through our direct personal connection with the divine or a higher power in our emotional and physical bodies that we gain profound sense of knowing and a joyous state of being.
  • Emotional attunement connects us to our common humanity.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces Issues

There are some serious issues that we must be aware of.

  1. We can be mesmerized by escapist fantasies.
  2. If we expand without restriction or limit, we can dissipate and waste our energy.
  3. We can confuse illusions with reality.
  4. We can buy into fanaticism and sink deeper into delusional sleep.
  5. It is often difficult to keep extremism in check with sensible skepticism.
  6. We can be excessively self-righteousness and justify our intolerance.
  7. We can lose ourselves and close our heart by distracting ourselves with battles over conflicting idealistic ideologies.

The Saturn Balloon

However righteous our dreams, we always have to answer to the limits of Saturn’s material domain. Saturn represents a non-negotiable boundary. Inflating a balloon illustrates that there are  limits beyond which we burst our own balloon. We cannot manifest beyond the structure of physical reality.

In the physical realm, the objective world is always in some way bent out of shape by personal subjectivity. That is why we have a heart. We can always rely on kindness and compassion too bring us back to a more neutral and true position.

Fate or Destiny

All archetypes encode an evolving story, a process from asleep to awakened consciousness. We must face, deal with, and learn from the particular lessons encoded in each archetype to graduate to its highest expressions. Our fate is to stay stuck in the challenges and to view our life from the perspective of being a victim of our challenging life experiences. Our destiny is to awaken to the divine gifts that we already hold within. However, we must past through the fire of life’s challenges to claim them.

Personal and Social Challenges

Mental and emotional health is going to become a major concern in relation to both individual and cultural sanity. For example, mass killings don’t just happen because of the availability of automatic weapons designed to kill many in a few seconds. Why does a society like the United States even allow the personal possession of these lethal weapons? Only a seriously mentally disturbed person would carry out a mass killing, or even have one of these dangerous weapons around the house. Only a seriously disturbed culture would argue that this is a human right.

One of the goals of cosmic Pisces is to wake us up to the fact that both individual and societal craziness is fueled by dissonance and disconnection with a higher power, whose salient qualities are peace and love.

The Pisces Fish illuminate two options (1) lose – lose, and (2) win – win. We can either swim together as enemies or as allies. We can create a more satisfactory world together, or we can destroy it together. In either case, we are accountable for our choice, and we have to live with the consequences.

Drama or Divine and the Emotional Body

The Pisces and Neptune archetypes subject us to human tests and trials that liberate us from drama into divine consciousness. This journey happens through our emotional body.

Traditional spiritual paths designed by men for men did their best to avoid, even suppress the human emotions. The ‘upper chakras good, lower chakras bad’ paths connected with the divine through avoidance, isolation, escapism, and repudiation – of the body, emotions, women, Mother Earth. Obviously that approach didn’t work well.

Pisces is the third and final water sign. Water is the element of the emotional body. The water signs – Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio — are innately emotional and sensitive. They are all going to like the feel of Jupiter in Pisces. At the same time, they join all of us in having to deal with increased emotional sensitivity.

The water signs work through the emotional body to help us enjoy both our human beingness and our divine connection.

Cancer awakens us to our human emotions. Cancer must learn to love the physical sensations of our feelings until we feel comfortable with their ever-changing and flowing energy in our bodies.

Scorpio awakens us to the traumas and suppressed conditioning that torment us until through deep healing, we can release the pain and embody the feeling feminine essence of our soul.

Pisces awakens us to the divine bliss that we can experience when we embrace the emotional waters of our being and fill this deep reservoir with divine frequencies.

Because Pisces’ reach is infinite, it feels what is happening way beyond its personal reality. Pisces’ emotional body is influenced by events like earthquakes that happen in distant parts of the world. The problem is that Pisces is so sensitive that its emotional body is involved in processing energies that don’t have anything to do with it directly.

Pisces is empathetic and an empath. These are great gifts that make Pisces a natural healer, but it is a challenging way to live if our energy is serving others and not ourselves. To escape the existential pain and suffering that Pisces shares with the world, it is prone to try to escape through addictions. The provoked experiences are also an attempt to connect with other dimensions of reality, where Pisces finds refuge.

Pisces and Neptune in Your Life/Natal Chart

Identify where both Neptune and Pisces fall in your natal chart to get clues about the areas of your life where the seeds of magic grow for you and where where you will receive Jupiter’s blessings. Also identify any planets in Pisces.

Pisces in the personal planets (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Sun, and Moon) is imaginative and prone to indulge in fantasy. Who cares about facts? Facts are irrelevant and may even be ‘fake.’ Many artists and creative individuals have personal planets in Pisces, which is great for tuning into nuances and subtleties.

If you have planets or an angle (Ascendant, IC, Descendant, Midheaven) in Pisces, at some point Jupiter will conjunct this planet or angle. This is when you will experience the peak of this transit. If you have Pisces Ascendant, this is a time of rebirth for you. Jupiter in Pisces will influence your 1st house, which is about your personality/identity, vitality, and self-confidence.

Wherever and whenever there is a Pisces/Neptune influence, pay attention to your dreams, inspirations, and any serendipitous events. Let your imagination guide you to envisage possibilities that are unique to you and your mission.

Touchstones for 2022

  • Pisces and Neptune are always present to remind us that no matter what difficulties we face, when we open our hearts to Love, we can find beauty and magic everywhere.
  • Our goal is not perfection, but an expanded, richer experience of what IS.
  • Embracing the mystery is more fun than accumulating more knowledge.
  • Peace of mind is found in the heart.
  • Self-love is the key that opens the door of the heart to universal Love.
  • Always remember and live from the knowing that the universe in on your side.

Deepen Your Self-Love Practice

The Time We Have Been Waiting For

As the twelfth and final archetype in our human journey, Pisces represents where we want to be – the heart consciousness from which we wish to live our lives. Pisces, joined by its polarity Virgo, is about cultivating an in-the-body feeling experience of our divine essence and our unity with the Divine.

The basic challenge is that this is a very subtle, non-verbal, feeling experience. In our thinking mind we miss it completely.

While Jupiter and Neptune nurture us with higher frequencies, we can tune into the qualities of the Infinite and practice holding them in our bodies.

This is the chance we have been waiting for and working toward. We don’t want to miss it. The energy is here now for us to take advantage of. We can come home to ourselves in our bodies. Yes, in our bodies! If we float off, Pisces’ perfected escapist trick, we lose our connection when we come back.

♥ Our Essential Experience of Self-Mastery and Self-Love

A critical lesson for the water signs is to create boundaries by centering ourselves inside our bodies, inside our skin. Without boundaries, we lose ourselves. We morph into someone else’s reality and mass consciousness. The Earth element makes it possible to stay present in our bodies. (Two planets are currently in Earth signs – Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn.)

With the Sun and Moon currently in Capricorn, we are reminded of the essential experiences of self-mastery. Venus and Pisces remind us that self-mastery is about self-love.

Self-mastery and self-love require us to consistently (1) hold our attention on, (2) relax into, and (3) accept and allow what we feel in our bodies.

Experiential acceptance is cultivated by staying present in feeling awareness in our body with everything we experience.

Experiential allowing is being able to relax into the flow of feelings without resistance or escaping into thinking.

♥ Until we can settle into our physical and emotional bodies and allow, accept, and love the sensitive feelings in the physical dimension, we can’t get to and stay in the heart.

Self-mastery and self-love as defined above are a life-long journey. Practice cultivating in the body feeling awareness everyday. Start out with at least 10-30 minutes of mindful attention between Kundalini yoga exercises and after a kriya. Our goal is to make this a way of being with ourselves every moment of our lives.

Blessings for a bountiful, beautiful, and blissful new year!

Guru Rattana :+)