The Sun Shines in Taurus 2014

The Sun in Taurus reminds us of our sacred relationship with Mother Earth.

APRIL 19-20 – The Sun shines in TAURUS.

8:56 PM PDT (03:56 GMT) through May 20 at 7:59 PM PDT (May 21 at 02:56 GMT)

Taurus helps us appreciate the abundance of Mother Earth and invites us to remember that She furnishes all the resources and wealth that we need to find deep satisfaction while living our lives. Take time to connect with the Earth, to appreciate the abundance of Her gifts, including the pleasure of being grounded in physical reality and present in feeling awareness in your body. Honor your body by giving it healthy food, good exercise, and tender care.

April 21 – Fifth Uranus and Pluto Square – Grand Cardinal Cross

Mars is the activator in the Grand Cardinal Cross.

I included the following information in my last blog so you could be aware of the energies that were being activated. Like full moons, other astrological events build in intensity as they approach. Especially if preceded by a Lunar Eclipse! We feel a sense of relief after they peak. Although this time we might not have much of a reprieve because the Taurus Solar Eclipse is coming up in a week.

Here are the main points again. “The fifth of seven exact Uranus/Pluto squares is joined by both Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra. All four planets are at 13-14 degrees! Thus they form an exact grand cross in the cardinal (action) signs. Those with planets within 3 degrees of 13-14 degrees will feel the effects most intensely.” But everyone gets a chance to wake up and to deal with life more consciously.

“Squares and oppositions together give rise to breakdowns and breakthroughs. We become starkly aware of what is not working and what must change. Mars gives us the courage to do what we have to do. Squares indicate turning points. Definitive choices must be made. In this configuration the four major areas of our life that must be realigned, balanced, and integrated are (1) Pluto in Capricorn – our inner reality and outer contribution, (2) Uranus in Aries – our individual integrity and identity, (3) Jupiter in Cancer – our home, family, and emotions, and (4) Mars in Libra – our relationships. If you are being challenged in many aspects of your life, this explains it. Think how each challenge can support other parts of your life.

“This is the second time Mars in Libra has joined Uranus and Pluto. The first was December 25-30, 2013. The third is June 14-25 (at 13-16 degrees) Mars stirs up passion, adds drive, and takes initiative in its quest for self-determination.” What issues confronted you in December? How are you going to handle them this time around? You will have a third and decisive opportunity to upgrade how you deal with this aspect of your lives in June.

April 28-29 – Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse

11:14 PM PDT, (06:14 GMT)

Two times a year, the Earth, Sun, and Moon align to block the stream of solar radiation received by the Earth. For a few minutes, the energetic matrix defining our current reality is interrupted. Old programs are erased making space for new ways of thinking, feeling, and being. New possibilities become available. *(1) This is a time of endings. There are things we need to complete so that we can move on. This is also a time of initiating a new cycle and planting seeds to begin a new phase in some parts of our lives. Choose your seeds carefully.

Solar eclipses happen on a New Moon when both the Sun and the Moon are in the same zodiac sign. This year both the Sun and Moon are in Taurus, (Mercury and Juno are also in Taurus) which focuses our attention on a shift in conscious related to how we express and relate to our bodies, the human experience, desires, and Mother Earth and her resources.

There is a shift in the collective consciousness about how we value and interact with the physical world, leading us to develop a more healthy and viable relationship with our bodies, the Earth, nature, and resources including money and food. The new paradigm awakens us to the reality that we are part of the web of life which unites all living things.

MAY 14 – Scorpio Full Moon Joined by Venus

12:15 PM PDT, 19:42 GMT

There is an emotional intensity to the Scorpio Full Moon, which adds to what we have already been experiencing during the last month — (1) April 15 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, (2) April 21 – the fifth Uranus/Pluto Square and Grand Cross, and (3) April 28 – the Solar Eclipse. Saturn in Scorpio joins the Moon, demanding that we drop our illusions and get real. Venus activates Uranus, Pluto, and Mars on or within days of the Full Moon, coloring our experiences with love and instructing us to deal with our life challenges from our heart. First the dates and then the discussion of the Venus factor.

May 11 Venus in Aries opposes Mars in Libra.

Our ability to accept and love ourselves makes it possible to relate to others with empathy and compassion.

May 14 Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn.

It is our responsibility to make our contribution to the world, which will determine our legacy when we are gone. What are you contributing to help the world, your community, your family be a harbor of love?

May 15 Venus in Aries meets/conjuncts Uranus in Aries

We are challenged to be authentic and true to ourselves. And it feels good to be honest with ourselves about what we want, need, desire, and love.

May 18 Venus in Aries squares Jupiter in Cancer

Our inner life gets more real when we are honest about what we want and need and get clear about how we feel nurtured and cared for. And our home life improves when we can honestly and sympathetically listen to each other instead of hide out in denial.

May 19 – Mars in Libra goes direct

Mars retrograde since March 21 has given us time to evaluate our relationships and our role in making them sustainable, or not. It is now time to make decisions and take action to move forward in the direction that supports our inner truth.

The Venus Factor

Last month Mars was a major player. This month Venus activates the planets of the grand cross. The Venus influence highlights our desires, values, and quest for harmony and beauty. We need to evaluate what we really want, love, and cherish. What gives us peace and deep satisfaction? It is in our heart that we connect with our truth. Thus the Venus factor at this time is supporting us to identify our truth and to give priority to what is the most important to us.

Venus is very personal and expresses both deep self-love and higher-love. Venus helps us experience higher love in a very personal yet transcendental way. Identifying the sign of your Venus will give you clarity about what you love and how you love.

We find Venus love deep in our heart and in our neutral mind. It is not a flashing, passionate, externalized affair (like Leo). It is a soft warm feeling in our heart where we feel embraced by Infinite Love. In our cozy heart space we fall in love with our inner experience and name it our Beloved. We know that we can call upon our Divine Connection (this experience) and allow our Beloved to support and comfort us simply by tuning into and feeling IT in our heart.

Venus, the traditional ruler of Taurus, teaches us that it is the love we find in our heart that illumines our way. Venus helps us find what opens our mind and heart to a more satisfying and fulfilling experience of life.

Venus in Aries leads us beyond victimhood into being creators in our lives. We do so by listening to, trusting and following our inner guidance, and by allowing our inner voice to lead us on the path that aligns with our soul.

The Venus activations awaken us to the core of our being – our heart – where we are able to expand and nurture a more profound and loving inner life.

Touchstone for the Times

During this time of great change, go within and find the satisfaction that comes from leaving the past, outgrowing the old, and embracing the new!

References and Footnotes

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(1) Austin, p.97.