Chakra Powers

The Powers of the Heart Chakra

This lecture will give you a taste of the seven-day course Awakening Your Chakra Powers that Guru Rattana will be teaching in Datca Turkey (by the sea) October 8-16, 2014. Join Guru Rattana and work with her in a personal and beautiful setting to discover your chakra powers.

Our upper and lower chakras meet at our heart chakra, which embodies and integrates both the stable/neutral (upper) and flowing/feeling (lower) polarities. Our heart exudes warmth (feeling) and it has no opinion (neutral).

At our heart we tune into the rhythm and pulse of our heartbeat, which connects us to the universal pulse. Our heart’s rhythm integrates all parts of our system and connects us to the core of our being.

Rhythms perpetuate themselves. We are either soothed or irritated by them. The rhythm of our heart aligns us with our soul and the Universe and brings us into a state of peace.

Our goal at the heart chakra is to discover our heart as a place of power, not a wishing well of naive fantasies. At our heart, love is no longer identified with the emotional attachment of the second chakra. We engage our emotional body (especially with devotional chanting) to love the Divine and thereby upgrade the functioning of our emotional body.

At our heart chakra we experience and anchor in the universal love vibration. We open up our feeling awareness and consciousness to experience the Infinite Force that connects and gives life to all. We awaken to spiritual love as an inner state of being, which is not object-oriented or humanly dependent.

We are so touched by this experience that we desire to develop a relationship with IT as our Beloved. Loving the transcendent force of higher love, opens us up to witness the comic law of reciprocity — the more we give, the more receive. The more we love the Divine, the more IT loves us. Divine Love shows up in ways that we cannot imagine with human interpretations and calculations. It is the magic of Divine Love that brings inexplicable miracles into our lives.

Listen to the audio for a discussion of

  1. underdeveloped and empowered characteristics
  2. the goals for this chakra,
  3. the nature of the relationships that we develop,
  4. the essence energies,
  5. the primal feelings, and
  6. directives to tap into the powers.