Chakra Powers

The Powers of the First Chakra

Welcome to the audio recording on The Powers of the First Chakra in Guru Rattana’s new series Chakra Powers. This was recorded at Guru Rattana’s regular Wednesday night Kundalini Yoga Class in San Diego.

For every chakra, she will discuss

  1. the goals for each chakra,
  2. the nature of the relationships that we develop,
  3. the essence energies,
  4. the primal feelings, and
  5. directives to experience the powers of each.

The themes of the first chakra are the Physical Body, Mother Earth, Roots, Grounding, Survival, and Prosperity. The root chakra makes it possible to manifest, to attract, and to cultivate our personal foundation for prosperity. The power of the first chakra lies in our ability to receive, be grounded and be home when the postman comes.
This lecture will give you a taste of the seven day course Guru Rattana will be teaching in Datca Turkey (by the sea) October 8-16. Join Guru Rattana and discover Your Life Is in Your Chakras.
Course Venue - Flow Hotel, Datca.
Course Venue – Flow Hotel, Datca.