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The End and the Beginning – 2022–2023

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Profound Planetary Shift

We are in the midst a profound planetary shift. The old is over. The new is unknown. How do we personally and collectively adapt and move forward? Sometimes people ask ‘What is going to happen?’ There is an element of fanciful thinking that we are miraculously going to awaken to a golden Aquarian Age. Astrological ages last 26,000 years and their unfoldment happens gradually over time. The past (whether it be a day, a year, a decade, or an age) always presents us with situations that we must deal with as we move forward.

Another question is ‘What are we going to choose to create?’ To investigate how we can optimize our participation, we must understand how and why the human race created our current global situation. Whatever we create now and in the future depends on

  1. how we interpret and interact with the current situation,
  2. how we align with the unfolding cosmic forces,
  3. what we believe to be true,
  4. our attitude and values, and
  5. our personal and collective priorities and choices.

What Are You Going to Create?

All of the above points are relative to both our collective and personal journeys. We are all part of the collective. At the same time, we are each on our own unique journey. The cosmic energies are supporting us in deepening our relationship with ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth. What we create is influenced by the forces that are active at this time and how we take advantage of them.

The cosmos is in continuous motion. The planets continually move and interact. The interplay of their energies influence us individually and as a global community. In the human realm we can interpret these energies as messages that set parameters for what is available for us to grow, manifest, and explore. The third anniversary of the historic year 2020 is an appropriate time to receive some planetary guidance on how to proceed into the new year and the future. In this and the next blog, we investigate and synthesize the themes revealed by the following planetary movements.

  1. Mars is in Gemini for over 7 months – August 20, 2022 to March 25, 2023.
  2. Mars goes retrograde for two and half months from October 30 through January 12, 2023.
  3. Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces.
  4. Pisces went direct December 4.
  5.  The Sun shines in Sagittarius from November 22 through December 21.
  6.  The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity pair brings meaning into our game.
  7. Jupiter re-enters Aries December 20 for five months until May 16, 2023.

[1] Mars in Gemini for 7 Months

Fast moving personal planet Mars generally spends 6 to 7 weeks in each sign. But because of its retrograde passage, it is in Gemini for over 7 months (August 20, 2022 to March 25, 2023).

Mars is the planet of action. The sign and placement of our natal Mars determines how we use our vital life force. Mars’ transiting sign sets collective themes about

  1. what we will act upon,
  2. where we will focus our energy, and
  3. how we use our time

The area in your birth chart where Gemini resides will be the scene of reflections, emotions, insights, activities, action, and breakthroughs.

Mars’ extended period in Gemini gives us time to investigate how we communicate with ourselves and others, and how we deal with anger, frustration, fear, and power.

Mars is an active participant in life. It is not a ‘go with the flow’ Pisces fish. Mars exerts its will, makes its position known, and takes a stand. However, in retrograde, its energy, attention, and priorities change. Internally focused, it gets us in touch with what drives and motivates our choices.

Gemini (mutable air sign) is associated with movement, without which there is no life. Always active, Gemini keeps life moving and alive. Gemini is a messenger who travels between worlds and dimensions with the goal of making connections that ultimately result in an awareness of oneness and the interconnectedness of all life and dimensions of existence. In the human realm, Gemini is the messenger between our conscious, subconscious, and higher minds.

[2] Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars went retrograde October 30 at 26º Gemini and goes direct on January 12, 2023 at 8º Gemini. Mars retrograde in Gemini investigates where we are stuck and why, and identifies where we need to change direction, focus, and priorities.

Retrogrades turn our attention inwards,

  1. to review what is controlling our psyche,
  2. to see what is true and what is false,
  3. to be honest with ourselves, and
  4. to let go of our attachment to what causes us pain and suffering.

All planetary retrograde periods are times to review and release what no longer serves us. Retrograde periods gives us space to be mindful, more present in our body, and less mentally distracted. They give us a break from our active mind so that we can become more aware of the habitual patterns that control how we think and that determine what we do and say. We can get in touch with buried beliefs about ourselves and the world that have been hidden in our subconscious.

Mars retrograde in Gemini gives us time to revisit and reflect about what in our life works and what doesn’t. When we can slow down enough to be present to our past and how we interpreted events, we can change patterns and undo conditioning. There is power in slowing down – a magical quality that offers us an opportunity to transform the way we see ourselves and shift how we operate in our daily lives, i.e. how we are doing what we are doing.

Mars retrograde in Gemini, encourages us to clear up longstanding resentments and misunderstandings and to be more discerning about how we communicate and interact with each other.

December 8, Mars retrograde was half way through its self-reflective journey. We can start to have a good idea about how this transit is impacting us. Notice themes in the activities, relationships, and communications in your life and how they converge into realizations about how you are living your life. What changes do you wish (feel impelled and supported) to make?

Big and Subtle Waves of Change

The nature of life and the universe is continual change. Our best strategy is to be an active conscious participant. There are obviously cosmic energies and earthly events that we cannot control. In the continuous unfoldment, things happen that we can’t plan or predict. But we can be a conscious co-creator with the Universe. We can change the way we view the world, how we operate in life, and commit to a life of compassion and discovery. But to do so, we have to be able and willing to let go of false beliefs, attitudes, and strategies that keep us fixated in the same rut and glued to the same patterns.

Mars retrograde obliges us to slow down and take a careful look at what is going on inside us. We may not be thrilled with the chaos and confusion that we find, but paying attention is required and will lead us deeper into the place where we find meaning, our truth, and inner peace.

This is a time to listen and observe with an openness to receive messages and guidance. Watch how one small thing leads to another. Be with what is happening in an accepting and curious way. The Universe and our soul are always speaking to us. It is our job to pay attention, to listen, and to follow.

[3] Mars Square Neptune

While Mars is in Gemini, it is in an on-going square with Neptune in Pisces. The squares are exact three times. The first was October 11, when Mars was direct and Neptune was retrograde. The second time was November 19, when both planets were retrograde. The third and last time is March 14, 2023, when both planets are direct.

When planets interact 3 times due to retrogrades, the first interaction brings our attention to an issue. The second interaction forces us to deal with it. The third time we find resolution. Squares demand change, which necessitate choices and a shift in consciousness. The ‘same old’ is no longer an option.

The process involves noticing that we are believing, doing, and saying the same things and getting the same results. Inner shifts become possible when we ask ourselves questions such as – Where does fear still stop me from setting boundaries and saying no? What excuses do I make for not being honest with myself and others?

Resolution comes when we commit to doing something to change the ‘same old’ patterns, attitudes, and approaches. When we do, we get results.

Neptune – the Ocean of the Unconscious

Neptune represents the ocean of the unconscious. With sensitive attunement, we can become aware of what hides in our unconscious. Neptune is associated with both confusion and spiritual connection. Neptunian waters carry both debris and treasures. The Neptune challenge is that we have to first pass through the rough waters of the subconscious, which churns with wounded emotions, inaccurate beliefs, and survival scripts that get triggered unnecessarily.

Neptune is a subtle, but pivotal player in spiritual transformation.

  • With Neptune’s attitude of acceptance, it is easier to access the Neptunian gifts of awareness and our ability to surrender to a higher power.
  • Neptune helps us release ourselves from victimhood and be a participant in our evolutionary growth.
  • Neptune helps us let go judgment so we can see things as they really are.
  • Neptune delivers cosmic messages that lead to forgiveness and experiencing that unconditional love is the ultimate transformer of pain and suffering.
  • Neptune teaches us that it is only at a very deep non-verbal and feeling level that we can get in touch with what connects us with our truth, our heart, and our true self.

[4] December 4 – Neptune Went Direct at 22° Pisces

December 4 Neptune ended its five month yearly retrograde passage, which began on June 28 at 25º Pisces. See note 1

Confusion, doubt, and inner torment set the tone until Neptune went direct December 4. When Neptune changes direction, its waves create a subtle, but important shift. Neptune retrograde hopefully helped us identify and begin to release some of the subconscious tendencies that cause us to succumb to and be controlled by distractions and survival programming. The thing to notice now is that the fog is lifting and our thoughts, communications, and vision are becoming clearer.

The Neptune/Mars square reminds us to pay attention to subtle messages about critical factors that we might overlook. Be sure to carefully consider the viability and timing of your actions and communications.

If we continue to use the Neptune/Mars square to

  1. become more conscious of the ways that we have been deceiving ourselves,
  2. identify and let go of illusions, and
  3. give up escapism,

we will experience more clarity and notice more compassion, creativity, and joy in our being.

[5] The Power of Our Beliefs – Sagittarius

The Sun shines in optimistic Sagittarius from November 22, until it moves into Capricorn at Solstice December 21.

Each zodiac sign represents an archetypal stage in our human development. Sagittarius is about expanding our consciousness so we can become aware of non-physical spiritual wisdom and truth. Because there is no way to measure what is true in the spiritual realm, we develop our capacity to KNOW through direct EXPERIENCE, from which we acquire faith and trust in our soul and a higher power.

Our philosophy, belief system, and worldview are the foundation that determines what we consider good or bad, true or false, and possible or impossible. The Archer knows that to find the truth, it must aim its arrow towards the heavens, the unknown.

From the day are born (or conceived), we are shaped by our relationships, environment, education, society, and life experiences. Both consciously and unconsciously, we are imprinted by the beliefs, biases, attitudes, and expectations of others and our culture.

What we believe can change. But inner transformation at a core level is required, and one of our most challenging human tasks. The human brain is so malleable; humans are so gullible; and the subconscious is tenacious like super glue. That is why our awakening and spiritual path is a practice, not a one time quick fix.

[6] Sagittarius and Gemini Polarity Pair

The Gemini-Sagittarius pair illuminates the power of our thoughts, communication, and beliefs. Polarity pairs work together to illuminate what has been repressed, denied, and hidden, including the mindset that supports our desires, attachments, and motivations. Gemini gone mad gives us too much information, keeps us crazy busy, and substitutes judgment for discernment. Sagittarius can help out by giving priority to understanding, finding meaning in what we do, and offering the simplicity in neutral awareness to overcome the fixation on data, need for measured proof, and addiction to excessive activity.

Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter emphasize the importance of questioning our assumptions and discovering what is true for us. Gemini and its ruler Mercury deal with ideas and data, while Jupiter involves concepts and meaning. Sagittarius teaches us about belief systems, purpose, and faith. Gemini shows us that there are multiple vantage points from which to view the world, interpret what we experience, and believe what is true.

How Are We Using Our Mars Energy?

When our inner Mars is triggered so is our emotional body, which intensifies emotional reactions, impatience, and irrationality. The on-going question is how are we using our Mars energy? Can we be assertive without being defensive? Can we be decisive without feeling impatient? Optimally our strong inner drive to express ourselves will be used to share our passion, without imposing our point of view.

Mars and Anger

Mars energy expresses as anger, agitation, action, excitement, and passion. Anger is a difficult, but essential human emotion. Anger activates the ‘fight’ response to danger. But installed as a default aggressive response to non-survival circumstances, it creates a constant stress state and adrenal exhaustion, which obviously is not healthy. Anger often covers up vulnerable feelings of fear and sadness, which get pushed down into the subconscious, get stored in the body, and create illness and disease.

Defensiveness, over-reacting, and difficulty being objective indicate the triggering of old wounds, expose needs that are not being met, and activate sabotaging survival strategies. It is wise to take a breath and ask yourself if your reaction is appropriate or kind.

Anger is also a healthy response that unleashes our personal fire power and gives us the energy to take action, be authentic, set and maintain our personal boundaries, and protect what we value. Anger reminds us that we are alive and we can choose how to use our vital energy.

[7] December 20 – Jupiter re-enters Aries

Jupiter entering Aries creates a significant energy shift. Mars is the ruler of fire sign Aries. Go-with-the-flow Pisces is replaced by bold and courageous initiative. (Notice where Aries in in your birth chart. This is where Aries themes will be played out.)

Jupiter has already been in Aries from May 11- October 28. Jupiter will be in Aries again from December 20 until May 16, 2023. We have over 4 more months to explore, expand, and express our relationship with and attitude towards ourselves. Pay close attention to inspiration and information concerning where Jupiter is supporting you in moving forward with self-confidence and appreciation of who you are.

When Jupiter re-enters Aries, we feel more energetic, adventurous, and assertive. We are more willing to explore new directions. As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter represents the phenomenon of expansion. It is our ability to expand what we pay attention to and our increased understanding that facilitates the deepening of our experience of reality and ourselves.

In Aries, Jupiter challenges us to expand our experience of Self and who we are. On January 21, 2023 Jupiter will be the closest to the Earth in the last 70 years. In the weeks before and after Jupiter will be more visible in the nighttime sky, and its energetic effects will be stronger.

Themes Summing Up – Give Your Soul a Chance!

As we approach the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023, we can take advantage of the planetary messages to be more awake and empowered in the new year. Mars in Gemini and the Mars/Neptune square are about transforming the way we view ourselves and our lives. A shift in perception can free our minds of debilitating beliefs. Changing direction can calm us down and give us energy to expand and move into new territory.

Mars retrograde in Gemini is giving us over two months to identify internal conversations that sustain inner anguish, confusion and conflict. Our wounded ego tends to want to avoid facing fears, hurts, and false beliefs. But give your soul a chance! We experience a great feeling of satisfaction and peace from realizing what is not true and letting go of that old baggage. This inner knowing and self-confirmation unleash joy, compassion, and self-love.

Note 1 – On that special day I taught my first Zoom workshop in almost two years! The turn out and feedback was fantastic. Now I am committed to one workshop a month as part of my new series LEVEL DEEP. The next one is January 8. Here is the link for more information and to sign up.

Welcome in the New Year when you sign up for this not to be missed workshop from Guru Rattana.

Your Meditative Mind Is Your Ace Card

Sunday January 8, 2023 10-12 PST (utc-8)

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